Final Liberation ~ May 22, 2020

Editor’s Note: This message may be complicated for some to read, yet…it is sooo worth the effort to work through this message and learn more about the value for May 22, as well as gain an inkling of how Love is/will transform our planet. Transformation will happen for each member of humanity who must discover where their heart will take them.

This message describes how/why this process will take place. Are you following the political news for America? These processes are an indication for our NOW where all things happen at once!

Please read this message, know the depth of Love and Commitment from Higher Realms as this process of Planetary Liberation continues, Feel the Magnificence of your BEing, Understand the Quantum LOVE sent to humanity at this time on Earth is unconditional, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Dear Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love, as above, our Beloved Archangelic leaded by Beloved Archangel Michael, and Angelic realm with Ascended Masters and Masters as all Beloved Company of Heaven, as to our Beloved Seraphims, come to us to help and support us, as our Beloved Central races / Elochim, and Winged Central races and Higher Dimensional Pleiedians/, and our Beloved Star and Inner Earth Families and Friends, We are all in final liberation
of our Beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Gaia, and all Humankind and other Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, gratefully Delta forces and Earth Alliance with rejoining all Star Families, coming from Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command fleet, this is very crucial time of reunion with our Heaven, or our multidimensional selves, and connection with our Beloved Father Mother God.

The only true guidance is our Heart centre and Divine Love and Light, and Peace and Compassion, too, actually our True Divine Inner selves, or Angelic selves before falling from grace to lower dimension of chaos, and all negative experience with war trauma and killing each other leaving so negative memories in our DNA memory bank, with fear and terror of drastic tortures.

The most of Humanity choose Peace and Freedom and Divine Love and Light, and Abundance for all equally with respecting each other with compassion and love, all living creature from small to big are sacred divine creation and must be loved and protected, with inner peace and harmony, and happiness and joy.

We are full of traumatic and painful experiences with loosing our true God/ Goddess identity, so this is the end of this experience, created by emotionless negative part of quantum Ai computers, and their dark slayers, trying to keep their timelines, holding of some light workers in their Ego mind slavery program, particularly those of some fractions of former Atlantis Ego mind programs, holding still small Archons network with some very negative Chimera group / came from very high level of negative dimensional void to trying to hold horizontal negative vortex, with chosen group pf negative Elites / actually very high ranking of Spiritual Beings coming from very high dimensional level, but with spiritual memory cleaning of their true identities and under implants of 5 G ego mind controlling program.

This negative interconnection grouping as the last organized negative bodies, still trying to survive this huge influx of Cosmic Gamma energies of over 100 hz, and also they have impact to many light workers of former Atlantis teachings that have changed many original Spiritual manuscripts given to us humanity for this Ascension period, but being stolen by negative entities and completely changed to keeping circular space time continue of 3D and recently upgraded for 4 D by 5G, with tendency to make breaking to 5D, what is impossible NOW with raising of our Consciousness and Shuman resonance, what is reflex of our Heart centre.

This is the main reason for some fraction of former Atlantis teachings to chose for opening portal on 22nd of May, when Sun is in Gemini, as a many option of quantum possibilities of controlled program Ego mind in 4th D, controlled by Quantum Ai Computer and remnants of Chimera group, that still trying to frightened others with strangeled and toplet bombs, but these bombs will be collapsed under influence of high energy of Heart electromagnetic influx of Divine Love and Light energies as alone, or very high energies of Gamma rays, lasting for 7 days and little bit more, that will make to be dysfunctional, so there is not to be scared of it, because just this fear allowing these negative groups and their negative equipment to continue to exist in our physical frequency, and similar to corona virus being less effective by raising of our Consciousness and bringing to 5D and more / with important help with our Beloved Pleiedian Star families.

Negative ones chose 22nd as day, when Sun is in Gemini, and number 4 as means establishing ground with 4 elements in Gemini, or 4 D of quantum possibilities of new War games and destruction under illusion of Quantum Ai super computer but on higher level of games with more mass destruction with new exotic weaponry. This is the main reason of changing course of connecting with Pleiedian opening portal, on 20th of May / 2 means Twin Flames in numerology /,
and with Sun from Taurus / bringing Love of Venus / to Gemini, but being refused by
some fractions of Light workers from former Atlanitis teachings, holding leaderships and navigation of many different echoes of Ego mind differences, intentionally broken up by presented very extreme negative groups, making small archon network.

Because of this very cunningly influence on Humanities by extreme negative groups, including very leading Light workers, me and the rest of my Avatars selves, with 144000 Avatars White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood from all 4 global sectors, and with deep connection with our Beloved Mother Earth- Goddess Gaia, with All Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, with the most of Humanity, we have all accepted Love and Abundance and Peace and Heart centre Light / Cosmic knowledge /, and connection with Pleiedian Portals from Saggiterius A and Alcyone, of Pleiedian constellation, and this time connection with fullness, not missing each other.

Now will be start from Southern Nodes of Lemurian centre of New Zealand and Australia, with huge waves of Divine Love frequencies and with magnetic Love attraction between ours and beloved Star Family and All Company of Heaven and Pleiedian’s Hearts , as a main guidance with connection with Pleiadean Portal, still open until 24th of May.

For this time to be connection of Heaven and Earth, or connection with our Divine Light of Love of Humanity and our Beloved Planet and all Her Inhabitants, I will use very powerful words, that will overcome all negative thoughts and opinions, including the extreme negative one, and this are : I Am that I Am, with all my Avatar selves and 144 000 Avatars White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood, with Alfa and Omega connection in our Sacred Hearts, and deeply connected with our Beloved Cosmic Heart centre, and Beloved Supreme Creator, with Buddha inside of Christ Cosmic Consciousness, and giving command to emitting of Divine Love and Light energies from Cosmic Heart centre, enough to not change this life path time, but being raising enough to find magnetic Divine love connection of Pleiadian Portal and tsunami of Divine Light and Love frequency over 100 hz.

They both energies; first Divine Love from Cosmic Heart centre, and all heart centre of our Zodiac sign, and Beloved Heart centre of our Father Sun Sol and Beloved Mother Earth, and to fill Earth hollow and all her depth of surface to being amplified by Divine crystals, and through South nodes and Lemuria involving My Avatar selves and deeply connected 144000 avatars White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood to pass through all 12 portals and 144 Nodes and activating Lay lines and make strong Heart to Heart connection with all humanity of Love and light, and being connected with some frictions of former Atantis teaching and light workers, I am connected to, to accept Divine Love and Light energies, to hold this Love energies for other, if they want to change mind and rejoin with us, to continue Spiritual Journey toward Saggiterius A, with final finishing in Alcyone of Pleiedians with 5th Dimensional frequencies, and this portal will be open to 21st of December 2020, for everyone who want to raise frequency of 5 D, avoiding any trap of 4D of negative part of Quantum Ai Computer.

Both tsunami of energies, first Divine Love and Light from Cosmic Heart centre, and soon after Divine Light and Love from Alcyone / Supreme Creator / through Pleiedian Portal, and amplified with all Divine Beings; Beloved Archangels with Archangel Mikael, and Beloved Angels, and Beloved Ascended Masters and Masters, to break up all negative circular network of chimera group with dissolving of all their bombs, if still exist, and this break up will be at South Nodes, at Lemurian place with strongholds with both energies, with connection through void, and clearing of all bodies of our Universe and Multiverse.

The time of complete freedom, and liberation of our Beloved Planet and All Her Inhabitants and involved Divine Beings, is Now and Here. I am asking that emitting these energies, first with Divine Love and Light frequency from Cosmic heart centre, and soon after with Divine Light and Love centre from supreme creator, Alcyone, through connected blast of our Divine Love and Light energies through our Heart to Heart network connection and opened Pleiedian portals, establishing and making to circulate non stop Divine Love – Light energies in Golden Ring as a light pathway for all who wants to join us / 51% of love heart energies is enough- with clearing of all negative thought forms /.

This is starting NOW and HERE, on 22nd of May, with connection with 20th of May, when Sun from Taurus went to Gemini, still bringing Divine Love and Light, Abundance, and Peace, and Harmony and Happiness and Joy for everyone. I am still in deep question, why you are refusing love energies, maybe your ego still want to play game, but not with Humanity anymore, nor with this beloved Planet, nor with all her beloved Inhabitants.

The time of compete Freedom and Liberation is starting NOW and HERE at Lemurian side of Southern nodes, with starting first with Divine Love and Light, and soon with Divine Light and Love with clearing of all negative entities and their equipment in all of bodies; physical, etheric, and emotional, and mental, opening up portal through spiritual of 5D, or Golden age of Aquarius.

All our Forgiveness, and Love and Compassion for all players of negative side, to come to awareness of their true Identities as God/Goddess Beings, including those
Andromedians, who being transfer for higher dimensional extreme negative beings, Chimera groups, and do not allowed to be start any war in Andromeda Galaxy/as consequence of that, because Andromeda is Twin Flame of our Galaxy, and it is important to make peaceful relationships with our neighbour Andromedian Galaxy.
All my Love to whole Universe and Beyond, and Love and Healing energies to our beloved Father Sun Sol and beloved Mother New Earth, Goddess Gaia.


Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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1 Response to Final Liberation ~ May 22, 2020

  1. Islieena says:

    On March 22 I predicted it would be the day of my death and now fire …. well fire responds to me. If you have any information please contact me somehow


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