Headlines and Updates for Q’sDay June 30, 2020: New Q & The Wool Over the Sheep’s Eyes [videos] ~ June 30, 2020

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It seems that rather than pulling the wool over the eyes of Humanity, the dark cabal is pulling the mask over their eyes. It’s all about masking, isn’t it? Blind them with science. Deafen them with media lies. Beat them into submission by shaming them with their privilege that they don’t deserve—like walking freely in their community and breathing clean air is a privilege. Pretend you’re protecting everyone when you’re only protecting your Self and your interests.

The plandemic is partially about stealing freedom covertly under the guise of a global threat. They couldn’t pull off the fake alien invasion but they successfully used COVID-19 to incarcerate people in their own homes, away from family, away from sunlight and fresh air and things that bring them pleasure. It’s even worse in some places in Europe than in Canada or the US where they need a “hall pass” to leave their homes, like children.

Meanwhile, in America, massive protests and riots are the order of the day. No social distancing required.

They took away jobs and livelihoods and the ability to converse face to face. They blanketed the world in a fearsome pall of darkness and despair, telling us COVID will never go away and the world we see today is the new normal; it will never end—until they develop a vaccine and force us all to get the jab of death.

I don’t know about you, but I had the distinct feeling all along that China ensured CV19 arrived on American shores, despite what President Trump did or didn’t do to safeguard the nation from the infestation. So, yes, in Q’s words, a “special delivery” not a natural spread.

I believe they ensured it arrived in Italy and Iran, as well. Targeting. Isn’t that what bioweapons are for?4538

Is China Working on Starting Another Virus Pandemic (Swine Flu G4 EA H1N1)?

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 29 Jun 2020 – 2:07:26 PM https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53218704?
Another Chinese special delivery?

There’s very little we know for certain because deception is a part of war, but today’s Q drop reveals more. It expands on the President’s remarks about the national security situation preventing a further serious contamination from across the southern border. And hence the Florida/Texas/Arizona/Cali [sunbelt] initiatives just added?


They Sent Positive COVID-19 Patients from Mexico into California to Reignite the Virus (Wave 2)

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 30 Jun 2020 – 12:00:13 AM https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/07/us/coronavirus-border-mexico-california-el-centro.html
[camouflaged by protests_riots]
COVID-19[2] positive patients in MEXICO were quietly transferred [routed] to CA.
“The swelling numbers of COVID-19 patients entering the United States from Mexico comes as many parts of California have pushed down their infection rates, enables many counties to lift stay-at-home restrictions and reopen businesses.”
Next challenge: rise in cases [due to testing inc & MX>CA] but overall decrease in death rates [nursing home scandal in public domain _no longer viable option].

You don’t spend significant time and money researching and creating a bio terrorism tool if you’re just going to hope it spreads to enemy territory. You make sure it does. And as The Coverup of the Century revealed, they can also sequence the virus to be a threat to specific DNA—or ethnic genes. It’s bio-terrorism at its finest. Is that what happened? Did they target the Chinese people?

Is the public understanding it any better? These people are psychopaths. They feel they are superior and through their “royal bloodlines” have the right to eliminate any number of Humanity at will. They’ve killed billions of Humans over time and the COVID-19 bioweapon was meant to kill many more.

It seemed President Trump believed he had nipped the threat in the bud when he closed the country’s borders and ordered cruise ships to stay away, but it truly felt like a devastating move for him personally to make the decision to close the country down and take a giant hit to the economy he so masterfully built up despite all odds. The “experts” told him millions would die if he did not take the precautions they recommended, and he couldn’t take the chance that would happen.

If you watched that outstanding documentary I shared on Sunday about the Coverup of the Century you may have a sense for the intentional bio attack on America. Over 310K people viewed that in less than 24 hours and it was very well done.

The media continue to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public with endless fear porn from “murder hornets” to the Kung Flu global pandemic that they claimed will kill millions, and now they’ve found a new threat—even worse than Joe Biden for president.

The next porcine pandemic is probably stewing away in a beaker in Wuhan. Heavens to Pink Floyd.

We know what happened to the Chinese after they were all given mandatory vaccines last fall. Better run out and get your Remdesivir—if you dare.

Flu virus with ‘pandemic potential’ found in China

STUNNING: Fauci’s Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 per Treatment — China Company Linked to Soros Will Also Mass Produce the Drug

These creatures are despicable and believe it’s their right to profit from the murder of Sentient Beings. We happen to believe that Fauci has already been taken to task and is fulfilling his role according to the White Hat script. There is no other way we’d catch him doing this, below. I know I keep repeating but it’s indelibly etched in my mind anyway. I’ll never forget it. This guy will do whatever his new handlers tell him—or else. Let’s see him play the trained monkey and feel the PAIN. Disgusting POS.

This latest tack by governors may also be due to the fact that after July 3 the White Hats could be expecting a surge in violence and “false flag” events. The new directives are now in effect here in Arizona as of last night and include bars and gyms. The deep state plan on making everyone sick and unhealthy. I’ve been stocking up on supplies in case they make masks mandatory in public because I ain’t wearing one. I’ll stay home.

Governors rethink opening bars, restaurants amid spike in COVID-19 cases

These kind of attacks are not outside the realm of possibility, particularly for city dwellers.

St. Louis Lawyer: Protesters Smashed Gate, Threatened to Kill Us and Our Dog, Burn Down Our House

I don’t believe I’m going out on a limb to suggest Independence Day will probably be the most exciting, memorable—and disruptive—in history. Scott Mowry tells us there is something much bigger than the financial restructuring or JFK Jr.’s return that MAY be announced this weekend unless something prevents it—again. Clearly, the lunatic left don’t want this gig to go down. It will be a fabled weekend, if all goes well.

Dems say patriotic celebration at Mt. Rushmore is “glorifying white supremacy”

Since Trump will be addressing us on Friday, July 3rd as well as the 4th, it’s only a matter of a few days away, so buckle up. Get a little extra food socked away, meds, water, etc. in case you want to shelter in place. We hear the upcoming days will be incredibly exciting, and intense.

The National Guard is ample to deal with any threats but civilians need to stay out of the way if anything does go down in isolated places. We heard localized Martial Law might possibly be invoked in extreme cases; whatever it takes to maintain lawfulness and safety.

Further to the list of arrests and executions, I believe we had confirmation from POTUS that Creepy Joe has been assigned consequences.

Has anyone done the decode of this Tweet below from POTUS, with all the capital letters? I get 1753, which yields interesting possibilities in the Gematria calculator including “divine judgement”.

When you see the way some of the lunatic left behave, it’s a little scary to go out and declare your support for President Trump. They’re really unhinged and foul-mouthed, as evidenced by the video below. It feels like abject hatred with no middle ground. The polarization has set in and we’re all choosing sides which is necessary for us to move forward. Good or evil. Dark or Light. Our final destinations await.

Has Joe been executed? We know No Name took 2 bullets to the head for his execution. We know we have been seeing a clone for a long time now. 🤔 https://t.co/9GLeuYOEYs pic.twitter.com/EZ7MVceYby

🌺 Elizabeth 🌺 (@ElizabetCovfefe) June 29, 2020

They’re really going off the deep end on social media. Shameless!

Reddit bans 2,000 sites including the Donald, Twitch bans Trump for hate speech

It’s on! They said regardless of whether the Facebook page or the website came down, the event was on. Bikers for Trump—and possibly others—were going to Seattle. We’ll see what happens.

There’s A LOT of conservatives who are heading to Seattle for July 4th

Jon Rappaport reminds us that COVID-19 isn’t what they would like us to believe.  Do people wonder why they’re not sick and don’t know anyone who is sick? Social distancing, wearing masks, staying indoors, isolating the elderly… all designed to harm, not help. Recompense for this criminal behaviour will be impossible.

This is a must-read series, folks. As always, the corporate media is not forthcoming with the truth and does not encourage thought that might suggest criminal behaviour. It was all just a mistake; a chance happening from a freak of nature. The opposite of the truth. As the Coverup of the Century revealed, this strain of the virus does not exist in nature. It was built in a lab for this purpose.

[BREAKING—UPDATE: The New York Times (June 27) is reporting that 43 percent of all US COVID deaths are occurring in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities for the elderly. In at least 24 states, more than 50 percent of all COVID deaths are occurring in these facilities. The Times fails to mention deaths of the elderly at hospitals or, at home, cut off from family and friends. The situation is far worse than the Times makes it out to be.]

Continuing my series of articles on the killing of the elderly—which IS what “COVID” IS.

(This is part-3 in the series, “Killing Old People”. For part-2, click here.)

The medical establishment is facing the embarrassing and devastating fact that a huge percentage of so-called COVID deaths are occurring in nursing homes. The elderly are dying prematurely.

Death by killing old people, not COVID—the basic deception

We were supposed to visit my mother in Canada in August but with closed borders and a 14-day quarantine period in Canada I doubt that’s going to happen. It’s been almost 20 months since our last visit. She lives alone but has a good support group, thankfully.

Government plans to extend quarantine rules requiring self-isolation for travellers: federal official

President Trump is indeed the ONLY one in the way of the global El-ites destroying Humanity. Along with the US Military and other White Hats, of course.

Here’s a charming update from Virginia. What will the People do?

VA gov will forcefully put anti-gun laws in place, including confiscation

While you’re contemplating the astonishing crimes of the New World Order, remember the children. Is there anything darker than sex crimes against children?

There is, but we’re going to send it out under a separate post. Turkey has gone mainstream with child sex trafficking and adrenochrome. We have the translation to English.

Disney MK Ultra Programming The Dark Side of Disney Exposed!

The movie, or the “happenings” certainly feel real, don’t they, my friends?

It’s time for a run into town for supplies. Signing out for now.  ~ BP

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