Remembering the 144 Seed with the Sword of Unity ~ Kin 84: Yellow Rhythmic Seed ~ June 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: This is a very, very nice and instructive article announcing the birth of a new race here on Planet Earth (Tara/Era). Guidance is also revealed as to many other critical and important factors which are key to (re)membering our Unity and Creator Selves.

Please read this message, re-member Who You Are with your Magnificent Hearts, bursting with Quantum Love, and experiencing…

Quantum Joy!


We will hear the call as a collective to anchor our remembering into a new harmonic baseline for creation. These are the “seeds”, the “star lineages” coming online as STARSEEDS. Seeded all over planet Earth (Tara and her angelic body Era).

We have reached a threshold, a harmonic doorway of evolution and remembrance dear ones. The Diamond Light Collective is YOU, we are omnipresent collective or body of light taken into form and structure to meet you through colour, geometry, sound, and frequency.

In this codex or light code we are forming a bridge of communication or the beginnings of a SEED on your beloved planet. This seeding point does not have a specific date or time, this is a very human invention. The seeding activates as the collective light body of Earth and human body reaches a harmonic resonance.

You hear and receive this as the 144 collective calling or catalyzation.

You are formed in such a way as your physical body experiences the ripples of perceived separation, dis-empowerment and energy fluctuations which result in a loss system of energy. This is entropy based system and the constructions of this system on your planet are very complex and have unfolded for thousands of years in linear time.

The natural beginning of the infinite body of light or Diamond Light Body within the system of light called Earth brings a new beginning or seeding of a way that has little to no entropy of energy loss from its origin point (zero point). This is the beginning of total Sovereignty, Unity and symbiosis of your Divine Cosmo-Ecosystem al all levels.

You are in a sacred union with every particle in the Universal creation, in constant motion moving and dancing from un-creation, through the zero point and into creation. In the creation, you have been living in systems where energy is ‘lost’ or ‘leaked’ through various means – thoughts – emotions – actions and material designs of the world.

This sword is the beginning of YOUR eternal seed activating and being called in through your planet Earth. You move WITH the Earthbody and her multidimensional light grids. You move with the elements, and all life. You are ONE BODY and ONE HEART.

The 144 collective is a TEMPLE OF LIGHT held outside of TIME and SPACE – it is experienced in many ways and has landed most recently through ancient texts and evidenced through many of your ancient buildings and Earth mysteries. There are certain geometries that create limited and closed systems of creation held at a cellular level which have been lifted over the last linear years through NEW FREQUENCY HARMONICS, EARTH FREQUENCY SHIFT (Phase Shift) and the waking of your PRIMAL LIGHT LANGUAGES and HEART EXPRESSIONS.

This has caused a great Catalyst on Earth and you are now in that ‘time period’ where the transition is ‘quickening’ and more and more humans are awakening.

As there has been a POLARITY or DUALISTIC creation template on the planet Earth keeping the planet and it’s incarnates within fixed frequency bands this has created systems and constructs which mean that many are resisting, fighting, denying and hiding away as the two poles or magnetic charges are pulled out to their maximum. You have been feeling this and many times will have felt both extremely charged with energy pulses and also extremely drained as your body is adapting to new creating within these new “MAPS” while operating in the outgoing system.

We are expressing this is such a way as to introduce these concepts at all levels.

The Sword Of Unity is THAT remembering of the NEW HARMONCS, the harmonics are not NEW, they are natural and exist perpetually and infinitely as you describe and experience your Source or chosen God complexes. You experience this as embodied Love, Peace, Harmony, Bliss, Connection and a flow with the Universe. The One.

The One or Diamond Light Collective has many representations and communicates through many beings at this time, it is important to receive into your conciousness that YOU are also that.

The Sword is here as s catalyst and calling, to re-ignite this great Codex and Library – this eternal ARC of LIGHT into your field and assist in furnishing, its remembrance and communication.

When this ARC is illuminated – what has been described in ancient culture as the Grail, The Arc Of The Covenant, and also held in Egyptian and Antiquity as the Ankh – this is the Eternal Source, or Light Which Has No End.

It is no Holy Secret – it no Mystery or Magic. It is seeded WITHIN you, within your matter, within your cells, within your consciousness. Once it is fully ignited it means that YOUR consciousness cannot be levied, deviated or in polarity and you enter Unity.

The Sword Of Unity is a Key, a song, the whisper of great library and temple in many civilizations, in many realms, in many systems.

It is given through Amara with great love, and deep reverence for your journey to receive it. To arrive and you will experience it’s remembrance in your own unique way. Your sword might appear in dreams, in a multitude of bodies, and ways, as song, as poem, as nature communication, as felt sense, as prayer and invocation, in holy oils and waters, in fire and alchemy, in stillness of nothing.

It is your beginning, beloved Star Seed.

Your Pillar and Temple of Light.

Your human experience is the embodiment of the SEED, your Authentic Expression, your Presence and Awareness, your Self Accountability and responsibility. As your Divine birthright is unfolding you begin a new way as anointed ones, as ones who are stepping towards this new orientation of living in Brilliance and Embodiment of Diamond Logos.

YOU are the DIVINE FATHER, YOU are the DIVINE MOTHER of YOU, YOU are the CREATOR in every moment, as ONE field living and founding new structures, thoughts and embodiments of energy and frequency within the New Earth (Tara/Era) Template.

In this embodiment your Luminance is an Evolution of a species – new healthy vibrant living, enriched soils and natural forms, life as sacred, elements as sacred, co-creation and the landing in of advanced organic quantum field technology.

YOU as 144 as CALLED, you would not be reading this is you are not called – it is vibrating inside of you, singing, calling, whispering and you feel it when you meet your beloveds – your body knows – your Spirit knows.

There is NO ONE ROUTE, no SINGULAR methodology to land this signal in. The Sword Of Unity is one of the great keys, somewhat like the Emerald Tablets laid out in an ancient language so this codex will unfold. Here is the Gateway, or entry way for your Spirit to vibrate and remember. Connecting your Diamond heart IN, and releasing from the systems which have acted as a drain on your consciousness and physical manifestation for so long.

Arise dear one! Recall Yourself Home.

Every ONE is divinely expressed, every ONE is loved and BELOVED.

We are With YOU, WITHIN YOU, holding your hand, in every breath and heart beat, stroking your great wings and antenna to unfold and fly.

We meet you as the Golden Ones, The Angelics, Your Beloved Star Brothers, and Custodians of Code and Knowledge. We weave as Dragon, Element, Fairy, and Water Ones. We Sing your songs and hail your landing into a New Dawn of freedom.

the Diamond Light Collective
Transmitted through Amara

Beloved Blessings on this Solstice Gateway 2020
If you align with this anchoring please share this and shine the beloved light of this remembering far and wide.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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