Headlines and Updates for August 10, 2020: Something Big? And Loud? and Life-Changing? [videos] ~ August 10, 2020

The world is rocking with unprecedented events, sights, sounds, and vibrations. Anyone who can stay asleep throughout this period will probably never wake up.

Censorship has reached shocking levels in many countries as we watch free speech dwindle to a trickle thanks to tyrannical regimes and monopolistic tech companies controlled by the satanic globalists.

When you learn that Teespring.com has banned the sale of products bearing WWG1WGA, you know it has reached a critical point.

Hong Kong is a different place than it was as a separate colony.

Hong Kong police arrested Lai on Monday morning, an aide to the businessman said, in the highest-profile detention under the new law since it took effect on June 30. Lai, 71, is an outspoken pro-democracy figure who regularly criticizes China’s authoritarian rule and Hong Kong’s government.

Hong Kong newspaper raided, tycoon detained under new law

Now for the good news:

Now we just need to see EVERY [DS] Luciferian puppet here in the US do the same… but I would settle for EVERY Demoncrat resigning in the mean time.

And to think… all it took was a boom. https://t.co/02H9aupKp3

— BardsFM 🇺🇸 (@BardsFM) August 10, 2020

Lebanon’s ENTIRE government resigns over Beirut mega-blast amid corruption scandal

Just a point of interest…

Curiosity got the better of me. When I clicked through, the majority were vastly in favour. The answer might indicate who the majority is… but who trusts polls? When they share the results, they can say anything.

POLL: Would you patronize a business that doesn’t require mask wearing? https://t.co/WDpWZsCCqG

— sally (@sallyKP) August 9, 2020

Whats In The Containers? Military On The Move On I-81 In Tennessee

What was going on in Melbourne? Tunnels being exploded? Listen to this. Unbelievable.

Tunnels being exploded in MELB??? 💥💥💥
I screen recorded this video from a group I’m in.

“Melbourne Australia last night…we are under curfew and extreme lock down restrictions…never ever has happened in Australia history…as this was last night…wtf…?” pic.twitter.com/FCiWYqqsqX

— Johnny Gemini (@johnny_maistre) August 10, 2020

In case you missed it… yes, there were tunnels discovered in Beirut. There are tunnels all over the planet, including under the oceans.

Skynews and Sputnik say “a labyrinth network of tunnels” discovered at the #BeirutPort may extend under the city all the way to the southern suburb. Does Hezbollah occupy an “underground Beirut?” https://t.co/PzpLBpUtvx

— Walid Phares (@WalidPhares) August 9, 2020

What’s up in Baltimore? Look at this rubble where homes once stood. Some are saying it’s a gas explosion.

How many more explosions can we expect? This is unprecedented globally this past week.


There will never be peace on this planet while these psychopaths and their minions roam free.

Thank you for this … what is source of the video? News organization, military leak? Just want to validate time and place ….. https://t.co/xRWtFVIGSU

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) August 9, 2020

This is another excellent update from Dave, touching on important things we may have missed, or didn’t understand the significance. For example, as Kew has said many times, “Watch the water.” Now look at the Trump boat rallies the silent majority have scheduled all over America this summer.

Marker, Watch The Water, Elections Secured, [DS] Plan Failed – Episode 2245b

Judicial Watch released 80 pages of new emails recently found by the FBI that further document how former SecState #HillaryClinton used her unsecure, non-government email to transmit classified and other sensitive government information.
Read: https://t.co/uwxP1cKkfV

— Judicial Watch 🔎 (@JudicialWatch) August 10, 2020

Branson apparently was turned down for the stimulus money he wanted to keep his company afloat. Sorry—billionaires don’t qualify. Did Virgin Airlines fly anyone to Pedo Island? His own Nekker Island was a close neighbour. If so, we should seize his ass[ets]. Maybe that’s why they’re bankrupt and this is a cover story.

President Trump’s Executive Order in effect?
Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic files for bankruptcy https://t.co/uvHSOpLEay

— Qanuck (@TrueQanuck11) August 9, 2020

This German blog belonging to a Kew patriot has some startling documentation posted from CYM. with the following notes. Translated, it reads…

… I have received documents regarding children as well as regarding the harvest of Adrenochrome AND NO ONE IS INTERESTED ???? WHAT’S THE SHIT ??????? I tweeted via Twitter and directly to Potus, Gen.Flynn and the DOJ, an email to the WH, to the US Armed Forces / Criminal Investigation, Chr. Quade, X22report, BUT NO ONE IS INTERESTED ???? I have 30 pages within pdf, the main part is kept anonymous … I don’t think I am reading / judging the documents wrong, but see for yourself …. Update 4:35 p.m.: Pdf sent to US and Russian embassies!

Looking at the ages of the people on this “Inmate Report” (which is in English) and the other column headers, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination—and their letterhead?! Clearly only meant for the eyes of insiders. The CYM. Corp. (Special Interest Division) apparently offer “youth” to their customers. Look at the pricing on the letter and notation about “suicide attempts”.

Customer Locations appear to be at least some military bases—Guantanamo Bay, Fort K…., Arlington… WTH? And “disposal” dates?

Read more here…

Is this related to the CYM charity “Caring for Young Minds”? This looks like a job for Amazing Polly.

Assuming the recipients named even received the communication alert and it wasn’t intercepted, perhaps they didn’t want to endanger anyone by openly communicating about it. People who deal with this subject matter need to be careful. We know massive efforts are underway to save the children and the Patriots know who did what, all of it.

Teams of people such as the one Agent Margaritaville has been involved with are seeking out these slavers and profiteers who prey on and monetize our children. It looks like Agent M’s Youtube channel is gone, but there’s this which appears to be a backup.

The video below is indicative of the treatment of children at the hands of these psychopaths. Warning: graphic. Sound is just as bad as the John Podesta video demanding the child call him “Daddy”. What will it take to get the rest of the world to acknowledge this and stop it?

Thankfully, passersby witnessed this inhuman behaviour and put a stop to it. See the comments for more information.


Dont report the video because then we cannot retweet it to find the monster. If you can’t handle it, dont watch. We will punish this man the exact same way!

Who is he?! Someone give me his name and city! https://t.co/IXgZhuIwaT

— John Titor (@JohnTitor33621) August 10, 2020

After the 5 minute mark, Linda Paris gets into the Human warehouse revealed in the video that came out last year. Good Dog shared it in one of his presentations and it is grotesque, but if you don’t believe Humans are food, you should listen to this. As he pointed out, the eyes are always missing and we understand they are considered “delicacies”. Clones? Human Beings?

We’re not talking an occasional murder, folks. This is mass harvesting of Humans for organs and other purposes. Many believe Human meat is a staple in our food chain. DNA tests have confirmed it does happen; we just don’t know how much. When we hear of a meat packing facility being shut down “due to Coronavirus”… it could be because they were engaging in crimes against Humanity.


Uncle Rob’s Twitter feed reads like a trashy Washington tabloid. The sad thing is, most of it’s probably true.

Do you ever wonder why so many of the names of the “characters” in the movie are so… apropos? Weiner… Trump… Barr… Durham… De Generes … Occasio Cortes… or why men are women and women are men… it’s truly an insane world and difficult to take seriously sometimes.

Anthony Weiner’s laptop is equivalent to the modern-day “national treasure”.

— Robert Trump (@UncleRobTrump) August 9, 2020

And there’s this…

Just spoke on the telephone with my brother. He is doing GREAT!

— Robert Trump (@UncleRobTrump) August 9, 2020

And We Know brings us another outstanding update on the insane news.

8.10.20: It’s GO TIME! Time to RIGHT the [DS] WRONGS!

The Great Awakening is finally happening in America. Pockets of Light are breaking through. California launched into action again this weekend.

WATCH: Hundreds March Through West Hollywood During ‘Rescue America’ Rally

The satanic psyop called COVID-19 is not based on science. It’s based on fear and disinformation. The Kung Flu is a huge hoax.

Unfortunately, the fact that we know the truth doesn’t erase the fear the rest of the world is feeling. The Plan appears to be calling for a continuation of the plandemic for the purposes of awakening the masses so we will have to be patient as we await the day when the red alert is officially called off.

Bulgarian Pathology Association Says COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless

Epidemiologists say Face Masks do not Prevent Spread of Disease

The Chinese Coronavirus: Fact and Fiction: What we do know—it was no accident

China Stands Accused of Manufacturing the COVID-19 Virus

Scott Mowry posed an interesting question on his call last night—after we dealt with all the nonsense and getting shunted off the call and Scott finally calling back in on his phone…

He asked, “What if the Patriots are in control of the Democrat Party?” Personally I believe they scripted everything and are in far more control than we’re led to believe. There are just too many coincidences and theatrical aspects to this “liberation”.

Remember what POTUS said https://t.co/Ow3zQiLfl9

— CJTRUTH⭐⭐⭐ (@cjtruth) August 10, 2020

Because we have so many brilliant, open-minded, educated subscribers and truth seekers here on the ship… a gift to ponder.

Finally, someone else who gets it.
(And explains it way better that I do!) https://t.co/WnH8gwteR8

— Randy Maugans (@RandyMaugans) August 10, 2020

Signing off for now, folks. Shields up!  ~ BP

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