Headlines and Updates for August 11, 2020: Counting Down; D Minus 80 to V-Day [videos] ~ August 11, 2020

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture   August 11, 2020

We were warned that August was going to amp up the drama even further, and the CuteTeam told us it would be a hot spring/summer. Now we’re learning just how hot. It might be a hot autumn, as well—and 80 days to go until the US election.

This updates us on the shooting that took President Trump off the podium briefly just after he began his presser.

Update: Secret Service Officer Also Transported to Local Hospital After Shooting Outside White House

The shameless censorship continues—which reminds me, if we are unable to publish here for any reason you can find us at our satellite site, The Captain’s Blogwhere we publish occasionally as time allows. It’s a WordPress blog so you can subscribe or see our posts in your Reader if you have a free WordPress account. On Twitter I hang out here. Same handle on Parler but I won’t be there unless I can’t be elsewhere.

DOJ Lawyers Hint At Explosive New Evidence That Led Barr To Drop Charges Against Michael Flynn

Uncle Rob has been activated and has created a Tweet-storm of his own. With only 750 well-placed remarks he’s up to 63.5K following—and growing fast. He’s playing on his own chess board and he’s decimating the opposition with fact, fallacy, and FEAR.

He has asked, “Where’s Hunter?

He mentions Junior a lot, too. John will add a lot of critical information to the narrative with massive credibility. If folks don’t like Trump—fine. If Junior tells them something—they’ll believe it = total Trump edification.

With the emergence of JFK Jr., the People will learn just how much the media lied to them. They will learn the Truth about why the cabal assassinated President Kennedy—and countless other people. With Junior activated, it’s over, folks. That Trump card will mean the end for the demonrats.

Never Trumpers will suddenly be New Trumpers and only a few serious cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome will remain. Nearly all of America will be behind the President other than a few mind-controlled morons—and that means that a greater chunk of the world will awaken and also be behind Trump and anyone working with him. Check and mate. TKO.

The demons won’t have a chance of surviving anywhere. They will be “the hunted”, cowering in their hidey holes. They will be prey.

The truth about the pedophilia and cannibalism will come out. We still have that 80 hours of looped Truth and corrected history to view at some point when the Earth Alliance decides it’s the right time to re-educate the masses via their tellies and electronic devices.

They will learn that our most precious and innocent souls have been tortured, cannibalized, monetized, and sacrificed. Millions of them. But not only children…

…and the sadistic, satanic perpetrators flaunted it in our faces every day, while we slept or ignored it.

There is good news in this video as well as bad. The military and Law Enforcement are rescuing children; some bound so tightly it cut off their circulation.

#saveourchildren is the phrase to use on Twitter.

When Children Cry 


Wow… public hangings, castration… the globalist demons must be quaking in their boots now.

The lying, treasonous lamestream media will continue to distract unsuspecting people from the biggest crimes of all. That’s their job. Deception.

Humanity is done with patience. Check out how the Welsh police handle unruly people. There are mind-controlled, programmed demons prowling our society and we all have the right to defend and protect ourselves—police included.

The People will continue to wake up this summer and fall. The protests in Montreal on Saturday were awesome. Listen to Lucie Laurier give a CBC interview. In French, with English subtitles. She lets them have it, right between the eyes. Did they air it? No idea. I think it was too much brutal truth for the corrupt and co-opted CBC that Trudeau bought.


There’s more from Montreal at Brasscheck TV. Interesting that the link to their “donate” page isn’t working.


We know the Rona Hoax is about enriching the El-ites, as well as advancing their tyrannical agenda to control Humanity. This story from the Toronto Sun reveals some of the fraudulent activity.

A Quebec contractor has failed to provide pandemic masks even though the federal government awarded the firm more than $380 million in contracts to provide them, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“To date the Public Health Agency has not received surgical masks from Medicom’s Canadian production facility,” said Natalie Mohamed, spokesperson for the health agency.

Company awarded $380M in contracts but fails to provide masks: Blacklock’s Reporter

Sweden and South Dakota showed us that following the unscientific and baseless “advice” of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and other clowns was NOT the way to handle the COVID Con job.

Why are they interviewing banksters for crying out loud? Who cares what a bank president thinks? Where’s the scientific evidence—in a Federal Reserve vault? Do they think we’re stupid?

For six months we’ve been dealing with this hoax, folks. Six months. What happened to “15 days and we’re done”? This does not qualify for pandemic status. It’s just a flu. They shut down the world for a flu.

Gov. Noem explains how South Dakota kept COVID cases low without locking down or taking the advice of the scamdemic  experts.

Bill Still brings us another report about the useless action of wearing masks in public from sources around the world.

Top European Doc Masks Don’t Work, 3173

As Dave at the X22 Report has stated, much of the “vaccine” talk for the coronavirus is about peace of mind for the population to relieve the fear. The Earth Alliance knew there was going to be a bioweapon attack. Maybe they began working on a vaccine long ago; or maybe it doesn’t even require a vaccine. I believe Putin is a good guy and would not allow anything to hurt his people, or any innocents.

My thoughts: a vaccine is supposed to be preventive. We already know Hydroxychloroquine is a preventive for CV-19, and possibly even cancer, so perhaps it involves that. Since HCQ has been used safely at low doses for 60 years or more, it wouldn’t require years of clinical trials to determine efficacy or safety.

Of course the New World Order aren’t going to be happy about Russia supplying this because they want to provide their own version of a vaccine they can patent and profit massively from—which will also introduce their demonic Hydrogel to our bodies so they can then patent US—Humanity. The ultimate in population control with everyone having a “serial number” or unique, indentifying DNA.

COVID-19: Health Experts Skeptical Of Russia’s Vaccine Announcement

Here’s more on the troll doll situation from Really Graceful. The fact that parents and a petition got Hasbro to pull the sex grooming dolls from store shelves has now led to blaming—wait for it—Q and the Patriot Army. Uh-huh. The satanic El-ites sure spend a lot of time doing damage control these days, but few believe their lies. I’ve heard some suggest they will boycott Hasbro now. Things like this are not accidents.

The greedy globalists cultivated a population of “consumers”—and they got it. Now WE control them with our spending and withholding—as well as our voices.

Every Parent Should Know This is Happening

Don’t miss this vid from MrMBB. There are some gobsmacking captures here of clouds and things in clouds, if you get my drift. It’s probably the most astonishing and beautiful footage I’ve yet seen.

*EPIC SKIES* – Your World as You’ve Probably NEVER Seen it!

This one is for those under the impression we are alone in the Universe. He goes close up and slow so there’s no doubt what the NASA cameras are seeing.

Long Interstellar Spacecraft Spotted Flying Behind Sun in Solar System – “Real McCoy”

If you would like to take positive action to support the movement, you may want to see these two petitions regarding COVID-19.

Sign petition to have HCQ available to all Americans by E.O. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/peti…Sign petition to have Dr Zelenko’s COVID-19 protocol implemented https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/peti…Thanks to the crew for the news and feedback. I hope you have found safe harbour to weather the storm. It’s going to get even more thrilling.  ~ BP

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