December 12, 2020: The Twelve Days of GITMAS [videos] ~ Posted Dec. 13, 2020

I am sending this out a tad early due to the nature of some of the updates and my limited time to address the news. As Friday wore on, the news grew more intense and I wanted to get it out there.

I love GITMAS, don’t you? Can you imagine if all that razor wire had lights?! What a spectacle that would be.

Did POTUS give us an early Christmas present on Friday?

Christmas Eve is a Federal Holiday in 2020 according to an EO signed by President Trump

Is it related to this?

Dec 23rd… Trump made the 24th a Federal holiday. Same day the Death EO is active

Have you visited this site yet? There’s a loooong list. Can’t vouch for it, but there it is. Could be true. We have confirmation from excellent sources that many arrests/executions have taken place.

When they committed high treason and/or crimes against Humanity such as the murder of millions of Humans, torture, trafficking body parts, appalling acts on babies and children, etc. we don’t need to keep them around. Get them the hell off the planet.

To set the tone for the uptick in military activity around the world, we have Dan Scavino’s Tweet. Heads up!

β€” Dan ScavinoπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦… (@DanScavino) December 11, 2020

There’s a Trump March on Saturday you may wish to take in live on Right Side Broadcasting at this video link below.

Watch LIVE: March for Trump/Million MAGA March Rally in Washington, DC 12/12/20

The headlines continue to crank out the sensational aspects that require discernment.

Seemingly related to the news earlier about the Chinese troops in Michigan… you might find this interesting. There’s a two hour audio here we can listen to in its entirety. You might want to listen before it disappears. “Training mission”. They always say that. But with live ordnance? Hal puts an interesting spin on it with the details he provides. The F16 story comes around the 20 minute mark. We hope the pilot is safe and will be returned to his home soon. I really hope they don’t torture him because those Chinese Communists are ruthless.

Was that earthquake we talked about in Maine related? Was it a retaliatory strike? Sounds like. He mentions the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada. Wow. That story is amazing. Intend for peace, safety, and cool heads, folks. The US military and the Earth Alliance are not bluffing. They will do whatever is necessary to protect America and the innocents across the planet.

If this story is true and they had not dealt with those Chinese soldiers hunkered down in a DUMB, it would have meant very bad news for America. The cabal is pulling all the stops now.

Hal says the fibre optic network was under attack during this show and the Internet feed as well. Thank goodness for backup servers. This is dramatic reporting, my friends. The callers who phoned in had interesting contributions, as well.

Hal Turner reports on an F-16 jet downed in Michigan ALLEGEDLY by Chinese troops

CirstenW did a show on topics including that today, and after the 7 min. mark addressed the news of a new migrant caravan headed to the US. Will Mexico do their job and head them off or turn them back?

Another Honduran Caravan ,FighterJet F16 downed by Chinese troops in CanadaΒ #InvasionΒ Canada

Here’s a little more from a Canadian blogger in case you hadn’t seen this story yet.

SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

Just remember, folks… we are given information the White Hats believe we can handle. Remain calm. Keep a level head. Stay alert, maintain situational awareness, and if you see something, say something. It’s the cabal and their minions who are in a state of panic. They are fighting for their very existence and as you know, desperate people do desperate things. The White Hats are prepared.

To what lengths will these greedy psychopaths go? Just how much can they wring out of us over this fake pandemic? They made sure they were in positions to reap the benefits of lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and everything else and exceed all expectations. Please like, share, and/or mirror so more people are aware and won’t fall for this. And don’t worry—they’re going to pay for their sins.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to put the cart before the horse and start distributing the Pfizer vaccine before the FDA has given its blessing. Just sayin’…

How can the Patriots allow thousands of vaccines to be administered to the folks who are completely unaware vaccines are dangerous? They can’t. So what happens next?

Did the vaccines get switched with something safe, or do they get pulled at the last second or…???

COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans in motion ahead of FDA’s authorization

Suggest you refuse all vaccines, folks unless you KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is safe. I don’t believe any of us would benefit from a traditional vaccine.

Beware, because Pfizer got the “go” and look at the BS to go along with it to scare everyone into taking the vaccine. This is treasonous. Lock them up!

The announcement comes as the country is reeling from a new surge of COVID-19 infections, with deaths now exceeding 3,000 people each day.

FDA clears nation’s first COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer’s vaccine studies are based on FRAUD and put lives in danger, warns former Pfizer vice president

DEPOPULATION VAX: Trial subjects injected with coronavirus vaccines suddenly test positive for HIV – updated

And finally… also from Mike Adams at Natural News… (alternate link if the one below fails)

Situation Update, Dec. 11th – DoD de-fangs the CIA, 305th intel proves foreign interference, SCOTUS maneuvers

The Patriots never show their hand—until they do. The Barr-Durham aspects really have people’s knickers in a knot. Is Barr deep state or not?

WSJ: Barr Kept Quiet About 2 Hunter Biden Probes for Months

Will they never learn? Do they not have secure comms? Apparently not.

LEAKED BIDEN AUDIO: Barely Able To Speak, Admits Trump Smoked Them β€œAcross the Country”

Dozens of suspected victims of HumanTrafficking were rescued and more than 200 people arrested in a global crackdown

Guess whose name came up in this dig below? Where’s Hunter?

Human trafficking ring busted in Prescott Valley, AZ

See Dave’s X22 Report here.

Marker Revealed, Trump New EO, Durham, GW, Surprise Attack – Ep. 2351

There’s plenty more at this aggregator from the boards. Wow. Fascinating headlines could keep me up all night.

But get a load of this. A solar flare, Gina asks? Really? Looks “intelligently enhanced” doesn’t it? Astonishing visual.

Solar Flare?

The recent news coming in is that the Supreme Court is rejecting the Trump legal team’s law suit to overturn the election. American Intelligence Media/AIM4Truth reports…


How will Lin Wood’s Georgia suit go?


The MOST recent update I’ve received says…

The Fight Is Not Over…


The Supreme Court moved today to dismiss a case brought forth by the state of Texas to delay selection of electors in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. This is a blow to the Trump campaign’s hopes of correcting the election results that were fabricated by widespread voter fraud.

According to the Supreme Court, they denied the request over lack of standing. As The Right Scoop noted:

The Supreme Court has DENIED Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit, which was signed onto by multiple states and supported by over 100 member of congress. There was a dissent from Alito and Thomas, but it seems to have been based on matters of jurisdiction and not the merits of the lawsuit.

These are extraordinary times, my friends, and extraordinary people are here to see this through. The revelations every day now are astonishing and might well keep us awake. All we can do is our best to support the Earth Alliance.

If the Earth Alliance needs to contact us and the usual channels are down, the President will use the EAS on our cell phones.

We are taking our planet back. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

4 thoughts on “December 12, 2020: The Twelve Days of GITMAS [videos] ~ Posted Dec. 13, 2020

  1. There cannot be any antivirus in a “vaccine” such as the Covid which has not yet even been isolated and subject to culturing. So what is the purpose of this Pseudo vaccine?


  2. The “faux” vaccine is, I feel, playing out the COVID response for the public and, indeed…will never be deployed. I direct a hospital laboratory and just cry inside at the medical abuse I see foisted on an unknowing public. My younger brother (61) is in end-stage for bladder cancer and I’m hoping medbeds are just around the corner!

    Are you eating popcorn yet as most of “what we see” is optics…

    Much Love…


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