September 5, 2020: Justice Rising | Facing the Hard Truths [videos] ~ posted September 7, 2020

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture   September 5, 2020

September is sure to be a BIG month for many reasons, so be prepared. Make sure you’re ready for anything. The Truth is spilling out and there’s no stuffing it back in the bottle. The “elite” who have been running the world embody evil like Humans have never imagined.

The crew tells us the tyranny is ramping up in Germany, possibly to bring the People to heel after over a million protested in Berlin last weekend.

In the city of Munich in Germany the Tyrant Gov. of Bavaria ordered 20 people who tested pos. CV into forced quarantine. They have been put into a Hotel and are beeing guarded by police 24/7 for 2 weeks. I bet they will get the bill for all coasts. On top of that the fine is 2.000 Euros each.

Something else the crew wanted to bring to our attention… look at the encampment at the beginning of this video in Portland, OR. They definitely bring in their Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA terrorists from outside the cities where riots are staged.

And, yes, we are aware that the authorities in some of the worst democrat-run cities have been releasing criminals back onto the streets where at least some of them murder innocent people. They’re mind-controlled assassins, folks. Pure and simple. Programmed bots without conscience or morals. Stay away from these places.

Something strange about the timing of the “mugshot banning”

There’s also 9/11 to deal with this month. The People are no longer accepting the silence about what happened that day 19 years ago. The Truth must be told.

Sean at the SGT Report brings us the video update below from Richard Gage and the team at Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth.  As discussed here previously, one British family is holding a coroner’s inquest as a result of losing a member—Jeff Campbell—to the 9/11 false flag terrorism.

You may also take in a different interview with James Corbett and Richard Gagewhich reveals information about the events at the World Trade Center where THREE skyscrapers came down in different ways—which many people are still unaware of thanks to the lying, treasonous turds in the media and complicit governments.

They don’t even get into the missile fired at the Pentagon that day—which many people are also unaware of. That’s right. No plane there, either. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch obtained similar to the capture below as a result of their FOIA request and released it not long ago. It’s fact—9/11 was an inside job, and they pulled it off with a little help from their friends.


The evidence does not support the story the media has told, and the truth is going to come out publicly in a big way so Humanity cannot ignore it and it can never happen again. Americans no longer have the luxury of saying, “They would never do that.” They would, and they did, and they will keep doing it until they’re removed.

There’s a long list of resources at the Corbett Report website, as well, and if you would like to contribute to the lawsuit the Campbell family is conducting to get to the bottom of the death of their son, you can do so. Also Learn about AE911 Truthvirtual Justice Rising Conference from September 11th – 13th, 2020.

The coverup is about to end, because the People have put their big boy pants on and are realizing that what they should fear most is tyranny. No other boogeyman is valid. There were many reasons for perpetrating this cruel event, as there always are in globalist terrorism hoaxes.

The smoke and mirrors didn’t fool everyone, however, and soon the world will know the whole truth. We can watch the three day Justice Rising event online and hopefully the psychopaths will not be censoring the material.

A Tailor-Made Opportunity to Get the 9/11 Evidence into Court: Help This Family Obtain a New Inquest into the Death of Their Son

THE TRUTH SHALL BE REVEALED — Richard Gage & Matt Campbell

The tyranny IS mounting folks—because for decades we turned away and did nothing about it. We’re now paying for our apathy. Listen to this brief audio of the police harassing an Australian journalist in the middle of the night for covering an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne. There’s a link to a petition you can sign to stand in solidarity, as well as more information about the arrest.

The other appalling reality the public will have to come to terms with is the global child trafficking. Simon Parkes shared these links on his blog and I don’t believe it’s a typo stating that the youngest child secured was fifteen WEEKS old. These news updates don’t begin to tell the whole story. That will come later.

We’re seeing a lot of reports like this since the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffery Epstein’s cohort.

Eleven men arrested over suspected sex abuse ring in Western Australia

Not everyone is aware, but many are, and growing.

More than once we have shared the testimony of two children in the UK who provided explicit details about their experiences in Hampstead schools and churches to the authorities on video. They spoke of chopping babies heads off and drinking their blood. They told us their father and teachers and others in the community “did sex to us”. The adults danced with baby skulls in secret rooms, and the children told us that all the schools in Hampstead engaged in similar activities.

Wednesdays were a big celebration and many people came to the school/church to engage. One child left the school when her parents moved to Salisbury. That’s the only way to escape it.

Suddenly, there was a retraction, and they wanted us to believe the children had made it all up. Every minute detail—some of which the elder child, Alyssa, drew for the police on paper. Sorry, but once these truths are known, we can’t un-know them. They can never be unsaid or denied.

In this video below we have 2.5 hours of testimony from the children that is difficult to believe for Human Beings, but we know from

many other sources what the satanic pedophiles and pedovores do to children and even adults. They sacrifice Humans to their god.

What strikes us early on is the ease with which the children speak of these things. They’re completely desensitized to what took place; their innocence forever lost.

If you turn away and refuse to acknowledge this happened—and similar is unfolding around the world—you are part of the problem. To deny it is akin to aiding and abetting. It suggests it’s alright for it to continue. That’s why it has. It was such a gargantuan problem that only a cooperative effort in every country could address it. That is what is now happening. Task forces all over the world are working together to free children bred and kept in cages in underground tunnels. What has transpired on this planet is beyond anything in the most perverse X-rated fright night movie.

These amoral satanists also groom their own children and offer them to the community for their perverse predatory satisfaction. Of course they hide it from the public. Members of the police and government are in on it and see to it that it never comes to light.

But it did, and nothing can stop what is coming. The world is going to have to acknowledge pure evil.

The Belarusions are protesting the government again today in Minsk. They want Lukashenko removed. RUPTLY shows the live action.

And again… or still…

LIVE: Protests continue in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem

There’s a protest at Dover, UK over boatloads of migrants entering the country. Video at that link. There’s a ton of police there.

Up to 90% of people who test positive for Covid barely carry any virus & are not contagious. Every stat about the disease is bogus

The coronavirus BS continues down under. This fellow explains “the plan” by the establishment for October and beyond. His Facebook account where he posted the guidelines is here.


I forgot it is Labour Day weekend and the MAGADRAG THE INTERSTATE event is on where patriots for Trump are encouraged to hop on their wheels and drive their local Interstate highway with flags, signs, and cheers to show their support for the MAGA Movement. They want all the patriots loud and proud.

MAGA Drag the Interstate is on nationwide – Silent Majority is not silent anymore

Ben Swann brings us the latest research on the scamdemic from Dr. David Martin. Fascinating. The manipulation of pathogens decades ago, and the grants to do the research. If you’re not aware, the globalists have been dumping pathogens on us for a very long time. They believe we are their guinea pigs and that they are fully empowered to use us that way without our knowledge.

Full Report: C0VlD is Product of Man-Made Manipulation

How is this possible?

Fitting right in with my “pure evil” theme, we have the X22 Spotlight bringing us solid information from a brilliant guy, Cyrus Parsa, who tells us why the Chinese Communist Party is such a lethal threat  to Humanity which must be challenged and eliminated.

Dark Forces Infiltrated The US By Blackmailing Those At The Top,Their Plan Is Pure Evil : Cyrus Parsa

We have chaos and violence in Rochester, NY now, too.

That’s a wrap. Enjoy your weekend.  ~ BP

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