Lisa Marie Wright ~ February 4, 2021

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…the key concept for me from below is “dying to the human experience without laying down their physical vessels! Do we truly understand this process, and the value of it?

Please relax, go into your heart and “go with the flow” by Letting Go of all that is not truly within your heart, allowing us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


One is All

All is One

We are powerful Co-Creators

Those who have chosen to embody this lifetime are in the process of fully dying to the human experience without laying down their physical vessels

We have learned all that we needed to from the human experience and are at different stages of transforming into Spirit in form

This freedom ride is in full throttle

Once each has fully healed and wholeness is embodied it will be eternally crystalined into our DNA…

Eternal Life

We are transforming from a carbon-based density form to a crystalline Lightbody

Much change is occurring within our physical vessels and our consciousness is rapidly shifting into higher and higher states of BEing

As we shift internally we are Co-Creating a whole new reality where pure unconditional love wholeness peace compassion balance harmony unity equality purity joy bliss abundance of all forms is the new norm

As we embody abundance of all forms and creative flow, we are co-creating a reality with limitless possibilities and potential where all life matters and we all bloom…eternal expansion, beyond our wildest dreams

Clearing all lifetimes, healing all wounds, clearing all karma and fully anchoring in New Earth has been a very challenging and sometimes painful process

All timelines and karma have been cleared

All tampering which occurred has been repaired

New Earth has been fully anchored in All that remains is for each to release any remnants of the pain of the past, to clear any remaining wounds held within and release any attachments to stories of the past… we don’t live there anymore

We are free to fully love and live again

Over the next few weeks each will be shown what they are still holding on to which does not exist in the new, providing opportunity for much expansion and to fully set oneself free

Being willing to face oneself, feel it to heal it, releasing any limiting beliefs, separation and any wounding still held within, remaining heart centered and trusting that which flows through you will allow for much expansion peace joy and the embodiment of wholeness

Releasing any codependency and fully trusting oneself, what flows through you, what your unique experience is revealing to you, listening to what your own heart feels and following only the wisdom of your own heart is key to self-mastery

Much collective expansion will unfold over this year

Many are currently in final stages of full embodiment

The final stages of embodiment are highly personal, dependent on what each still holds within

Seeking direct advise from another is giving your power away

Giving direct advise to another is taking power from the other

Paying for healing is giving your power away, the only way to fully purify/crystalline your DNA is to feel it to heal it

Taking full responsibility and accountability for one’s own journey/healing, trusting you and listening to the heartbeat of the new will lead to much expansion and provide opportunity for full embodiment of one’s Divinity

💎I AM💎

The story of lack pain struggle suffering is over

We have a whole new story to write and it looks nothing like the past

It Is Done

Let it all go

Let Love Flow

Let the True You


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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