Holding The Light ~ March 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes my friends! The die has been cast and we are witnessing NOW the expulsion of dark control systems from our Planet. Most friends/family will not understand and thus experience wildly swinging emotions and thus turn to Lightworkers who remain steady and calm for reassurance as this process evolves.

BE the Light, BE calm as the storm rages around, BE the voice of Love and wisdom in this NOW and guide others who witness the you hold yourself and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


By: Kat


Various articles and videos from Lightworkers and the myriad Channels of Angels, Archangels, Masters and Galactic Forces, etc., to a person, emphasize that “Lightworkers, Starseeds and Gatekeepers” – or however you think of yourself – need to Remain Calm and Hold The Light in this Now moment.

They include David Wilcock, Linda Dillon, Suzanne Lie, Jenny Schlitz, Laura Eisenhower, Jenji, Celia Fenn, Jean Rockefeller, Lisa Renee, Sacha Stone, Lisa Transcendence Brown, Q, etc.

If you’ve been wondering what the most powerful and effective thing you can do to help those spinning like a top in the deliberately engineered fear created by “the deep state” via various governments and the MSM, that is what you can do—Remain calm, Witness, and Hold The Light.

One of my neighbors texted me yesterday, terrified about the rising number of virus cases in our town that she’d read on the MSM. It was 26 cases. I read the article and texted her back, “It’s all going to be OK. Notice that most of them have recovered already. Stay home. Keep healthy. I am here if you need me. It will be over soon. Maybe before Easter.” And she felt better.

Remain calm, Be kind, Witness and Hold the Light.

We know we’re in the shift from dark to light that millions of us have been praying for. We intuit that that we are (finally) leaving 3D Earth and all its horrors in the dust, and moving into Nova Gaia—a Pristine clean, Divinely restored Gaia, Kingdoms, Humanity, and a world of Peace, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Immortality, Cities of Light, Space Travel, and all good and miraculous things.

For the duration, I’m remaining at home, praying, meditating and watching Documentaries I’d never have had the time to watch, and staying healthy as I can: Consuming oranges for their precious Vitamin C, taking Colloidal Silver and drinking lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup in boiling hot water. Some may recognize the latter ingredients as the Master Cleanse, and they are, but for me now, hot lemon juice is keeping my body warm and my lungs clear.

Please do everything you can to keep yourselves healthy, because you are precious beings in this crucial now. All the calm and light we can radiate and anchor into Gaia, her Kingdoms, light grids and Humanity is imperative in this seismic shift from dark to light.

One of my favorite quotes about this timeline, and I’m referring to the last twenty years until today, is this one:

“We will be the story tellers of the Universe
because everyone wants to know
what was it like being human
living in forgetfulness
and having to struggle from total darkness
to the light.”
~ Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

I think most of us can agree—those of us on this path—that there is far more going on than just a virus and that the increasingly benign Covid-19 is being used, brilliantly, as a “cover” for Operation Freedom-Earth (my phrase) by the White Hat Alliance.

To wit, here is a beautiful transmission from JENJI, March 13, 2020:

“In these powerful times that we are in – we are all bearing witness to what could accurately be called the ‘Changing of the Guard,’ by this we are referring to the timeline that marks the end of the age of Darkness Kali-Yuga, and the opening dawn of the golden age that which is known as the Satya-Yuga.

“Indeed we have arrived at 11:59 on the Cosmic clock and we’re about to truly and absolutely enter into eternal and abiding peace, abundance, happiness, health, community and eternal well-being for all of us forever.

“We’re approaching the great shift of the ages whereby all of the gold that was stolen by the royal families and the Vatican and Chinese globalists is now on the verge of being returned back to humanity, and here we are speaking about absolutely utterly unimaginable amounts of gold.

“There is so much for us to speak about in this sacred writing. As we have arrived at this precipice it is so important that we come together in our global Ascension groups during these times, to assist the forces of light who are doing mother/father God’s greatest work—

“Particularly the White Hat military who are having to experience the most horrific and horrendous crimes, as all of our world, our inner world (underground bases) and outer worlds are truly being taken over by the great great forces of light that are known as the White Hats, and also as the Alliance, and are working in absolute accordance with God’s Golden plan for Humanity.

“We are the universal and global ground crew Starseeds who are part of the White Hat Alliance and who have returned back in full warrior mode to assist in this great truth and hold our vibration stable in the knowing, Remembrance and recognition of our true heritage as mother-father God’s Direct offspring, which makes us automatically of the highest and holiest royal bloodline.

“Remembrance means there is no more Veil, and finally, the child self is allowed to be free and play again.

“A strong aspect of this message is to remind all of us to Hold Steady to our stabilized vibration of peace and calm and Deep Deep trust in the great glory of God…” (1.)

This same idea of holding steady and witnessing is echoed by Lisa Renee in her latest blog, “Maintaining Calm in the Storm,” March 23, 2020:

“Coming back into this moment and understanding that as we hold the space in present moment and we understand the truth of who and what we truly are as the eternal God self, we are the eternal, diamond-sun, Christic people that have returned to witness this final conflict and to really take the accounting.

“Returning things back through cosmic justice into the natural laws through the compassionate witness. We’re enduring the most difficult stages of witnessing that warfare as it is happening on planet Earth. While many of our brothers and sisters on this planet remain asleep to this larger agenda.

“That is a burden, but it is also a privilege. Knowing the value of that information and higher awareness, while being able to hold calm even in the presence of chaos, of others pain, of watching other people suffer. That is the most challenging part.” (2.)

And this from Mushaba Platinum Light, channeling of a Dr. Wise, who worked with Edgar Cayce, on not panicking, March 18, 2020:

“As we look around your world, we see such a tremendous fear and panic going on everywhere. Grocery shelves are being emptied and people are living in fear. People are operating and making choices from the perspective of fear.

“I would like to ask all of you that read these words to please do not fear and do not panic. There is no need for it. It is time to simply PAUSE! Let’s get the fear and panic out the way then we can look at the good in this so-called Corona Virus pandemic.

“When people go into mass fear and panic, they make things much worse than they actually are. Then the feeding of this panic by your media is exaggerating the issues, and so many people for the most part believe what they are being told by your media. Many times everyone forgets who they are.” (3.)

And this beautiful one from Jean Rockefeller, in an Email I received yesterday, “The Importance of Discernment—Listen to Your Own Inner Wisdom,” March 25, 2020:

“To say that there is a lot of fear mongering currently circulating would be an understatement, with the corona virus swirling in the middle. The virus is real, however, the ‘fear’ it is generating is nothing more than a dog-and-pony show, as most of you already know.

“There is a lot of action behind the scenes and personally, I am hopeful that finally, true planetary change will emerge from the chaos. After all, this is why we are here now, during this time of quiet revolution, to support the most auspicious outcome for all whom dwell on this planet and Gaia Herself. Gaia has been immersed within darkness and strife for a very long time and now the opportunity to be released is at hand.” (4.)

As Patricia Cota-Robles would say, and as Blossom Goodchild’s Federation of Light would say: We are the I AM. “I AM the Light. I AM the Love. I AM.”

As Divine Mother via Linda Dillon told me a few years ago, “We are Light-warriors. We came here in this challenging time of Gaia’s Ascension to Be The Light.”

I’m ashamed to say that in a moment of grumpiness, I actually told Divine Mother I didn’t want to be a warrior anymore, that I was exhausted and I was done being challenged so continuously on every conceivable level.

The Mother reiterated her reply, “You are a warrior, sweet one, and you need to know that with all your heart. You are strongest of the strong or I wouldn’t have sent you to Earth to be here now.”

Alrighty then. No disagreeing with the Mother. She knows what’s She’s doing.

There is one more thing I need to remind myself to do and that is to BREATHE deeply. When I’m transmuting panic, I forget to breathe because those that are panicking aren’t breathing deeply either. So may I remind you all, and myself, to take deep calming breaths whenever you remember to.

To recap: Our essential job during this shift from dark to light, while the brave White Hat Alliance is carrying out the Divine Plan for Earth and Humanity’s Freedom and Ascension:

Remain calm, Witness, Breathe deeply and Hold the Light.

xo, Kat


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