Timelines Switching : Total ReWiring ~ December 11, 2020

Energies of The Rebirthing Gateway of December 12-21 / Goddess Isis Gateway are already upon us as we interface with the Zero Point SHAPE SHIFTING Energies of the Great Central Sun . This might be experienced as a complete disintegrated of your being…like each atom of your being is pulled apart, cleansed ,cleared, purged of the old stories, pain, disappointments and suffering to be woven together into a Higher Vibrational frequency THAT which you Intend to Achieve.

This is a TOTAL REWIRING in progress, the DNA upgrade in alignment with your Intended Consciousness and Soul Purpose and felt particularly in the Spine ( as though it has been dismantled and then regrouped).This is the Omega, completion of a cycle and beginning/ birthing of the New Spiral of Consciousness. Also the upgrades on the Right Side of the body especially eyes and Solar are note worthy as the Sacred Masculine undergoes accelerated upgrades. Sacral will no doubt be facing a Purging as this is after all a Birthing/ Rebirthing Gateway….of the New Sun/ Son/ Horus/ Higher Aspect of Osiris…ie Creation of New Consciousness coinciding with Solstice at Golden Gate/ Gate of God.

Not only we but Gaia too is feeling these Light Bombardments as the Schumann Resonance spiked yesterday which would further add to the symptoms we are experiencing ( heavy head, flu symptoms, drowsiness, dizzyness, lack of appetite etc…hydration, rest and grounding help).

But of particular interest are the Opportunities of experiencing switching of TIMELINES being presented. This happens as the Zero Point allows us to navigate through multiple Node Points of Reality which I believe is just a trailer of what is to come ie the Opportunities that Now get of Co creating a whole New Structure and Foundation of New Consciousness.Again stressing the Fact that WE are in an EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT corridor which allows us to COCREATION A Timeline/ Reality/ Frequency/ Outcome of our choosing!!!

Lock n Load…the Energies of THE 22 ( link below) are IN EVIDENCE…keep your Intentions Sharp for Co Creation and ShapeShifting are here and NOW!!

Be Light,





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