As the World Turns…George Floyd ~ June 5, 2020

Isn’t is amazing how hidden any “real” information regarding George Floyd actually is, even today al most two weeks “post mortem”. Various posts regarding his identity, background, work history, purported death, etc. are all unknown…regardless of what MSM would tell you. The picture above shows information regarding his unannounced porn work activity. Actually, his work history is not significant, other than reinforcing the reason for his nebulous background.

There is no doubt that the “official story” with George Floyd at it’s center, was designed to take down America via Soros financed Antifa and then portrayed to the public by it’s communication tool, MSM. Since the dark have been unable to remove Trump (using every means available to them), they have now decided to take out America instead which would send a message to the rest of the world.

So…it’s up to you to believe in the story about George Floyd which appeals to you most, although there is no escaping the fact for ambiguity in his “demise” is designed to be ignored by the public. Below are another set of facts gathered by Independant Journalist George Webb, which I bring to your attention.

Follow the facts your heart chooses, let this incident spark an internal Knowing for the Magnificent Love you Are, and the Be in…

Quantum Joy!


George Floyd was a hit job to protect a money laundering operation (FBI?) at El Nuevo Rodeo.

-Owned by Omar Investments (Muna Sabri)

-Relative Basim Sabri busted by FBI on 3 bribery counts in 2001.

-9/11/01 – Intel agencies scramble to monitor for domestic threats

-Creates asset point for US security to embed in Minneapolis to monitor Somalis

-El Nuevo Rodeo (restuarant/club) possibly involved in money laundering

-Derek Chauvin & George Floyd work together at club, Chauvin for 17 years, right after Sabri is busted by FBI.

-Fast forward 2020. Wuhan virus shuts down all restaurants/clubs in Minneapolis

-By default, shuts down illegal activity by legit operation.

-Resulting in any activity in laundering/counterfeit op deposits by club booker would be suspicious while business is closed

-Resulting in George Floyd being out of work. No work, no pay.

-Police called to Cup Foods where George Floyd reportedly passing fake [$20](

-Chauvin responds to call and executes hit on Floyd for potentially putting El Nuevo Rodeo operation at risk.

-Floyd resists getting into car where he knew he would disappear

-Chauvin kills Floyd in public, broad daylight, with multiple cameras capturing event.

-“EMT”s responding are Sherrif Dept, not medical, load body

-No charges filed in 2006 Chauvin shooting incident

-Possibly related, El Rodeo in Los Angeles is taken down as a drug-trafficking ring between US & Mex in 2015 by DEA

-Possible that El Rodeo NUEVO (New El Rodeo) takes over where ER LA left off for northern trade.

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