HUGE LIST of Celebrity and CEO Deaths, What’s Happening? January 2021 ~ February 4, 2021

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to Stillness in the Storm for this one!) Those in the “spiritual know” understand how those holding lower vibrations exhibited through expressing control through violence/fear/greed/lust will NOT be able to live comfortably in our New Earth and their departure may be expressed through suicide, or other “soul-arranged” events (trauma, illness).

Thank you for researching, observing and learning a new way of life on Earth…where all choose consciously to exist in…

Quantum Joy!


(Ryan DeLarme) We are living in strange times when everyone is scrambling to understand what the heck is going on in the world. Amid the mounting global chaos, there have been an unprecedented number of suspicious deaths, including celebrities, Politicians, and diplomats.


by Ryan DeLarme, February 2nd, 2021

We feel it is worth mentioning, here are the lists:

Thats just the celebrities, the list of politicians and diplomats:

Bobby McKee, Northern Irish politician

-Jean-Pierre Michel, French Politician

-Moshe Moskowitz, Israeli politician

-Bootie Neal, American politician

-Patrick O’Donoghue, Irish roman catholic bishop

-Joseph Donna end, South African politician

-Sifis Valirakis, Greek politician, drowned

-Steven T. Kuykendall, American politician, U.S. house of representatives

-Nilda Pedrosa, American politician, public affairs

-Robert Rowland, British politician, drowned

-George Weatherill, Australian politician

-Gunawan Wirosaroyo, Indonesian politician

-Jean-Pierre Baeumier, French Politician

-Jacqueline Berenstein-Wavre, Swiss politician

-Jose Manuel Botella Crespo, Spanish Politician

-Aenenas Chigwedere, Zimbabwean Politician

-Routouang Yoma Golom, Chandran militant & Politician

-Jerzy Grelewski, Polish Politician

-Feliks Gromov, Russian Commander-in-Chief

-Meherzia Labidi Maiza, Tunisian Politician

-Joel Matiza, Zimbabwean Politician

-Raphael Steger Catano, Mexican diplomat

-Hank Coe, American politician & Senate

-Mauricio Herdocia Sacasa, Nicaraguan, integration systems

-Jackson Mthembu, South African Politician

-Jose Pampuro, Argentinian politician, minister of defense & defense secretary

-Joyce Hearn, American politician

-Justin Lekhanya, Mosotho Politician

-Sibusiso Moyo, Zimbabwean Politician

-Brian Hillery, Irish politician

-Emanuele Macaluso, Italian politician

-Toleafoa Ken Vaafusuaga Poutoa, Samoan Politician

-Felipe Quispe, Bolivian politician

-Carlos Tapia Garcia, Peruvian Politician

-Jim Vickerman, American politician & Senate

-Jean Dumont, French Politician

-Savavar Gestsson, Icelandic Politician

-Nombulelo Hermans, South African politician

-Akos Kizra, Hungarian Politician

-Joshua Kyeremeh, Ghanaian politician

-Dundar Ali Osman, Turkish Royal

-Henryk Ostrowski, Polish Politician

-Gatot Sudjito, Indonesian politician

-K.V. Vijayadas, Indian Politician

-Aminuddin Ponulele, Indonesian Politician

-Billy Kinoi, American politician

-Sergei Prinkhodko, Russian politician

-Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Columbian Politician

-Ihwan Datu Adam, Indonesian politician

-Soichi Aikawa, Japanese Politician

-Avelino Mendez Rangel, Mexican Politician

-Debbie Bath Hadden, Canadian Politician

-Robert Canas Lopez, Salvadoran Politician

-Antonio Cardoso e Cunha, Portuguese Politician

-Abdullahi Ibrahim, Nigerian Politician

-Dave Arnold, American politician & Senate

-Joevana Charles, Seychellois Politician

-Victor Crisologo, Peruvian Politician

-Barbara Gronemus, American politician

-Marlin Kuykendall, American politician

-Jubril Martins-Kuye, Nigerian Politician

-K. G. Shankar, Indian Politician

-Jon Sullivan, Australian politician

-Marius Swart, South African politician

-Vicent Tur, Spanish Politician

-Maynard Wallace, American politician & House of representatives

-Salleh Abas, Malaysian Politician

-Mahaveer Bhagora, Indian Politician

-Xavier Hunault, French Politician

-Sergi Mingote, Spanish Politician

-Bheki Ntuli, South African politician

-Phuong Mai, Vietnamese Royal

-Om Prakash Sharma, Indian Politician

-Sayidiman Suryohadiprojo, Indonesian diplomat

-Mauro Telles, Brazilian Politician

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