Setting The Stage For Cabal Take Down ~ March 29, 2020

by Justin Deschamps

Prelude to Mass Arrests of the Deep State? Hundreds of Tanks Arrive in Los Angeles #TheStorm

Is the coronavirus a cover for mass arrests of the Deep State?
Many who follow QAnon and the longstanding theory that an alliance exists to take down the cabal think that this is exactly what is happening.

In the following video uploaded on the 25th, hundreds of tanks are seen on train cars headed for an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.

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ABC7 reported that:
The report also said:
Eyewitness News reached out to the military and learned that it is not tied to the coronavirus.
So what is it tied to? Is it a military exercise of some kind?
Finally, the report said:

The armored vehicles were part of a battalion that returned from the Middle East.
They arrived in Port Hueneme and are now being sent back to Texas.
Can this report be trusted?
Well… if there was a takedown happening, then the above-mentioned explanation would be provided to keep operational security intact. We can’t discount the simple explanation they offered but it doesn’t disprove the mass arrest theory either. x
Of course, many who don’t subscribe to this theory say the tanks are just part of the emergency response.

But this seems a bit extreme.
Why would massive tanks be required to quell riots or other distributions of the people when the general population isn’t armed with heavy weapons and armor?
Perhaps it would be just a show of force—I can’t discount that explanation.

But then again, perhaps these tanks will be used to assist in the mass arrest scenario.

Think about it.

If the alliance was going to start the takedown, the Deep State would not go quietly. From what insiders share, the Cabal plan on holding out till the last man, or woman.
If this is true, then they will likely create chaos and mayhem as much as possible, and as such, a stronger military force would be needed.
On this question of if there is preparation for a mass arrest scenario, the answer is most likely. If you have evidence to the contrary, let us know in the comments.

There’s actually more evidence to consider.
On March 3rd, Manlio Dinucci reported that 20,000 troops will arrive in Europe—but without protective gear.
This was covered by Electroverse:

None of these troops have been issued with Bio/Hazchem suits or masks, which seems a little reckless of the American Government if COVID-19 is really the threat that we are being told that it is…

“The 30,000 U.S. soldiers, who “will spread through the European region,” are in fact exempted from the preventive COVID-19 regulations that apply to civilians. The assurance given by the U.S. Army in Europe that “we are monitoring the Coronavirus [COVID-19]” and that “our forces are in good health” is enough.

Why would troops deployed to Europe, which is a hotbed of Cabal activity, not be issued masks and protective gear?
Doesn’t this seem a bit shortsighted?

Unless the coronavirus is not what we think it is.
To add to this theory, some believe the coronavirus is actually just the flu, given a hyped-up label to cause global distress and an economic shutdown—for the purpose of providing cover.

Now to be clear, the evidence on the table at the moment can be interpreted in many ways. Here are two to consider.
One is the mass arrest scenario we’ve been talking about.

Two is an NWO take over of the planet.
The global shutdown and economic impact aren’t debatable. Theses things are happening.

MASS ARRESTS: Nothing Can Stop What’s Comingove


But who is using them for what remains unclear.
My opinion is that—without citing the body of evidence to support this—the Deep State is being taken down and the rule of law is being restored.
Here’s some more food for thought.

This man claims to have had a candid conversation with a woman who works for JP Morgan Chase. She told him that the coronavirus was a cover for a massive reform of the global economic system. She was apparently told that mass arrests of the Deep State are taking place.

QAnon John@QStorm1111

Let us know what you think. And if you have any information about this, please share in the comments or via email and we’ll post an update.
– Justin


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