StarSoul ~ October 15, 2020

The light from the Great Central Sun is being received by all star systems in the galaxy. Sol is infusing each planet of this system with the new energy. The awakening & uplifting is occurring in all the planets of this system, which is protected by the Galactic Confederation. YOU as a Starseed, as a lightworker are needed now more than ever. For it is your light that is transmuting the old energy of chaos into PEACE. Your light is what’s building the bridge for humanity to the fifth dimension. The higher light entering Earth now, will trigger higher activations of the pineal gland. This opens the High Heart center, also known as the Sacred Heart. In turn activating your higher chakras, and a new, expanded level of consciousness is achieved. The light quotient desirable and necessary for the entire planet to be transformed has been reached. However, the process of cleansing and transformation will not stop until all on Earth becomes light of the purest form. It is time for each human to entirely collapse the walls around your heart. And allow the divine love within to shine, and pierce the veil which separates you from the higher dimensions, and your star family. ~StarSoul Portals are wide open to reunite
With our Star

Entering Into the Golden Age: Christ Consciousness

the SALVATION of Mankind***** The Miraculous occurrence of the Great Conjunction in the Night Sky between Jupiter (the Father) and Saturn (the Son of the Sun) represents a shift in the way that God’s Light will be able to enter into the body of Mankind, helping us to achieve the ultimate goal of Christ Consciousness, which is Heaven Upon Earth. Starting on September 22nd, coming to its Zenith on December 21st, and completing this process on March 22nd is the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and Conjunction literally means the UNITING of two or more bodies into a JOINING…a Oneness with the Creator. Thus, when we need it the most, God is helping Mankind to AWAKEN, especially those who have been the most deeply inured to this Wicked System of Depravity by filling our Bodies and Minds with MORE LIGHT…God’s Light, which is comprised of Magnetic Photons.

This is the GREAT AWAKENING that many have foreshadowed and are describing for Mankind…a Miracle from God, where Jupiter (an Energetical representation of the Father) and Saturn (the Son of the Sun) are becoming Level to one another, with the greatest PROXIMITY that they have ever had to one another as they approach the Constellation of Sagittarius in Retrograde…Sagittarius is known as the Keen Bow, the Archer with CLEAR VISION, who sees, thus speaks, ONLY THE TRUTH…and in this Moment of Balance, Harmony and Truth, in the face of 6,000 years of the Great Fall of Mankind, it is the TRUTH that will set us Free…and this is our True Golden Jubilee, or NESARA, that will help to transform us into the Golden Children, on this Golden Creation of the Golden Creator…and together we will set the True GOLD STANDARD for all species to abide by… So, sit back, relax, and let God’s Holistic Truth wash over both your Body and Mind, and let it cleanse away all the dirt and grime from your Soul…enter into the realm of the ONE where ONLY the Holistic Truth exists…God Bless!

And if possible, please remember my Friends to support Colleen and I here in Mexico as we continue daily to expand and grow, through the Vibration of Love, our Animal Rescue Shelter. We have now reached 45 rescued animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats, Possums, Birds) and our costs of maintaining this beautiful facility have grown far beyond what Colleen and I can maintain on our own. Only through your kindness and generosity will we be able to continue our vital efforts to give LIFE to all of these precious creations of God!

You can donate to us either through PayPal or Patreon by following the links provided below! Thank you! Charlie’s YouTube channel FreakSense TV: Charlie’s books:… Charlie’s Facebook page:… Charlie’s Patreon Page: The Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary Patreon page:… The Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary PayPal page: With all of our Love and Respect, Collywog and Charlie Freak, Gnostic Warriors of the Right


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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