Judith Kusel ~ October 15, 2020

Mary Magdalene, in her capacity as Cosmic Ascended Master, is now working in the highest capacity as she serves on the Cosmic Counsels, with the heart opening of humanity.

I have given seminars and webinars on the Heart Rose and the full opening of the 144 Petals of the Heart Rose, which can expand into 1000 and more. The higher the octaves of the Heart/Love frequency, the more the Cosmic Rose unfolds, which holds the Infinite Loving Christedness, within the Heart Center.

Her Divine Complement is Yeshua, and therefore they are working in tandem.

Mary Magdalene, as Cosmic Master, works with the Full blossoming of Divine Love, in its most purest and unconditional form. It moves through all the energy centers of the body, yet also through the whole centers of the heart rose, as each petal is indeed a energetic center of Love, on its own.

When one for works through the heart center and with the full blossoming of the Heart Rose, one indeed is working AS ONE with the Divine SOurce and All-That-Is. One embraces the fullness of the I AM THAT I AM, and thus one is time-less. One has transcended time, as we know it. There is a huge transfiguration in ways I cannot even find the words now to express, as I have known this.

I have worked with Mary Magdalene intensely since 2016, and lately even more so. My daily prayer is for me to embody Divine Love in the highest and most powerful sense.

That she is working on such higher levels with the whole of humanity now, has to do with the full return of the Divine Feminine. More than this, it works with the heart opening of ALL of humanity.

When I presented my webinar on the The Power of Love, a month ago, I was deeply touched, by the thank you letters I received from especially the man who attended. They indeed, had intense heart openings, and with the heart rose opening. I am but in highest service.

To me this was another sign of how the Divine Masculine is now awakening alongside the Divine Feminine, and this is bringing in the WHOLENESS, and Unity. It will be profoundly felt in our loving relationship with ourselves and those with whom we are in partnership, union or stepping into such, but mostly also within ourselves.

There is massive and intense awakening of the 144 Keys and Codes within the Heart Rose, which will eventually extend to the 144 000 which will bring the full Christedness back to earth, in fullness, as it is already blossoming forth.

Note as you read this there will be an intense stirring with your heart rose, and you will feel it expansion. Just be open and allow the Divine Love to flood into you. You may ask Mary Magdalene to assist you, as she will gently work with you, so that you can not only assimilmiate unconditoinal love within all that you are, but to start working on the Love frequency and Vibration, that of Infinite Love, love which is unified and sees and knows only unity and Oneness.

This will expand into your whole life and into your loving relationships as well as with humanity at large. Divine Love Unifies as none other. It is the highest state of BEING, EXISTING. There is no higher state than Divine Love.

As I am writing this, Mary Magdalene, is working with you, and through her Divine Love in its highest sense. She is working unceasingly for assisting this massive and intense heart-healing of humankind.

Within her she holds the Keys and Codes of the Loving Christ centredness, as one with Yeshua who held this during his incarnation on earth, alongside her. They were AS ONE in sacred Marriage and Union.

My heart is expanding and expanding and expanding, as my Heart Rose touches yours. During my webinar this weekend I will go even deeper into this aspect and stepping ever higher into the Upper Levels, the Highest of the Higher, and the Truth of Love, in its Divine Embrace, within yourself and All-That-Is.

I love you and I send showers and showers and showers of Divine Love to you and into you.

Judith Kusel source: http://www.judithkusel.com

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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