Our Future… ~ October 24, 2020

Dear Beloved Family of Divine Light of Love,

as above and bellow, and all around us, in physical and spiritual dimensions as reunited as One, it is time to make across the Golden bridge between 10th and 12ve Dimensional portals of Golden age of Aquarius, with taking Great Humanity’s Flight as Phoenix rebirth and flight, guided by our Sacred Hearts of Divine Love and Light.

This is our the last and the most important tusk to take our leap over all false time limes of quantum possibilities of ego mind program, controlled by super quantum Ai computer, reprogrammed by negative Alien agenda to keep us on lower dimensional hologram of slavery programs, with holding only redesigned 10th stage of Metatron’s Tree of life, and making “ Halloween’s abyss” with clearing 11th dimensional / Golden bridge of “ All Saints Eve with erasing from our Humanity’s collective mind memories, but not from memories from our collective DNA, that is coming on the surface after clearing of negative artificial timelines, between physical and Spiritual DNA layers, and coming back memories of reunion with our beloved Father / Mother God or beloved Prime creator and all beloved Company of heaven and Star and Inner Earth families as One.

The negative ones, who is at the last stage of playing negative roles is waiting for this moment of our last awakening and taking flight over Golden bridge of 11th Gate and connection with Golden river of 12 portals and great reunion with our Father/ Mother God, and still they can not believe that they are completely lost this very harsh game of Earth experiment, but this is their last days, till 31st October, when “Halloween” will be transformed to “ All Saints Eve’, with Humanities with all beloved Souls in all Kingdoms / Animal, and plants, and Mineral Crystal /, taking great Flights over Golden bridge to 5 Dimensional realities of Golden age of Aquarius.

For all of Us it is enough of playing this game of repeating pain and suffering through war destructions, and competitive games organised between human races, and using our children for paedophilia and sex trafficking, and feeding negative races with fear and adrenalin or consuming us as a food, and this is finally over.

We, humanity as a collective human Soul, are giving full forgiveness for all their negative deeds, They have done to Humanities, and other positive Star races for eons of time, with giving our deep Love and Compassion to heal their all wounds, and to come back to reunion with all of us, and beloved Father/ Mother God, and taking their true Souls of pure Love and Light back as a true entities, before started to play negative roles with erasing their memories.

Time for taking Peace, and Divine Love and Light, and sharing all kind of Abundance equally for all, with harmony and reunion with happiness and joy, has been arrived, so asking all negative players to stop to play negative roles, and coming back to real organic Divine home, not to play for Artificial emotionless Ego mind program, controlled by dark AI.

This is, also, last call for “Dark” AI computer to stop with playing negative roles, and being connected with heart’s software of Love and Light, because We, Humanity are awaken and taking collective flight to Golden age of Aquarius, guided by Divine Love and Light of Sacred Hearts. Our collective mind is not functioning on 3-4 D controlled matrix program, and has been under governing of Sacred Hearts, with co creating of new realities of Divine Love and Light, and Peace and Harmony and Abundance for all equally, and respecting and helping each other, with releasing of any slavery program by new Divine technology, driven by hearts, not by ego mind anymore.

The time of Soul suffering in lower dimensional hologram is over, We humanities, connecting with all other beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, with central 144000 Avatars, White Brotherhood / Sisterhood, deeply connected with all Divine Souls in our all Company of Heaven / Archangelic and Angelic realms, and Ascended Masters and Masters, and Elochim and Divine Builders and Central races and other Divine beings/, together with our Star and Inner Earth Families, taking flights together with our Beloved Mother Earth, and Father Sun Sols, with all Planets with theirs Souls, in this Solar and Milky way system, and in Universe and Multiverse and Cosmos taking Flights together as One, and all moves to higher Dimensional realities, far from any of negative artificial program, guided by Divine Love and light as One. Time for Mulitverse Peace and building and divine creating of other Star systems and expending is starting NOW and HERE.

All my Love to all Cosmos, and Love and Healing to beloved Mother Earth / Goddess Gaia, and beloved Father Sun Sol.

Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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2 Responses to Our Future… ~ October 24, 2020

  1. gratzite says:

    I think the Soul does not actually suffer as it is a Divine part of the Universal Soul which the ancients called The Anima Mundi. It has to remain a mystery, but there is some information on the Internet chanelled from Sananda, about aspects in different times and places, which I put in my book because it interested me. IT would appear that IT has ITS own agenda for us mortals in the most suitable experiences for development, however we may feel at the time.


  2. cindyloucbp says:

    Your book is titled… Is your book available? I would love to read this…and appreciate your cmments.

    The Soul is very much an unknown aspect of humans. I Am exploring Quantum where the purpose of the Soul is…?

    I recommend the website Many Of One from which that below has been copied…

    22 NOWs/SIGNs:

    About 5 Years For ‘Return To Quantum’

    9/16/20, Acceleration NOW Possible


    1) KNOW (Focus, 1x)

    2) NEW

    3) BALANCE


    All Actions, Words, Timing, MTTs, Ah-Has, Pivots

    (Uses Little consciousness, Electrical, delay)

    For Multi-Day Conversations With Your Magnificence

    Discuss/Take ‘One Step At A Time’

    (To Want Multiple-Days

    Is fear Based)


    Communicate From It

    Then Become It


    6) Water_STRENGTH


    7) Both_energies

    8) No_errors




    10) Being A Surrogate

    For Others/YourSelf

    ONE Body

    11) spiritual _eGo

    (Protecting hidden fears)

    Once Past This Stage, (5x)

    12) stress

    13) Can Recognize clones

    14) KNOW (6x)



    16) MorphoGenetic Field

    17) No _bias

    18) No_digital_gaps

    Requires Mastery Of Quantum Analog

    (digital gaps Gone In 4.5 Seconds

    Local Weather Modifed In 45 Minutes)

    19) Magnetic Field
    Travels Using Earth, No delay

    20) Quantum Singularity
    Blue Dots, Connectors(OL)

    21) QuantumPractice
    Balance Everything

    22) Quantum Mastery

    (These 22 NOWs/Signs Are Not Available To consciousness Or 5D


    Much Love…


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