September 7, 2020: The Saga Unfolds, Wrinkle by Wrinkle [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 7, 2020

Dr. Jerome Corsi presents… in case you haven’t seen it… an overview of what brought us to today. Just a short but informative video.

Jerome Corsi, Qanon, Donald Trump, Obama, Hillary And Military Tribunals Are In Effect For Treason

I believe the most important point of all is that Donald Trump is a master. The Maestro. The globalists are actors, but they can’t hold a candle to Donald Trump. Nothing is what it seems. If you haven’t read The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it will help you understand what you see unfolding before your eyes every day now. It’s all a show—hence QAnon’s advice to “enjoy the show”.

The secrecy within the QAnon team is airtight. Nothing gets out they don’t want out. What we hear—even from high-level inside sources—is what was purposely put out. It doesn’t mean it’s true, it means it’s an approved part of the psyop. I say “psyop” because the American people and all those who are sleeping and even those of us who are awake, are being “managed”. Like it or not.

You can’t free a planet full of people from a predatory enemy they don’t even recognize without keeping secrets and sticking to a highly classified “plan”. That is what the Kew Team is doing, and that’s the way it will go to to the very end. That’s why we look at “the big picture” and don’t over-analyze all the finer details.

Don’t take everything Trump says literally. Don’t believe everything you hear, and don’t worry about how things may look. It’s all good. It’s all under control, and we need to support President Trump, the US Military, the White Hats and Patriots working behind the scenes, and bring law and order back to America and the world.

The global corruption and preying on Humans will end. Stay calm, do what you can to protect you and your family and “trust the plan”. That’s all they ask.

It’s difficult enough to interpret what is happening day to day in the physical so I’m not going to speculate about what’s going on in other realms. What needs to happen is happening. Our ascension to the next density, the New Earth and our Golden Age is taking place albeit in an inorganic fashion. We have multitudes of assistance from warriors we don’t see.

The information we get is what they trust us with at any given moment. It will have to be enough. Our faith will have to be enough. The Light will win the war, and they need us to hold the space for those who have no idea what’s going on. They believe what they see and hear, and that is the function of the media. To deceive.

Yes, the globalists are traitors and worse and the legacy media are their minions.

The ruthless, barbaric nature of the creatures who have been running the world was never more apparent than in the treatment of children by the medical industrial complex. The increasing number of vaccines should astound and awaken parents to the plot yet they sleep on.

Those in denial or those who believe that doctors are gods must open their minds to the reality that we have been test subjects and lab creatures set up for extermination.

The controllers sprayed us like roaches, injected toxic substances, embalmed our food and water with highly poisonous compounds and let children die in their cribs or left them unable to walk—without batting an eye.

In fact, they clap each other on the back and exalt each other for a job well done. Such selfless benefactors. Give them an award.

Be sure to watch Part 2 of this shocking discussion with Ben Swann and Plandemic II: InDoctorNation producer Mikki Willis. Those who have brutalized Humanity are going to pay the price for their cruelty but first we, Humanity, have to grow a backbone and stand up for those unable to protect themselves.

They know exactly what they did, and scrubbed the Internet so the evidence wasn’t available to those searching for it.

Justice for all! Leniency is lost on psychopaths.

Did the Gates Foundation Actually Sterilize Hundreds of Thousands of  Young Girls in India?

Here’s an update from Hawai’i. They do the same in Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen and enter Canada from outside you have to download an app, register with the government, and they literally phone you to verify you are where you stated you would quarantine—this despite the CDC stating that the 14-day quarantine for international travelers is no longer recommended by the “experts”.

This process goes only one way, folks. It’s a ratchet. Once you agree to go down that road, the tyrants won’t reverse it. You’re locked in and riding a one way train to oblivion.

That’s why we have to resort to lawsuits and the Common Law Court to deal with these tyrants and their attack dogs.

Hawaii sends out agents to check on quarantined visitors. Arrested if not found in the room.
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— Anuenue (@twinkleblinc) September 6, 2020

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

4,000 Boats showed up! When patriots fight back they don’t use violence they show up for their love for God and America. @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #TrumpBoatParade2020

— Bluzy Blu (@BluBluzy) September 6, 2020

Tomorrow is the North Carolina Trump KAG “peaceful protest”. Watch the action as the venue fills, see the Trump lovers and the overflow crowd, hear it all without cutaways or criticism—or masks—on Right Side Broadcasting. You can feel the excitement and it’s almost like being there as Airforce One rolls up on the tarmac and America’s fearless leader disembarks and ascends the stage. So many happy people.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Winston-Salem, NC 9/8/20

What? The pandemic is fake? You can see a multitude of articles claiming hundreds of thousands of people died of COVID-19 . It’s not true. Almost no one died of the coronavirus; they died of other conditions. The threat is a figment of the media’s fear-inducing imagination and fake science with no basis in fact.

Alberta, Canada is on it!

Go Medicine Hat!!!!

— Terri (@terridahl05) September 6, 2020

After six months of hell, too many are frightfully compliant.

Federal Judge: ‘There Is NO Pandemic Exception To The Constitution’ – Then Why Are Americans Going Along With It?

Some people just have a way of cutting through the dross and reaching deep inside the psyche of the unsuspecting. This is one of those, in my opinion.

Monologue 2 (Full version)

The People of Belarus have backing from the EU and the general concensus is that Lukashenko stole the election. They’re calling for new elections.

Exclusive: EU to blacklist 31 Belarus senior officials over election, diplomats say

There’s a new Jeffrey Epstein documentary about to air.

The first two episodes of ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’ will air on OSN at 11pm on September 8 while the final two episodes are set to drop on September 15.

When it comes to the acts perpetrated by these creatures against children, the worst is yet to come.

The impact of the gruesome truth is diffused by images of grown women recounting their stories. These predators have no age limits and babies are their staple, while the little girls are their entertainment. The young women—underaged—are their sex toys. The victims tell the stories from the point of view of their youth, but few see them as they were when they were first victimized. The public is only getting a small portion of the story, but we have to start somewhere.

Inside the gripping new docuseries ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’

Many times we have shared the stories of holistic doctors who have died under suspicious circumstances over the past five years and there’s a new twist. Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Mercola’s wife, brings us this update on her blog. You can read about the 100+ doctors who have died in this article. Conspiracy theory? Hardly. Funny how all the “conspiracy theories” are proving to be reality.

Breaking: Holistic Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Another Holistic Doctor at His Office in the Middle of the Night

Since it is Labour Day, perhaps it is fitting we put some work into learning about reality. The one we can’t “see”. The Cat Report featured information recently for those who wish to explore a world we were never taught about in school. We understand Mystery Schools will be back, but in the mean time, we would benefit from at least dipping a toe into the unseen river of knowledge.

It can seem overwhelming to wrap one’s head around some of these concepts, such as those put forth by researchers like John Lamb Lash who suggests that we are actors in a dream, and challenges us to determine who is doing the dreaming. He tells us the evidence of the reality has nearly all be removed or corrupted, so it’s difficult to research “The Fallen Goddess”.

If you choose to venture down this path, visit the work of Tyla and Douglas Gabriel. As American Intelligence Media they bring the news, deep research, and perspective every day, but they reside at the opposite end of the spectrum in their “other life”. Would you like to know who is dreaming you? Your role in the dream?

It is difficult to entice people to venture down a road they don’t see as relevant. Perhaps you do.


I’ve an appointment so must leave it at that. Enjoy your long weekend.  ~ BP

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