Headlines and Updates for June 18, 2020: Prepare for the Onslaught [videos] ~ June 18, 2020

It was apropos for QAnon to leave us some crumbs on the 17th but it was so late in the day I didn’t have time to address it yesterday. I love the taunting the President is doing to the lunatic left.

This is the video Q points to; the interview with Sean Hannity and President Trump. When people ask, “Who you gonna call when you need protection?”, the answer is not “ghost busters”.

They also discuss the “mental alertness” of the absent Joe Biden. In the basement is an interesting hangout for Joe’s remains and other pressing topics.

Trump talks police reform amid national unrest on ‘Hannity’ | FULL INTERVIEW

This has to be a record. They started lining up on Monday for the Saturday rally. The Great Awakening. I’m going to make a day of it and watch on RSBN at 9 am my time when they start interviewing the patriots in the lineup. I can’t wait to see the crowds. This is the part of the “movie” I like. I may even make some popcorn. There’s some great video at this link.

Supporters Already Lining up for Trump’s Rally Two Days Out

There could be some disruptions, of course, in Tulsa. The demonrats wouldn’t let a great opportunity go to waste.

OK Guard to assist Tulsa police during Trump rally

The media and the demonrats are working overtime at shaping public opinion and destroying order in our society.

The press conference held yesterday by the family of Rayshard Brooks (watch below) was very slick and civilized, but ignores the facts—as usual.

According to the article below, Rayshard Brooks isn’t the lovely family man and upstanding citizen they would like us to believe. If he were, he wouldn’t have been used in that event. He was a disposable actor the deep state deep-sixed. It happens all the time. They have battalions of actors to draw from when they want to push an agenda and most of them are obtained from people thrown in jail or prison. They’re easily manipulated and mind controlled. Give them money, give them drugs, give them weapons and they’ll do whatever they want.

Brooks was expendible. Just the catalyst for the event. The restaurant was torched, and they were off and running. Now the police officer has been fired, and may be charged with manslaughter. No one is congratulating him for getting a repeat offender off the streets.

So from this press conference can we discern that because Raychard Brooks was black, married and had children, we’re supposed to ignore the fact that he was in a car while under the influence, was disrupting the flow of traffic and therefore the safety of Atlanta residents, resisted arrest, grabbed a policeman’s taser and ran away AND fired it at the police officer? Those details just evaporate because of the NWO commie agenda?

Where do laws figure into this? Where do any of the laws designed to protect society that we hire the police to uphold figure into this scenario? They just relegated them to the dust bin.

Dan Bongino was a New York cop.

Perhaps @FultonCountyDA needs to watch the video of the incident.@dbongino describes exactly what happened.
The jury is going to watch that and say “why are we here”


⭐⭐⭐The Sly SilverFox⭐⭐⭐ (@silver_fox9) June 18, 2020

Because this degenerate landed in the Wendy’s parking lot, a police officer—who attempted to be the social worker and reason with the inebriated Brooks—AND PERFORMED CPR—has had his career, and probably his life, ruined. Situations like this will definitely prevent—not only deter—sane men from entering the law enforcement profession. It will, however, open the doors for the fascist regime to hire their own White/Christian-hating murderers.

If you can watch what is unfolding on the streets of America and not realize that, then there’s a serious disconnect. A cognitive disorder. I believe they call it, “cognitive dissonance”.

Don’t be offended. It’s common these days; as catchy as the coronavirus. We’ve all been there.

In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance occurs when a person holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values; or participates in an action that goes against one of these three, and experiences psychological stress because of that. According to this theory, when two actions or ideas are not psychologically consistent with each other, people do all in their power to change them until they become consistent. The discomfort is triggered by the person’s belief clashing with new information perceived, wherein they try to find a way to resolve the contradiction to reduce their discomfort.

Do we believe what we’re told is happening, or what we can see with our own two eyes, and hear with our own ears? It’s time to start doubting authority—like the establishment media. They’re the reason we are where we are today. They created a false reality to hide what was really happening; the infiltration of the American (and Canadian and most other governments) with the global elites’ agents.

A reasonable person can see that if there’s no law and order, the last place you want to be is in related fields. If criminals can have a free-for-all on cops and not see consequences and the police are blamed for doing their jobs, that’s the end of society as we know it.

We’re just getting a taste of that in Seattle and Minneapolis. Just an appetizer, folks. If you can’t see the situation for what it is, perhaps you’ve over-indulged in the aperitifs.

Only lunatics want to remove our police officers. Some might say only lunatics would want to BE in law enforcement in times like these when they are being served poisoned food and drink, shot, and run over.

We are being forced to look at the big problems we have across the planet, and criminal justice reform is one of them. There is no room in society for criminals OR police brutality OR racism. OR LYING, TREASONOUS MEDIA.

Rayshard Brooks Had Criminal Past, Was Waiting for Probation

Tsk! Tsk! What were they thinking? The lunatic left are very handy with their labels. They label everyone and everything. They can make a saint sound like a bad thing.

Police officers in Illinois shown supporting QAnon conspiracy theory.https://t.co/RNTETjM8Hg

— Mark Pitcavage (@egavactip) June 15, 2020

This week another hit piece on Q came out, but it may do the left more harm than good. It’s a familiar tactic: head off the narrative at the pass and stop the public from getting the facts by seeding the subject with lies. Using the CIA’s 1960’s deterrent and linking the term “conspiracy theory”, they immediately cast doubt on QAnon.

Fortunately, no one believes the media much any more, and when the military and police and people all over the world are supporting Q, it’s a dead giveaway that it’s the real deal. This dufus in the 6-minute diatribe isn’t convincing.

He does, however, expose the earlier attempts by the deep state to discredit QAnon by putting nut bars out there such as at the Hoover Dam to suggest they were connected to Q. They were playing a role for money; like most actors.

And the mother from Colorado they claim kidnapped her children after being involved in a Q meeting… I was on a broadcast or two with a radio host and that mother, Cyndi Abcug, and it was Child Protective Services and the corrupt Colorado and Montana police and media who were involved in that charade.

The mother didn’t even know where her children were because they’d been kidnapped. She was one of many set up by the deep state child traffickers. All she did was attend a QAnon “meetup group” once to learn more about it. She was not a Q follower but they seized that opportunity to set her up and simultaneously discredit the Q team and President Trump’s movement.

The public are learning that they can’t believe what the media says. They have to do their own research—which is what QAnon has always said we must do. We have to base our beliefs on facts, not simple renderings/lies the media tells. That is their purpose; to establish the reality for gullible people. They are usually baseless; whereas facts matter more than anything else.

QAnon conspiracy theory enters politics: What to know

Fake CV pandemic? You bet your life it was fake.

WOW!!! 😮 #Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates pic.twitter.com/V698rTxxR3

— Alpha OmegaEnergy (@AOECOIN) June 16, 2020

Jim Stone commented on that news, and more.  I wish he were wrong, but he could be correct. Now that the revolution and New Federal State of China have been revealed, who knows what those psychopaths might do?

China is likely doing a secondary purge of dissidents

It won’t stop this time until about 100, 000, 000 are gone
LET’S FACE IT: Everyone knows Coronavirus was B.S., especially Bolsonaro who just busted the scam wide open, with the most notable event being an un-finished hospital claiming cash for caring for 5, 000 “coronavirus victims”, with THAT cash plus the construction cash going into a corrupted governor’s pocket. That’s what corona is made of, so why is it so devastating in China? ANSWER: It is not. It’s a ploy like Cuomo’s New York.

LET’S FACE IT: When Coronavirus failed, they immediately launched the BLM crap with a fake killing and Soros backed goons. WE ALL KNOW IT IS ALL PART OF A COMMUNIST ASSAULT, AND CHINA IS COMMUNIST. Why would China be honest about what they are really doing in the name of Corona? You can’t get away with storm troopers hauling people off en masse but put a mask and gumby suit on and VOILA! You can beat the living crap out of people stuffing them into a van, and onlookers will applaud.

China has a history of killing tens of millions to get communism in place. The same types are in charge now. We’re talking about a country that killed so many people off at birth that it screwed their demographics. These goons were losing control. They needed an excuse to purge dissidents and when Corona happened, they burned so damn many people it caused smog problems despite everything being shut down. REMEMBER THAT? Remember the huge environmental problems China suddenly had after everything was shut down, – a weird smoke no one ever saw before? It was acknowledged that it was crematoriums. But you don’t get that kind of pollution from burning 10, 000 people, millions? Yes.

There were all kinds of reports about portable crematoriums, but what if the story is bigger than even that? Who’s to say what happened to who when so many were welded into their apartments? They welded an enormous pile of people into their apartments. Remember that? Under those circumstances, who on earth would be out and about to notice trenches or mass burnings outside the city? They had the incinerators IN the cities, and crematoriums IN the city, but as many as there were, they would not cause a smog problem. Where T.H. did the smog problem come from with everything shut down?

If corona is fake everywhere else, – a point beyond easy to prove, what makes it real in China? More communism?

About the post down the page a ways about Bolsonaro busting the COVID scam wide open –

The claim is that he sent out people to forcibly enter hospitals that were reporting huge coronavirus deaths and huge numbers of patients and ALL WERE EMPTY. The linked video gets into corruption, and how one hospital that claimed to have 5, 000 coronavirus patients was not even built yet because the governor of the state it was in stole the construction money. Trolls have hopped onto this saying there’s nothing in the MSM and it is B.S., however, brazilians are posting to twitter saying it is in fact legit, that the bust was HUGE and happened all over the country. I am going with this story as 100 percent legit, Bolsonaro would be just the guy to do this.

Summary: Bolsonaro knew the corona stats were phony. He sent out a large number of government officials to force their way into the hospitals against the wishes of the hospital owners, and they discovered there was no corona, only hospital officials and state officials scamming money from Brazil’s government, times EVERY HOSPITAL AUDITED IN EVERY STATE and there were a LOT of them, this is apparently huge news in Brazil and the American MSM won’t touch it.

Look at all the very convenient headlines spewing about the coronavirus false flag. Who gives a crap what that globalist criminal Fauci says? He’s a liar.

> Tulsa County, Okla., reports highest number of new cases, just days before Trump’s rally

> Fauci says there may not be an NFL season this year 

> Science by press release? Doctors view promising steroid results with both excitement and skepticism 

> New study finds coronavirus antibodies may only last two months in people who don’t show symptoms 

Wow… fascinating stuff on Twitter. EyeTheSpy has been outed… again… and porn sites are being shared to out them. There’s really nowhere to hide from the NSA.

See hackerrogue is back using his original name eyethespy hello mark pic.twitter.com/Bf1rMZUiEP

— Johnthaw (@Johnthaw6) April 27, 2020

Billy Joyce, one of Canada’s “thinking men” did a livestream on Sunday that YouTube removed before I got a chance to watch, so I watched on Bitchute where he added it. It’s an excellent video on multiple topics, containing information the powers-that-were probably don’t want out there. Maybe it was the video clip at the 54 minute mark that struck fear into my heart for perhaps the first time. Feral animals. Demons, no question.

If the New World Order via the Democrats are allowed to gain control of America again, that kind of activity will be commonplace globally. Fortunately, there are far less of them than the control freaks would like us to believe and it is manageable at this time. It’s critical that this summer and fall, the bulk of Humanity wakes up to the truth and votes for President Trump and votes out as many Democrats as possible.

I thought Bitchute was a legit, patriot-friendly platform, however when I saw the following, I questioned that because I’ve never set a “sensitivity preference” or was asked to, and I had a helluva time finding this on Bitchute even when I put in the name BillyJoyce CanadasRedPill. All I got was mirrored videos. This is the link to the video. Good for you, Billy. Keep going and don’t let them shut you up.

OVER THE TARGET!! STREAMED LIVE JUNE 14 2020 on Youtube, removed 1 hr later!

Warning – This video exceeds your sensitivity preference!

This video has been marked as Not Safe For Life (NSFL).

It contains graphic content that most people will find upsetting, and it is recommended that you view with extreme caution.

To dismiss this warning and continue to watch the video please click on the button below.

Note – Autoplay has been disabled for this video.

You can watch it here… for now.

These are the show notes.

#GASLIGHTING by #MSM NOT WORKING ! #COV1D19 #GunBans #PitBullBans #BlackLivesMatter #ANTIFA

CANADA’S RED PILL – June 14th 2020 – #Gaslighting : What is it? How is it being used by the media? By our Politicians? They’ve been using it for 3 months on #COV1D19, but now they’re doing it all the time on many stories. In Nova Scotia, after using the #PortapiqueMassacre to take away the rights of gun owners and using this tragedy to impose a ban on hundreds of firearms, and turning law abiding citizens into criminals overnight, without Parliamentary approval…..well now it seems they want to take away another means of defending one’s property…. #Pitbulls . And #CTVNews #FakeNews Lisa Laflamme played along, as she always does. This story and everything else they covered this week, amounted to another seven days of #Projection and #Gaslighting by the #MainstreamMedia #FakeNews and it seems to be ramping up.

When #Russiagate failed, it was #ImpeachTrump, when that failed, it was #Covid19 , when that failed it was #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #ANTIFA riots and looting and while all this chaos unfolds in the #UnitedStates of #America , you’d swear it was happening in #Canada too because our media is playing along with the #RaceBaiting , pitting #Minorities in Canada against the police by any means necessary and making #WhiteLivesMatter something criminal, as though white lives do not matter. In Canada, #CTV anchor #LisaLaflamme gives Canadians their own taste of #Mockingbird media every single night, portraying America as divided and laying the blame solely on the shoulders of #POTUS #Trump . In America however, due to the #BLEXIT movement and brave young leaders like #CandaceOwens and #BrandonTatum , the #RaceWar #RaceRiots didn’t work quite so well and is backfiring, but now #ANTIFA and #BLM are occupying entire city-blocks…go figure. LOL

The media in #Canada portrays all things #Conservative as racist, bigoted and something that must be eradicated. They’ve gone so far as to severely edit police camera footage to push a narrative that the #RCMP were unfairly targeting #ChiefAllanAdam #ChiefAdam when a police officer tackled him in order to arrest him after he refused to cooperate during a traffic stop, instead screaming at and threatening the arresting officer. #Canadians are being convinced that they are racist, forgetting about the #UndergroundRailroad and the very multicultural society we’ve had here for centuries.

NEW Follow me on Bitchute here : https://www.bitchute.com/channel/X8oCMz3dT5xh/

We have earthquakes around New Zealand and I’m thinking underground bases. That is yet to be confirmed or not.

Strong M7.4 Earthquake, Swarm Strikes Off New Zealand’s North Island

We heard some interesting things related to the comms outage in the States the other day. The “death angel” angle is most intriguing. Perhaps you’ve heard related information but couldn’t connect the dots. These are fascinating times, and we know there is probably even more going on behind the scenes than the overwhelming events in our faces every day.

I found this interesting in light of the Tweet I shared recently saying that the “autonomous zone” in Seattle presented a unique situation in that supplies and communications could be cut off in a very specific geo-location. I’m wondering if this was an op to take out some dangerous agents that may have been planning a catastrophic event there. The White Hats are always watching and listening to keep us safe.

This article goes in a number of directions with interesting observations.

Scum Of Earth” Explosion And Deadly Chinese Clash Follow “Death Angel” Appearance In American Skies

Until the election, we will be on quite the roller coaster ride, so be prepared. A lot is happening and White Hats in every country are working together.

Interesting what can happen when The Judges are brought in to help bring down rats.

Official investigations start to happen in every Country.

DS agents have no where to run and no where to hide.



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