Linda Li ~ December 1, 2020

Our body and 12 chakra system has been activated as a new human race comes online

November 29, 2020

Linda Li

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share news.

The Divine has been bringing in a host of ascension light to the planet and humanity. The Rays that have been brought in are designed for this time. The ascension has gotten to the point where all souls will need to upgrade and all human bodies have to change and upgrade as well. The Rays will change not only the human DNA, but also the physical body and body functions.

Currently, most of the population on the planet functions at the basic level. A Human body is basically being used to have the body fueled and the body functions quite primitively. In other words, since ancient times, the human body has not changed much. The fundamental features of the human race remain, relatively speaking, the same. The body requires basic Maintenance to make sure the soul stays alive and functioning. And that is what being human is about, satisfying the bodily needs in order to be alive. And that is what humans require from the body, and that is what the physical body does for the soul.

Now, since humanity is crossing the threshold of being a new human race, the Human body is taking on a whole new meaning. The body not only needs to keep the basic functions, but will also be a navigation system and command center for your consciousness. The new human needs a body not only for physical needs, but more importantly, for the soul’s needs and consciousness’s needs.

In the higher realm, the physical body needs to have the entire navigation system online. Humans will have to detect and navigate their way forward with their sensory system and the entire body will function as an antenna. The Human sensory system will operate through the 12 chakra system, and all the chakras will tune in to the great Cosmos. Human life will be far beyond the planet earth. The new antenna will bring to you the information from the stars and galaxies way beyond the physical earth.

The new human system is a new system to which the whole planet and humanity will need to adjust. It will be a totally different experience for humanity and the animal kingdom. The new living environment will be suitable for the new system as it was designed to be so. And the entire process of the new human experience has just begun dear ones.

In the upcoming years and decades, humanity will learn and adjust to be a new human race with new living experiences. The entire system has been started for the adjustment and for the adaptation. Humanity will eventually figure it out. But for now, the process has started dear angels. And it requires the advanced souls to show the way.

Being a light worker means that you are required to lead the ascension journey and show humanity how the process works. And now is the time for the way showers. The show has just begun.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Be peaceful dear angels on earth, and know all is well. So it is.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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