A Journey of Courage ~ July 16, 2020

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Tomorrow 16 July, Venus/ Inanna begins her Journey of descent in alignment with the ancient Sumerian / Babylonian goddess myth of Venus / Inanna’s Journey of death, Renewal and Empowerment. It’s a story of duality , light meeting shadow, and it so happens that Venus is currently embodying the archetype of The Gemini Metagoddess….The twins…the same cycle that was present during 2012 gateway of ushering in a brand new timeline of sowing the seeds of awakening of the divine feminine (maiden aspect). This time around we enter the second aspect of the trinity, The Creation aspect of the mother.

The Gemini Aspect has a myriad shades to it…like the rainbow …as i have described earlier  Iris the rainbow Goddess, Ixchel The Mayan Triple Goddess of Rainbow Light, the shapeshifter, medicine woman, and Athena The Warrior Goddess . In fact for the ancient Mayans , Venus was the revered deity representative of the Energy of the enlightened ones…The Ones with The Rainbow lightbody (Christ / Buddha / Quetzalcoatl-The Plumed Serpent ) .
Hence to say that The Gemini Archetype is The Mother of all Venus Archetypes would not be wrong….

And tomorrow Venus, who is closest to Earth right now and also at her brightest will begin her Descent journey into the underworld. Physically we will see her lower in the sky and steadily lose her brightness at each of the 7-8 gates every month. The gateways where she meets the waning/balsamic moon in the morning sky which corresponds to the Sumerian Myth where she passes through 7 Gateways of the underworld on her journey to meet her Twin / dark /shadow sister. The Balsamic moon is the final stage of the Old moon representative of Release and letting go and gathering the courage to enter the void/ darkness/subconscious.

At each Gateway Inanna/ Queen of heaven and Earth will be required to give up a vestment (garment or jewellery) which is symbolic of her giving up /releasing a symbol of her Power/ Ego/ Identity/ sense of entitlement/ status. As we journey with her ,we too delve into our deep subconscious and acquiescent to Release and Let go of our shadow aspects/ Ego constructs/ false beliefs , distorted thought processes and patterns/ masks..all that keeps us from aligning with our true authentic selves . We prepare ourselves to be stripped bare of all the layers of protection we place around us for the sake of survival !!!

It’s a Journey of Courage. Of Delving deep into the shadows and voids, of overcoming fear, of acceptance, of showing your real face to the world and owning it!!

It is a journey of CoCreation , of Death , Rebirth and Empowerment that comes with embracing/ acknowledging / accepting/ healing /integrating our shadow/false aspects.
Definitely not a Journey for the faint hearted…for this time the Gemini Metagoddess is in the TRINITY Avatar (Iris/Ixchel/Athena), Maiden,Mother/Queen and Warrior…
And did i mention that Aldebaran, Eye of illumination, star of AA Michael of Warrior Protection is throwing his weight behind Venus on this current journey….

So if you wish to undertake this journey along with the goddess, you begin by greeting her in the early morning sky (an hour before sunrise) as she meets the waning Moon (Aldebaran is close too) at the Gate of Authority at Crown Chakra. Here she gives up her Crown, the symbol of her power and Status of Queen of heaven and earth. Along with her ,we too begin a month long journey of releasing all ego /pride /attention seeking patterns and distortions that prevent us from meeting our Divine Goddess light, our connection to Pureness and light ,our Divine Spiritual self.

You may also sit in ceremony and decorate your altar with violet crystals and flowers associated with the Crown Chakra. You may place symbols associated with Iris, Ixchel ,Athena , Venus and Inanna. Since THE TRINITY Aspect is very evident in this Gemini Meta Goddess Archetype you may also place TRINITY Symbols at your altar.

As mentioned in an earlier post (Blue Rose-Legacy of Venus, link below) , this particular Venus Cycle is in a Union Gateway with Sirius , where again we zeroed in on the TRINITY aspect of BLue Ray+ Magenta Ray=> Violet Ray.

The Trinity Aspect is particularly central to the Ancient Divine Wisdom Aspect of Foundational Creation that Sentinels of The Goddess are in the Process of Bringing Back NOW into relevance via Remembrance…an aspect of The Feminine Wizard/ Ixchel, of Empowerment, of The RETURN OF THE GODDESS TO THE POWER PROCESS!!!!

Link To Venus Diaries https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/…/venus-inanna-diary…/

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Be Light ,InLight ,InGrace
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Gratitude To Artist Lisa Iris (Ixchel) and all other artists unknown. Please let me know if you know the artist credits

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