November 30, 2020: On the Cusp of Christmas or Chaos? [videos] ~ November 30, 2020

It’s Day 27 of #ElectionGate and we are on December’s doorstep. The real news is getting wilder by the week and we never know what we’ll hear next.

The reality of this battle for Planet Earth is coming into sharper focus and it feels like things could go a little sideways before December 25th. We know that when the deep state panics, gets backed into a corner and can’t see a way out, they typically schedule a violent “event” as a distraction—and to teach not to continue our mission… like a school, church, or theatre shooting, a bombing, a stabbing in a Christmas market, etc. where large numbers of people gather.

This is one more reason to keep people at home or in small groups. Just sayin’. It can work in our favour and the White Hats want to keep civilians safe. We can see why large protests could work against us. They cannot be controlled and it would be easy to create a mass casualty event.

The deep state is trying to stop Christmas from coming and the entire world is at their throat with protests and opposition on multiple fronts—many of them in the courts. Is it redundant to ask if the storm is upon us yet?

We have multiple confirmations that 5 US Military souls (US Army Special Operations) were killed in the raid on the server farm in Germany last week, as well as that one rogue CIA head was wounded and arrested. The event isn’t rumour at this point because we have so many independent voices stating the same thing. It’s disturbing, but this is war, folks. Members of the US military give their lives in this revolution and it is most regrettable but everything is on the line.

We can’t stress enough the serious nature of what is unfolding. Lives are at risk every day to ensure that America does not fall. If she does… it’s curtains for the rest of the world. That is a fact because those who have been running the planet have plans to take control of America and vanquish and eliminate Humanity in one way or another. President Trump and the might of the White Hats are all that stand between us and the NWO/predatory psychopaths/deep state/global “elite”.

All eyes are on the US of A because the awakened members of Humanity realize the gravity of the situation. The People of America know they must support their President and that is precisely what they have done in staggering numbers and unprecedented public displays.

CIA Director Gina Haspel

Simon Parkes is very cautious about what he reveals and didn’t give a name, but the CIA head injured and taken on one of many “rendition flights” was Gina Haspel, according to Mike Adams who provided more information about activities behind the scenes with respect to the military, arrests, etc.

I personally cringe at the thought of torture going on and don’t think of we civilized, honourable people as doing that but it sounds like in this life or death situation that it is the reality. The difference is, it’s not for pleasure, but for survival. Only the demonic psychopaths know the abandon of torturing Humans because they take delight in it—and/or to generate adrenochrome.

I like to think we take the higher road, and as Mike and some of his guests have stated, we’ll have to come to terms with the ethics of this at some point; after we have ensured the survival of the Human race.

We know that here in America and Canada the strategic assassination of an evil man is not taken lightly. Mention of the death penalty brought the energy down at an early Trump rally and it was apparent many of us couldn’t cheer for it. It’s one thing to watch such things in a movie, but this is real life and most of us have been insulated from it here in the West.

Soleimani and his men, and no doubt others, have been eliminated because it was critical to the success of the mission to “save Mankind”. This will be processed and revisited one day. Most people have no experience they are aware of with “demons” but they do seem to exist and some Humans have first hand experience. We have been asked to “trust the plan” because so much is beyond our personal experience. There’s only so much we can be told and they don’t want the civilians to panic.

Simon also gets into the possibility that President Trump just might wind up with a third term. We have heard rumours that Trump has said he’s considering running again for 2024. Here is Simon’s brilliant update from yesterday which is overall a positive one. 18  min.

29th November Election Update 2020

Do you think a gun battle happened earlier this month in Germany involving a Delta Force unit raiding a CIA controlled server farm allegedly used for subverting the US general election?

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 29, 2020

There are very interesting and unique details in this 8 min. update from Bill Still. This is some “movie”, folks. Bigger than life.

Corrections to the Raid on the CIA Servers Report, 3375

Why is everyone talking about “Kraken” and what it is? It’s important.

🔥MOAB: The #Kraken is @GenFlynn. He commanded the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade for the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca AZ. Insignia = KRAKEN
The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is located at Fort Huachuca AZ (MI witness for @SidneyPowell1) Coincidence? #KrakenIncoming

— BlueSkyReport (@BlueSky_Report) November 27, 2020

BCP has fascinating info regarding the criminality behind the Dominion voting machines you may not have heard.

It’s shocking what has transpired. Imagine showing up in person to vote after standing in long lines for an hour or two and being told that your vote was already cast when it came in via the mail—and it wasn’t you that mailed it! And if that’s not bad enough, they told them they could not cancel the mailed ballot and cast their live vote in person. They literally stole citizens votes right out from under them. Unbelievable.

If you just crawled out from under a rock, you need to know that millions of votes cast for President Trump were flipped over to Joe Biden and every imaginable method of election or voter fraud was exhausted to steal this election—and it was expected—just not to this outrageous degree. It sounds like the Patriots/US military DID expect it, however, and they used measures to document and reveal it and prosecute so this can never happen again.

It should be abundantly clear now that the Democrat Party isn’t a political party, it’s a crime syndicate. They lie, cheat, steal, collude with foreign nations, rig elections, and murder people who get in their way. The media covers up their crimes and manipulates the minds of the American People and when this is all over, neither the Democrat Party or the legacy media will exist. China is implicated, of course, and BCP, one of our best analysts gets into that at the 19 min. mark. Fantastic coverage here and 35 minutes well spent.


This may not be the sort of war we expected, but there are battles everywhere.

Judge Reapproves Emergency Order Blocking Georgia From Wiping or Resetting Voting Machines

The Patriots/Anons are serious about guarding key assets in the election fraud. They are organized and on guard in Georgia.

Follow the #DominionWatch hashtag for updates, live streams, and communication between people on the ground at the Dominion storage facilities in Georgia.
We need to maintain constant livestreams and people on the ground watching for about 10 days at three locations.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 30, 2020

Here in Arizona this morning, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and others met with members of the AZ Legislature to hear evidence of the vote/election fraud and tampering. It gets into the testimony of an expert, a Colonel Aldrin (not sure of spelling) on a team of analysts who explains in more detail why and how the Dominion Voting System was highly vulnerable to both authorized access and potential tampering, as well as remote hacking by unauthorized parties.

There’s a screen presentation to illustrate the points the Colonel is making. Fascinating details come up which had better darn well result in the correction to show that Trump won in Arizona by a landslide. It sounds like a forensic tool that would validate or invalidate claims in email evidence has not been employed in Arizona at this point.

The Colonel also confirmed that pre-election instructions were to use a ball point pen to complete the ballots but on election day they instructed voters to use a Sharpie which meant bleed-through would generate a ballot error and open the door to manual tampering of those votes.

They also discuss the probability that illegal aliens also voted although it was uncertain how many reside in Arizona; probably up to 8,000 in Maricopa County alone that would have been permitted to vote with just an address, etc. If you do the math, that would mean thousands of legal residents’ votes would be cancelled out.

Chris Krebs lied when he said the Maricopa voting machines/terminals were not connected to the Internet, that there was no opportunity for tampering and that it was secure. Trump fired him. Thank you President Trump. Of course the media is saying Krebs did a good job and should not have been fired.

To be clear, the machines were just ONE way the deep state breached election security and stole massive numbers of votes for Biden. They used every method they could dream up and we can see the system is broken and must be revamped. The attendees seemed very receptive to the investigation and applauded Giuliani’s assessment and seemed eager to understand the issues and move to correct the system.

A forensic audit would reveal more information but would not repair the damage or correct the steal. Personally, I would prefer a complete re-do, as they call it.

If warning flags aren’t flying in your mind when you know US election information is being transmitted to Canada, Germany, Spain, or elsewhere then you aren’t understanding the problem and that is one of the prime purposes of this entire exercise. “Chain of custody” was broken, and therefore the election was compromised. The testimony of Anna Orth, an election official, was appalling but credible. A Democrat was “imported” from California to “turn this county blue” according to his statement to her and she saw and heard many disturbing things in the 15.5 hours she worked the election.

Live on RSBN. They expect to be going well into the night in this hearing.

LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

These are dangerous times, folks. You may recall the days when we covered the radio shows from former Marine Field McConnell and we were introduced to legal expert Kirk Pendergrass of E-Clause. His partner was Christopher Hallett and I received the following via email this morning. Hallett and Pendergrass educated people via online instruction concerning Constitutional Law in America, and were involved in other things according to this article. There has been a lot of information, disinformation and drama surrounding E-clause and this reporter, Timothy Charles Holmseth so I can’t speak to the validity but it is worth noting.

Murdered Congressional Contractor was performing Emoluments Violations audits exposing JOE BIDEN child trafficking – Hallett shooting an ASSASSINATION

Yesterday we talked about the Canadian Covid Plan for travelers. I asked my hubby if he is going to take his chances in the crap shoot at the airport in Calgary when he goes for Christmas and he replied, “Probably, because I don’t really want to spend my time there in quarantine.” I pointed out that many of the tests give false positives, and then you’re out $150, still have to go into quarantine AND have to keep in touch with the government and tell them your every move and probably get tested again. You lose. No matter what.

It’s better to just go, do the absurd 2 week quarantine, let them check in on you, and then go on your merry way when it’s over. Since the government has gone out of its way to promote a fake pandemic and lie about the number of deaths, the chances of getting a false positive are probably great.

Despite the fact that we live here in Arizona and have never been sick, don’t know anyone who’s sick, or anyone who knows anyone who’s sick, it doesn’t mean you’d test negative when you get to Calgary because the tests are HIGHLY SUSPECT. They don’t test for a contagion, they detect something else. Therefore they are meaningless in my opinion. It’s a psyop.

The allure of avoiding quarantine may entice a lot of people to attempt to  buy their freedom. It feels to me like a banana republic tactic to buy favours or protection from the mafia. They take your money and your home or business are burglarized anyway. Maybe I’m too cynical but the Canadian Government is way out of control.

My other half experienced the grim reality of the gulag in August when his mother passed away so he knows they really do contact you to make sure you’re sheltering where you said you would but the Chelsea/Tottenham match was a bigger draw than my cautionary words so I’ll have to revisit at a more receptive time.

No offense to my hubby, but he’s too smart and too left brain for his own good. He tries to reason it out and there’s no reasoning with this charade the cabal has pulled on the entire world. He can’t conceive of the scope of it and will have to be shown because he has no faith in my expert research over the years, my powers of deduction, or finely-honed intuition.

That’s my opinion—and I declined to travel to Canada this Christmas because I refuse to be a party to their deception. I won’t play their game. I won’t fly, I won’t wear a mask, and I sure as hell won’t pay $150 in a gamble akin to Russian Roulette. The chances of a false positive and losing your freedom are very high.

I am extremely happy here in the Valley of the Sun. It’s heavenly compared to most places in North America and we’re not locked down. I can shop in my regular shops and dine at our favourite haunts without mask or provocation.

I heard they’re trying to pump up the panic here in Arizona, saying the hospitals are at capacity but the reality is that in the winter with all the elderly/ailing snowbirds here, they’re at capacity EVERY winter. This is how the media manipulates the public; they tell you half the story. It’s lying by omission.

Here’s Dave’s update for the X22 Report for Sunday.

Durham On Deck, Done In 30, Darkness Gives Way To Light, Think Article II – Ep. 2340

Did you hear that Joe Biden supposedly twisted his ankle in a fall? Is this another case of “the boot” coverup used by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and others?

The AIM team brought us this, as well. Capitulate is not the same as concede. It’s a “surrender”. Some other interesting notes here, as well.

I do not pretend to be able to unravel The Plan. But I trust it because incredible, positive things have been unfolding since Trump was elected. Disinformation is necessary, and only a handful of people know what The Plan is. It may frustrate or anger people that they don’t agree with how things are being handled but I believe it will go how it needs to go to ensure success.

Gotta run, folks. ~ BP

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