BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA YMCA Dance Party ~ September 7, 2020

Editor’s Note: This is a great find from Starship Earth which I need to share with you as this is an example of how situations of angst can be “flipped” with the power of LOVE. Love you say? Yes…this IS the power of belief systems focusing on positive rather than negative which causes transcendence from violence into peace.

Perhaps it is time to find a way to “flip” negative factions in your life into positive. It’s all a matter of perspective, how you look at things. Husband yelling at you? Consider how much he cares about you to let you know…he cares enough to let you know, but still let boundaries for yourself.

Please consider your life and how you want this to BE, rearrange your perspective, and exist in…

Quantum Joy!


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


    1. I swear Cindy our telepathy is at work! I was thinking that just the other day as I thought I read recently about you being in the Mount Shasta (and thought at that time that we should connect) area but now I know you are further north which is great! So Interesting! I am in the Bay Area which is where they wanted me for this work on the blueprints but plan to be done hopefully by year end! My husband is finally retiring from the Army and will be home from Iraq around the end of the year (hopefully coinciding with the end of my work on the atomic blueprints). We want to start looking for a place to live in Northern California but I was not sure where to start! I would love to swing by for a visit just to meet up and check out the area as I have always loved Weed in particular! So can we plan a meet up for coffee or whatever once he gets home? He is a lightworker too and up on everything! He’s a wonderful guy and we are both just joy-filled and about to embark on our new adventure as we havent been married that long but it was arranged literally for us to meet as my reward for all my hard work the last 8 years! I will tell you the wild story! And here you are with an invitation lol! I love how this stuff works hahaha! Will keep in touch and thank you so much for the invite to meet up! That is a definate “yes” my friend! Love, Cheri Thank you and so appreciate having a lightworker friend in the neighborhood! We are all gonna start hooking up and starting our communities and projects together! Its gonna be interesting to see what transpires as our telepathy is already at work with those of us with matched vibrations! 😘


  1. Ah…it would BE so very nice to hook up with you!
    You may (or may not) know that Ed (my story with him matches yours with your husband!) is here with me and we would both consider meeting up with you to be a real honor! We came to this area since I Am a hospital traveler (Lab Director) who had an assignment in Yrecka which has since ended a bit sooner than expected as there were some mask issues. This decision was made even though I had a face shield ready to go! This abrupt end may go legal via ADA unless they pay the remainder of my contract…we’ll see!!
    So…we will remain here through Sept. 26, after which we will meander back to my home in NC (unless I get another assignment). We would just love to meet with you before Sept. 26 and are extremely flexible…we can go somewhere in the Bay area, or we would love to meet up with you here in Hornbrook, CA as we have a spare bedroom just for you! So there are many, many options!
    We just took a Labor Day trip over to see the redwoods at Crescent City and really, really liked that area, particularly around Klamouth. Then again, we wandered over to Brooking, OR and also loved that community. Again…lot’s of options as we experience how our New Earth evolves.
    So…let’s get our heads and hearts together and see how our meet up can happen. From my point of view…we are just to darn close to miss this opportunity to meet!
    Love you….Cindy Lou (just sayin…) 🙂


    1. Hey beautiful! I just wrote you an email because you know me I have a thousand words to express myself lol! I am just thrilled to hear that you and Ed are together wow! We are synchronizing mightily now! Thank you for your lovely note! Love you both so much! 😘


  2. Hey Cheri…this IS our moment of NOW where we all join (twins particularly) to help raise the level of frequency for the human collective consciousness allowing the emergence for a New Human housed in a New Earth. How totally awesome to BE here right NOW on Earth. Love you and your work here as all work together to cause this to happen! Just sayin…:)

    Much Love…



    1. Yes! What a glorious team omg! I just loved seeing you two together! Thank you! It made my day! Let me think about the timing of a meet up over the next week or so but yes let’s do it before you go back home! Maybe it’s just as simple as you two coming to my apartment for a few hours! I am so proud of you both! What an amazing frequency you hold together wow!! I will write you more later in email! I still have the song Ed wrote for me! There is a future sitting here around us as I feel this strongly it’s just a matter of time to manifest it but if you two leave temporarily you may head west again once everything settles! Love you both! 😘


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