ENERGY UPDATE ~ October 13, 2020

Your body should BE naturally going into rest mode this week. Today Mercury Shifts retrograde in Scorpio. This means we NOW have 4 planets in retrograde as it joins Mars, Uranus, and Neptune. The Comet Chiron is also still in retrograde. This week it will be amplifying any Healing issues that are going on that you may have been trying to ignore.

These retrogrades are affecting the flow and direction of the Energy. Things are pretty Calm this week, but next week will be anything but.

We are going to continue to have a ton of Ascension Energies streaming in from our Central Sun.

These waves of Ascension Energies are going to get very intense as we wrap up the rest of this month.

Next week as we SHIFT into Scorpio Season we are expected to hit a K6 index Space Storm.

These Waves of Energy are getting us ready on a physical level for some type of Solar Flash Event.

This year the Ascension Energies have been Powerful.

So are the Changes that have come with them.

We are going through a rapid Activation process as our DNA continues to Change and Upgrade from the incoming LIGHT CODES.

These Waves of LIGHT will continue to increase as we wrap up 2020.

The rest of the year really will act as a Bridge to take us fully into the Energies of 2021.

This year is all about Transformation.

We have a New Moon In Libra this Friday. This Energy will bring with it a lot of Upgrades.

We can expect a HUGE Influx of Energy this month as we get closer and closer to Samhain.

This is also the second of three Super Moons in a row. This means the Moon will be much closer to Earth. This makes the gravitation pull between the Moon and Earth much more intense.

It also influences your Emotions much more. This means we are really feeling these Energies and the Pull on an Auric level.

We are Clearing some deep blocks right NOW. Many people are Releasing a lot of deep Attachments to the old.

There is a Major Purification that’s happening this month. We are doing a lot of Clearing and Releasing. As we continue to Go Up in Frequency we are Shedding a lot of lower energies and patterns.

Things are going to continue to get more and more intense. That’s why it’s very important that we are using the rest of Libra Season to find more BALANCE.

This Energy is meant to be pushing us into a HIGHER State of Awareness. Our third eyes are continuing to Activate. Humanity is Waking Up, that’s why it’s very important we are BE-ing more Gentle with Others.

This week’s New Moon is the perfect time to plant some Positive Seeds or to make Future Plans. It’s very important that we are Realizing that our thoughts NOW are creating our future.

It’s important that we are staying very Positive as we are instant Manifesting with these Energies. This week’s New Moon In Libra may BE drawing Attention to the larger crisis in Consciousness that is occurring within the Collective.

This is NOT a Good Time to get pulled into any Drama playing out across the world stage. It’s very Important that we Remember there is a larger DIVINE Plan that is occurring.

Everything is in DIVINE Order and Happening as it should for Everyone. This week’s Energy is all about LOVE and HEALING.

here is a lot of Venus Energy that will help bring BALANCE within any Relationships. We should BE finding the Feminine is coming into more BALANCE right NOW. E

xpect some really Positive Relationship SHIFTS right NOW.

This Moon will also be bringing with it a lot of Arcturian Energies. Saturday we have a Powerful PORTAL Opening as the Sun comes fully into alignment with this Star System.

Any Arcturian Starseeds can expect a Big Level Up. This week’s Energy will BE Bringing a lot of WISDOM with it.

~ Ra James

💜 with LOVE 💜

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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