Judith Kusel ~ June 18, 2020

I smile when I see that some are predicting the end of the world.

It is not the end of the world, but a brand new world which is already present in the 5D and higher, for those who can tune into it and live it!

The Ascension is deep within us – ourselves, and not outside of ourselves!

It is there in our deepest connection to our own soul and the Divine, and Divinty within us, as we choose to step ever higher in consciousness and into a much higher way of life and living.

So many of us, were called to leave our old lives behind, a few years ago, and now are ready and able to lead the rest of humanity through this all. We found that in losing everything, we gain everything and more – in ways which others who still live in the 3D reality cannot understand, nor see. Yet, we know this in our hearts, our minds, our souls and Being!

So many now are being shaken awake and are starting to find their old lives not fitting them anymore. This is exactly how it should be!
For the old 3D is busy disintegrating and being replaced with the 5D. The 5D is already present. It is not out there in the future: – it is here and letting it’s presence felt more and more.

When one fully embraces the 5D, there is balance and equilibrium within. One is not pulled in all directions anymore. One does not buy into the mass hysteria, and the mass consciousness, and whatever else is being churned up right now. One has risen above it all: the separation, the seeming divisions, the anger, the hatred, the fears, the hysteria, the ratrace and all which pertains of the 3D.

This is not to say that when you are in the 5D, you will not at times by drawn back into the 3D, but you will very soon feel not at home there anymore, and will almost instantly choose to do the inner releasing work, to seek out where the triggers lie, which pulled you back in, and then release it and resume your 5D life and knowing!
This an intense time of growing for all of humanity! Yes, you will change and are changing! I am too. It is all part of the growth process, the ascension into a much higher evolutionary way of life and living.

When you truly start taking responsibility for you own life, you own well being, your own state of consciousness, you will not allow anyone or anything to pull you back into the 3D. Indeed, you will find that as you rise, other souls are rising with you, and these are your new soul companions, your new family and your new friends. These are souls who now are finding each other, energetically, for they are on the same frequency band and they tune into each other – and thus are in unity for the New Rising, the New Beginning, the way of Life and Living!

Open your heart and soul – for the ascension goes through the open heart and through the Power of Love, and unity. For in truth we are all ONE, there is no separation.

There never was and never will be!

Judith Kusel

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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