Mira of the Pleiades: All Have Chosen ~ June 5, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…this is yet a separate post from the Pleiadians (see another Pleiadian post from today here) which reinforces how the concept of Love for Self, will be the “game-changer” lesson to be learned. The circumstance of the world today are here to prompt this lesson which can be taught by Lightworkers IF the lesson is chosen (free will).

Please a stay true to the Magnificence of you Self, learn to Love yourself with Quantum Love, leaving you to in all ways BE in…

Quantum Joy!


When it comes to the ascension of people, it is actually more people who have chosen the light and that means they have chosen it unconsciously with the closure of the world. Many people have begun to question what the governing body is doing and in this way have awakened and chosen the light and it is something that has spread throughout the world. It’s amazing to see.

The pandemic will continue for a while and it is necessary to really make people feel what they want with their lives after this pandemic. Now they really have the opportunity to change their lives and start thinking about their forgotten wishes and dreams.

Very soon there will be a change in the world for all people. The strong energies that hit Earth in this event will all know the truth about themselves. Not everyone will be overly excited. This means that many people become very confused and cannot understand what is happening.

Nothing is alike and that means that reality has changed. It is a new time and a new world and now it is very important to be grounded and take advantage of nature by spending a lot of time in nature, ie connecting to nature to get healing and healing in the form of calm and less stress .

The people who have not woken up and have no idea what has happened to Earth and the Universe will be very scared, confused and angry. Then it is important that the light workers help these people with road and counseling. Those people are guided to the people who fit them for best results. Expect a lot of people to come. There are many who want your help. Like many in the Universe. It is very much appreciated.

There comes another reality which means that everyone has the opportunity to create their own reality by just thinking about the idea of ​​what you want. It will certainly be a much easier life for all people, no matter where you live on Earth. It is a very exciting time.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I am!

Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Inger Noren

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