Gateway of Compassion at Heart Chakra – Cosmic Diamond Portal ~ Oct 15, 2020

Venus / Inanna Movement into Gateway of Compassion at Heart Chakra upheld by a Huge Cosmic Diamond Portal!!! 💎✨💎 Today, October 13, Venus/Inanna as Morning Star entered the Gateway of Compassion at Heart Chakra on her shamanic journey of death, rebirth and empowerment (in accordance with the ancient Sumerian Myth) in her current cycle of descent into the underworld as the Gemini /Iris/Athena/IxChel Metagoddess in a magnificent Cosmic Diamond Portal!!

According to the ancient Sumerian myth at this gateway Inanna/Venus is required to surrender her Breastplate…..symbolic of breaking down the walls she/we has built around her heart to protect herself/ourselves from hurt, betrayal, deceit, rejection and abandonment …the original emotional wound..that we all carry so that she/we may once again be able to connect with her core essence, trust love and value the innate knowings of her heart and thus trust love and value herself/ourselves. Our hearts are where we are most vulnerable and hence where we carry the maximum ‘padding/protection’ to a point where we become disconnected from our emotional hearts: our core beingness, our internal GPS, our connection to our Divine Self , our ability to love ourselves for then and only then can we truly love and value another. Our Hearts….our internal cauldron of Alchemy , Healing , Union, Divine Greatness and Compassion!!!!

The Venus and The Balsamic Moon Gateway at Heart Chakra is supported firstly by Regulus in a Sacred Trinity with Venus as The Priestess archetype in Virgo and Regulus as the Heart of The Lion King at the Gateway in accordance with the ongoing sacred Union Energies for the past many many weeks (as i have been mentioning in my previous posts). So No Coincidence that we being assisted here by the Valiant, Courageous, Brave, Sovereign , Loyal and Generous Heart of the Lion King Regulus holding space for the Sovereign Priestess ,For Venus currently in Virgo represents the The Priestess who is sovereign in her Wisdom and Actions and Desires and is also firm and assertive in protecting her rightful boundaries. Walking the tight rope between vulnerability and boundaries!!!(Venus Regulus conjunct took place October 2-4, see previous posts).

Visually his gateway looked like a Giant Cosmic Diamond in the Pre Dawn morning sky (pic below) with the Four Pillars of the Heart Chakra of Truth, Grace/ Kindness , Courage and Compassion held by Venus, The Moon, Regulus and and Algieba…..A Diamond Portal of Purification, Healing, Sacred Union and Sacred Alchemy and Sacred Manifestation!!!

link to Venus/ Inanna current cycle as Gemini metagoddess…/venus-inanna…/ Be Light ,InLight ,InGrace


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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