RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL ~ MAY 21- JUNE 3, 2020 KINS 53-65 ~ May 22, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…NOW is the exciting moment for us to harness the cosmic energies flooding the Earth allowing us to Know and BE the excellent and magical creators we actually are! FEEL inside of yourself focusing your existence on your Magnificent NOW presence and watch the Universe respond with Quantum LOVE, allowing us to BE in all ways in …

Quantum Joy!



We have just completed our journey with the YELLOW SUN of ENLIGHT-ON-MENT and Buddhic wisdom, and finally we have arrived, as NEW SOLAR COSMIC HU-MANS and received our golden crowns as SOVEREIGN, INDEPENDANT DIVINE beings.

So now it is time to EXPLORE our surroundings and what else is possible for us as DIVINE HU-MANS.

The Wavespell of the SKYWALKER is seeking to LIBERATE our souls, helping us to EXPAND our consciousness and fuelling our Planetary Ascension process..

This cycle aligns syncronistically with the 11th Moon in the Dreamspell Calendar – the completion of the Spectral Serpent month.. This month is seeking to RELEASE and DISSOLVE all that has kept you contained (and contained we have been, like never before!) in order to LIBERATE your soul for new adventures.

The SKYWALKER cycle bridges the two months as the 12th moon – that of the CRYSTAL RABBIT commences on May 30 and concludes on June 26, 2020.. The CRYSTAL RABBIT month is about CLARITY, CONNECTION and fertility – working together to realize your creative pursuits.

BEN the SKYWALKER is freeing us from the mundane humdrum and expanding our horizons sowing the fertile new soil we have discovered in the greener pastures, in order to GROW our DREAM life! A beautiful journey of AWAKENING  to new possibilities.

Today we are granted our GOLDEN ANGELIC WINGS and we TAKE FLIGHT✈ to EXPLORE the cosmos, discovering our Galactic ANGELIC cell-ves..

How far can you EXPAND your consciousness this Wavespell???

Your PURPOSE is to reconnect with your Divinity and EXPLORE all roads that lead back home through your EXPANDED self.


RED SKYWALKER is the cycle of EXPLORATION and awakening through EXPANSION! NOW is the time to construct your own personal time-machine, wormhole* or stargate to give you access to EXPLORE, EXPAND and NAVIGATE through unchartered SPACES and territories! Breathe in the air of excitement and adventure! YOUR NEW QUEST beckons you!

RED SKYWALKER ☁BEN is the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing HEAVEN ON EARTH. So set your INTENT to bring more BLISS into your daily life.

RED SKYWALKER’S energy is expansive and totally unlimited in form. SKYWALKER is the Galactic Shaman who can travel anywhere through space time to retrieve wisdom, information and energy codes bringing them through as the Angelic Messenger. A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such LIGHT in human form, they feel the vibration of HEAVEN. In the past this energy was experienced through a guru or master or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person. Now the time has come for YOU to embody this vibration so that you can become the MASTER once again.

RED SKYWALKER represents BALANCE in your life – not static balance, but a dynamic equilibrium that includes both your present expression and your GALACTIC expanded starseed self.

In RED SKYWALKER’S star-glyph you see the pillars of HEAVEN pointing downwards and the pillars of EARTH pointing upwards but there is SPACE in between, as the pillars do not connect. YOU are the missing element in between, the HU-MAN BRIDGE whose expression of the LIGHT assists in drawing the pillars of HEAVEN to Earth. Joining these pillars in yourself can be viewed as reuniting your masculine and feminine aspects returning to “wholeness”. Once we find and can HOLD this balance, we create the pillars of the etheric temples of HEAVEN on EARTH anchoring the 5D cities of LIGHT✨.

Our personal and collective divine mission at this time, is purely to act as LIGHT HOLDERS, the Divine conduits of LIGHT through our physical vessels. The more we have EMPTIED our vessel from toxins, baggage and debris the MORE LIGHT WE CAN HOLD AND CONDUCT! Allow the Winds of HEAVEN to flow through your rejuvenated HU-MAN vessel anchoring your own piece of BLISS ON EARTH.

RED SKYWALKER can ignite a deep yearning within you for reunion with SOURCE❤❤❤. From this blissful space of love and compassion, you also have a desire (embodied in physical form) to serve the LIGHT. This is the place in you that has the courage to fully express unconditional love, from the deepest depths of your being. RED SKYWALKER asks you to bring this HEAVEN to EARTH in your daily life.

✨What would that truth look and FEEL like? LIVE as though you are already in 5D EARTH. As this reality is lived, it touches and awakens the same truth in others:

“They kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in HEAVEN.”

❓❓❓How can you be the bridge in bringing HEAVEN to EARTH?

This is a great time to have adventures and look to the places where you need the support to open to new dimensions of being. Uncovering the places where LACK still lurks on this abundant planet.

Now is the time to consider whatever brings more soul EXPANSION. Exploration of other dimensions and transcendental states through meditation and astral travel that leads one beyond where one’s consciousness has resided before.

❓❓❓How far can you EXPAND your consciousness this Wavespell???

Enjoy the journeys!

WARNING: Anything that has kept you constricted, contained, house bound and limited your consciousness from FULL EXPANSION will be revealed and EXPLODED in order for your consciousness to BREAK FREE and explore new territory as your INFINITE SELF – BEN the Skywalker!

Divine blessings for your joyful explorations, awakening and expansion over this incredible soul enriching wavespell journey.

On June 4th, 2020 we continue our adventures with CIMI – The WHITE WORLDBRIDGER as our guide. Building the bridge to Nova Gaia and creating connections and networks with our fellow Planetary Kin.

Much joy and merriment awaits dear StarBlossoms! Expansion and celebration are the keys to our future in creating HEAVEN on EARTH!

Namaste’ ❤❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66

CREDITS: Some excerpts taken from “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner

PICTURE CREDITS: Wormhole ❤ DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown Artist

* INSTRUCTIONS for Wormhole construction here:…?

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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