The Late Edition for August 10, 2020: The World is Awake and Not Happy [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture   August 10, 2020

What’s happening in the Middle East? Wow…

It looks like the people of Lebannon arrived at the precipice

We’re on high alert indeed, and for good reason.

Trump was rushed from the briefing room by Secret Service after a shooting outside of the White House

Trump Rushed Off Conference Podium by Secret Service After Shots Fired at Suspect Near White House

More fires… a hot month and only 10 days in. Now Birmingham, UK, as well. Accidents? I don’t think so. Are they going to give California a break this year?

A distinct symbol called to me in a crop circle yesterday and today the same image came up on The CAT Report. Coincidence?

SCOTUS John Roberts visiting the Knights of Malta? We knew he was compromised long ago. Whose dime is he travelling on to scheme behind our backs?

And since we’re talking about crop circles and below, the ‘rona virus’… isn’t this smashing? What is it telling us about the virus/bacteria, do you think? I’ve not seen it quite like this in any renderings of a rona virus before. It reminds me of a flower from Star Trek that belches spores which act like “happy dust”.

Crop circle, France, July 5, 2020

Why won’t the El-ites get a vaccination? Why the subterfuge?

Ben Swann reveals some information concerning vaccines and the globalists’ plan for us to take their designer inocculation for this year’s special 2020 version of the coronavirus.

Scott Mowry has been assured by the US Military that they have been tasked with inspecting and verifying all medical products entering the United States for safety, and I believe that to be the case. Any vaccines offered will probably be safe, but we will individually be able to choose whether to get a vaccination or not. Since none have been proven as far as I know to prevent any disease, why do it? Our bodies will do the job for us.

With the previously suppressed technologies coming out to heal us from DNA on up to limb regrowth, I don’t believe we need be too concerned about protecting ourselves from disease, anyway. We will soon all be healthier than we’ve ever been.

Yale Study To Manipulate Americans Into Taking C0VlD Vaccine

And for those who refuse to get the jab…?  Check out the map in this Tweet.

They’re trying desperately to make being a Human AI receptor a positive thing. I guess if you don’t mind being part machine… (cyborg)

Google Developing Tattoos That Turn Skin Into Touchpad; Researchers Developing Skin-drawn Monitor

Are we awake yet?  This is really hard to take.

I think you’ll want to hear what David Icke has to say about what’s been unfolding this year. Ten minutes.

That’s enough for now. What a news day! Smiles everyone…  ~ BP

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4 thoughts on “The Late Edition for August 10, 2020: The World is Awake and Not Happy [videos]”

  1.  Doris says:Great interview by Laura-Lynn and Rocco Galati ( starts at the 58 min mark ), Aug 10, about ‘Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court’
    Also check out Vaccine Choice Canada: you and enjoy your popcorn 😉Reply
  2.  Doro Pollex Twitter doro@2MGroundHogDays says:Wild Bill Donovan looks similar to Lawrence O’Donnell. Are all CIA assets children/grandchildren Mockingbird news readers (Mike/Chris Wallace, etc).
    BTW, a great get-together “Nationwide MAGA Drag the Interstate Sept. 5 Car Rally” details: @GhoSTorM143Reply
  3.  Dude Ranch says:WOW. Colorado town runs ANTIFA out of town Wild Wild West Style.
    Wild West Hero
  4.  tricolorro1 says:Before the 2016 Election, David Icke was very Anti-Trump. I don’t know if that has changed.Reply

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