December 1, 2020: We Made it to the Last Month of a Historic Year [videos] ~ December 1, 2020

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It’s Day 28 of #ElectionGate and the “movie” is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. We might want to call it, “Ex-Terminator”.

This year, 2020, has been like no other—in good ways and very difficult ways. Sometimes the movie is really hard to watch—particularly when you “know”. The battle of Light vs. dark, good vs. evil is a painful one, but we understand “we are winning”.

Here’s the next hint as to what we can expect to see in the near future. DOJ and FBI implicated. Infiltration. Systemic corruption. The shadow government. Time to disinfect Washington; to exterminate the invisible enemy plaguing America that has silently been destroying America from within.

Sidney Powell: “Frankly, I’m Beginning to think the Entire FBI and Dept. of Justice need to be Hosed Out with Clorox and Firehoses!” (VIDEO)

You might recall in late 2018 we had rumour of “martial law after Christmas” (2019). Isn’t it interesting that we had martial law virtually declared a year later in early 2020 when the lockdowns began? That was medical martial law.

Attorney Lin Wood Says President Trump Should Take Action to Correct Controversial Election Results

Rumours abound, and sometimes they’re based in fact. Or prophecy. We already had solid confirmation that Barry (and his handler, Big Mike/Michelle) have been executed by the military via tribunals for treason, etc. but at some point, news has to come out to the public about the true situation… to ease them into it. They have to be “managed” now that they’ve been so inattentive to reality.

POTUS has a lot of election fraud whistleblower excerpts on his Twitter page like this one:

Jesse Morgan—a truck driver (subcontractor) with USPS in PENNSYLVANIA…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 1, 2020

Of course AP and other media say it’s “fake news” but it’s just “delayed news”. They will do anything to prolong the illusion and the movie isn’t over so the bad actors still have jobs.

Former President Barack Obama arrested for ESPIONAGE

I would treat much of the following at the link as “rumour” at this point, but it’s interesting. I believe some has been confirmed by reliable sources.

Arrests and Executions of Famous people Updated November 2020

Everyone’s talking about Creepy Joe’s ankle and we suspect a different story from the doggie play session. The hairline fractures in his ankle aren’t as severe as the ones in his cerebral cortex. Shake your bootie, Joe! The dog reference is more of a point of interest because when the deep state actors reference canine friends it usually means a hit or a death—or at least an attempt of an assassination. No photos of Joe and his new boot yet that I’ve seen.

Talk of CIA Director Gina Haspel being redirected to another realm was on the lips of many people. We don’t have confirmation of the disposition of the Haspel traitor yet. All we know is that she was relieved of duty so there is a “regime change” in the rogue CIA and that’s a very good thing. Many others are still armed and dangerous.

Update on Gina Haspel: Simon Parkes uploaded a new video today and it sounds like his popularity is growing. He drops some info I’d not heard before about Arizona. Lots of patriots here. He also brings more details about Gina Haspel who apparently sang like a canary en route to GTMO and decided she wants to work for the White Hats. Interesting twist. Perhaps she was a white hat all along and this was her out; her protection for staying the course and getting the dirt on the CIA inside activities for the Patriots. Perhaps she was pulled to take her to safety? Or perhaps I have an overactive imagination.

A common remark from those in the know is, “once CIA, always CIA” and we have our eye on some of these people. We heard recently that even the wife of the uber-litigious RDSteele works on the “farm” so… they may be working behind the scenes to undermine the Patriots or lying in the weeds waiting for the sneak attack. Anyone who viciously attacks people who publicize pedophilia and pedovoria comes across as a very nasty person and not a friend of Humanity.

Simon also included this on his blog:

No Apologies From China…

China has refused to apologise to Australia after they officially posted fake images of Australian military killing children.

Australia is standing up to China on a whole range of global issues and China doesn’t like it!

The deep state planned for years to get Trump out of office and install Hillary back in the White House—and failed. Oooops! Recalculating.

I was listening to a fair bit of the Arizona election hearing with Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and various witnesses on Monday and I was very glad I did because I was suitably impressed. The speakers all came across as genuine and their words heartfelt. Around 5 o’clock I tuned in for a second time and caught the end of the President’s call when he phoned in to the session.

I was pleased that there were so many there in favour of a FULL investigation and wanted the truth to be known. It was very positive sessions that I watched and attendees had a common purpose. At one point someone was strongly asked to end their interference or leave because it would not be tolerated.

Say what you like about Rudy Giuliani, but he is delivering for us now. Yes, I believe he knew about 9/11 but he cleaned up New York and there’s a chance he was a victim of the blackmail and threats the cabal used to control those in places of influence. We heard that the White Hats gave politicians the opportunity to work with us and expose the deep state criminals and many did and I’ve seen some truly vicious attacks on the Mayor on social media suggesting that, like Trump, he may have travelled in their circles and gone along with them for awhile but switched sides when the day came for him to play his role. Infiltration.

To pull off this counter-coup and save  America, many people of the Light played their “roles” for years.

Giuliani may very well have been one of those. It’s not to say they’re all evil demons like the true cabal are—but perhaps not angels, either. They did what they had to do to fit in and have the trust of the dark. To gather evidence of the crimes and names of the perps.

And let us not forget that Humans are not  perfect, after all. Many people in positions of power are “collateral damage” the cabal set out to compromise. We’ve all done things we regret but it’s what we’re doing TODAY that matters. This is our defining moment. Right here, right now.

If you’re going to go down, it may as well be in a blaze of glory doing something like this, don’t you think? Hopefully Giuliani and the members of the Trump administration will be safe.

We hope the witnesses will be safe, as well. It’s apparent that the observers took their jobs seriously and were keenly watchful over what transpired in the voting stations and they did indeed police the premises. The detail they provide in their testimony is impressive and there was applause for their pluck in standing up for what is right, and refusing to certify results when they failed to get what they needed to do so.

These patriots are amazing despite the pressure to silence or suppress them. Bravo to the dedicated and courageous Arizonans who took being an American watchdog very seriously. I was truly shocked by some of the things I heard and it was also well-attended virtually as at one point I saw 121,000 people watching the proceedings via RSBN.

It sounds like Governor Ducey’s involvement—oversight or lack thereof—has been called into question, as well as the Secretary of State, Democrat Katie Hobbs. Giuliani texted Doug Ducey on Sunday and asked if he could meet with him while in Arizona and Ducey did not respond. I had hoped for better from Governor Ducey. It seems like he is riding the great divide between good and evil so he may well have been threatened.

Arizona Governor Ducey Defends Signing Off on Fraudulent Election — Dirtbag Ignored Massive Evidence of Fraud… Why’s That?

They went more than three hours past the time the hotel allotted before they began their closing remarks from Trump’s attorneys and state representatives and Giuliani himself said it was disturbing and worse than he expected. Rep. David Cook, whom I believe is working in my territory in Pinal County did an admirable job. There was talk of duty, and the obligation to replace leaders who do not honour the mandates of the public and I’m very pleased how this went. It sounds like we’re on a better path and many reps committed to change.

To summarize, from witness testimony we can see that there was a shocking, appalling, extraordinary, unprecedented, unmitigated, mind-blowing, gobsmacking amount of election fraud/tampering/criminality in Arizona—and particularly in Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in the country.

In short, there was clear intent to hijack this election. It was a travesty involving even the bullying of [Republican] election observers. The fondling of the Dominion terminals was blatant tampering while they claimed there were glitches or mals and they weren’t working properly, opening the door for Dominion technicians to come in and “rectify” the situation. Change is required and I believe from what was pledged that the Arizona representatives present will see this through.

Crowd Erupts in Cheers as Giuliani Tells AZ State Lawmakers: “Your Political Career is Worth Losing if You Can Save the Right to Vote in America” (VIDEO)

Can you read the following? I think you can. Or read more here.


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 1, 2020

This is LT’s update from And We Know.

11.30.20: The MOMENTUM is SHIFTING! [DS] Panic at all time HIGH! Big Booms coming!

We hear the Kung Flu vaccines are going forward as of now and all I can say is I don’t recommend getting jabbed. I won’t. It’s not a pandemic, it’s a psyop and vaccines don’t typically prevent disease according to everything we know. Vaccines traditionally deliver unnatural and unsafe, toxic ingredients directly into the bloodstream, and therefore transfer those elements through the blood-brain barrier.

We have heard that the globalists have devised an even more experimental, loaded, and potentially lethal vaccine they want to make mandatory that will permanently alter our DNA. Why ask for it?

mutant tomato

Good grief. If this is what is happening to our flora, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been on the market for years, what do you suppose a vaccine with self-replicating ingredients might do to our bodies? Dirty Harry asked it best: Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya? Another game of Russian roulette, in my opinion. It may not get you today, but it will get you.

Sweet pepper???

Some of the ingredients in the older vaccines have traditionally been neurotoxins. Why would we willingly accept that in our bodies? We hear that the Trump administration is setting a trap for these “Big Pharma” companies because they have fast-tracked vaccines without adequate/mandated clinical testing which is critical before mass distribution of a drug.

If you have some time I encourage you to visit the CAT Report and peruse this post. Great vaccine-related stuff there from AIM4Truth.

Maybe the vaccines will prove to be placebos… I don’t know. It’s an interesting scenario as I know President Trump won’t allow the American People to be harmed.

If Trump’s remedy for the China Virus is a therapeutic, like Hydroxychloroquine or something that you take by mouth, sublingually, etc. fine. If I got really sick I might indulge but I wouldn’t get a shot. Too risky. I have no confidence in any injection for flu or disease.

Azar: Two COVID Vaccines Will Be Available to Americans Within Weeks

Scott Atlas resigns as coronavirus adviser to Trump

Despite interference blocking the original article at the Washington Sentinel and fake news trying to debunk the story, there were statistics from the CDC stating that only 6% of deaths were truly due to Covid alone—if it even exists. The jury is still out on that. All other deaths involved co-morbidities. If you missed that article, here it is.

The article states what most reading this already know, but others need to be told—reassured—and set free. We got the boogeyman.

This all has nothing whatever to do with “science.” The media’s response to the Wuhan virus is pure, 100 percent, undiluted politics, through and through.

CDC Quietly Admits Less than 10,000 Died from COVID-19

We’ve been living a lie for 9 months or more folks, because of the media lies as well as the apathy and ignorance of the general public who have been brainwashed into taking authority over using powers of deductive reasoning.

This hoax didn’t pass the sniff test from the very beginning, from the video that just happened to escape China’s bulletproof firewalls showing a doctor screaming into a phone for someone to get over there and get the bodies off the floor to the storm trooper-esque HASMAT squads in choreographed spraying brigades on Chinese streets, to police dragging people out of their cars and beating them because they didn’t have a mask on. Simply un-believable fear porn extraordinaire.

In the year 2020, we saw billions of people take leave of their senses.

The SARS-Cov-2 virus was never proved to exist

A phantom disease has changed society as we know it; our children not the least affected. Just listen to this child and the script they’ve given her.

“He’s not participating so we’re going to have to knock him out. He’s still with us so now he gets the Pfizer vaccine and he has to stay in this pod for 87 days.” They’ve got kids delivering their propaganda now. Shameful. It’s so absurd who can take it seriously?

Talk about state-sponsored child abuse.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) November 29, 2020

Wasn’t it the UK Sun that was also telling some truth recently? The Republic of Kanata is in shitty shape where people are invited to visit with Gran through a window, apparently.

They hit our elderly very hard—the “useless eaters” who don’t contribute to the bottom line, and another goal of the New World Order is to eliminate the middle class. There it is.

OPINION: Canada’s COVID-19 strategy is an assault on the working class

Opioid deaths skyrocket, mental health suffers due to pandemic restrictions, new federal report says

This is already very long but here is Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday.

That’s all for today. Where do the hours go? Lots of good stuff going on, folks. Check the comments for more news from the crew.  ~ BP

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