Sun in Scorpio- The Crumbling of the Old + Major New Re-births, Transformation Is a Journey Not a Destination ~ October 24, 2020

On October 22nd/23rd, the Sun, which rules our: life force, vitality and energy moves from the airy sign of Libra over to the watery sign of Scorpio. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, deals with: shared resources, death/rebirth, power, intensity and transformation.

The Sun’s shift into the deepest and darkest sign of the zodiac, will conjure up any hidden or repressed feelings and emotions. Scorpio is anything but surface level. That is often why this sign is feared, but at the same time so respected. The Sun’s entry into Scorpio will demand we get hauntingly real about our darker and more repressed sides. No more holding back and wishing these deep emotions would go away. Our inner detectives will come out to play during this transit.

We will be asked to dive deep within to uncover the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Secrets and hidden agendas, either from our own selves or with others could be painfully revealed during this transit.

The Sun in Scorpio will demand truth but there could be power struggles and a battle to dominate or manipulate. That of course are the lower energies of the sign. On the higher side, the Sun’s entry into Scorpio will reveal our need to transform and regenerate from the deepest of levels.

Hidden traumas that require sensitivity and awareness could begin to come to the surface. Scorpio energy can seem very stoic and intense. While that certainly can be the case, this water sign is actually extremely sensitive.

This can be masked at times with a Scorpio native out of fear of being out of control and appearing weak. Scorpio, despite a lot of astrologer’s interpretations, is one of the most caring and deeply compassionate signs of the zodiac. It takes guts and grit to die a few “deaths” a day + come back stronger and more resilient each time.

That is their lesson to us all. You don’t need to fear falling. The fear isn’t in the plunge but rather the lack of follow through to rise once more. These folks can experience the most intense “breakdowns” possible. Their brilliance is their ability to get back up and come back 10x more determined and passionate.

The Sun in Scorpio is here to allow and embrace our hidden and most feared aspects of our psyches. The lesson with the Sun’s entry into the Scorpion’s den is to not run and hide but to be brave and allow.

As confronting as this process can be, there is no true mastery and power without first acknowledging our darker sides. The darker side isn’t to be repressed but embraced with compassion and understanding. The Sun in Scorpio wants you to be the hero/heroine of your own story.

All that you need is already there. The Sun in Scorpio is here to call it forth and let your ultimate healing and transformation begin. She is here to: bring forth an inner power of strength and resilience, have you face your fears with new eyes + renewed confidence and have you own your power within the light and darkness.

Happy birthday to all the Scorpio folks! To find out how the Sun’s entry in Scorpio + other planetary influences will affect you personally, please follow the link to schedule a transit reading:…/products/transit-reading

Transit readings give you clear guidance and tips on how to best navigate this intense and transformational time according to your unique natal chart. I appreciate your continued love and support of Astromomma!! © Astromomma, 2020 Image: Raquel Cornejo,

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