Mushaba Platinum Light ~ March 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: Many more notices are now appearing in regards to the Coronavirus appearing as a tool originally to be used against humanity and being “hijacked” by the Light as a means to free Planet Earth. This “tool” keeps the bulk of humanity from harm, or 3D distractions, by limiting movement.

Please read more details about the virus (which poses no harm to mankind) and then decide if your own health can be boosted, while remaining, and always, In holding and BEing in …

Quantum Joy!


Dr. Wise: March 28, 2020

Dear Humanity

I am representing the Universal Galactic Doctor’s Council. My name is Dr. Wise and I am the one that gave or spoke through Edgar Casey the many health remedies that helped so many people. I now come again along with my colleagues in the doctor’s council, and we have looked at many things in your world to see what could be of help to combat this Corona Covid-19 Virus sweeping across your globe. We have in previous messages given you good solid recommendations to help you to protect yourself not just against this particular virus but other viruses and bacterial infections. Before we speak further, let us talk a moment in hopes to ease your fears about catching the virus. Basically people are afraid that they will die if they catch the virus. So much fear spreading more rapidly than the virus. If the fear gets out of control it causes people to panic and do unimaginable things in the name of being safe. Look at the country in your world called North Korea which executed a person with the virus and gave an official version as to why. It was the fear of the virus spreading that caused that person to be killed. 

People are hoarding and not caring about the needs of others because all they know is that they want to live and not die from the virus. People have bought out gun shops of guns and ammunition to protect themselves against people. They say it’s in case someone raids their homes they want to protect their family, when it’s really the fear of someone coming into their home that might have the virus. People are worried about being put under slavery or put under martial law. They say it’s all part of the plan to enslave the people. Then others say its part of the plan to free the people. Let me tell you that as I look into your world I do not see worldwide martial law, or North America being under martial law. I don’t see people being trapped in their homes forced by military; people starving and thirsty and have no tissue to blow their noses or wipe their butts. People are so scared of what could happen, what might happen that they are acting on something that isn’t a reality. 

It’s ok to have some extra supplies on hand. It’s ok to do things to protect your health. Doing it out of fear is not the best approach. Do you think that Spirit or the galactics will stand by and let the population become decimated to become enslaved by corrupt governments? We told you in one of our talks in the Mushaba Platinum Light that there are galactic beings at a very, very high level with a great deal of wisdom and understanding that sent out a very powerful pulse of frequencies that was designed to  kill this virus. We told you that the virus will not spread, or no new people would catch it, but only those who had it already incubating in them will show signs. We also said that a pulse was also sent to not allow leaders to take advantage of good people and use this to do their dirt. On Friday afternoon, another very powerful pulse was sent out to reinforce and support the raising of the frequencies above the level of the virus and to reinforce that the leaders do not go overboard against the people. Remember yes, there are those with an agenda, and to try and accomplish that agenda they need to cause mass panic and fear. Don’t fall for it. It’s not as terrible as they are saying. The full truth isn’t being told. 

You as an individual do not need to worry and be in fear for your life. Look at this as a wake-up call for humanity to stop and pause and take a good look at itself. People who died from the virus, the huge majority of them had other complications and underlying conditions. It wasn’t just the work of the virus that killed them. Don’t fear so much, because you set up an attraction that can draw sickness to you. Be more positive thinking that I am healthy and I am taking proper precautions for my health. This virus is like many other viruses. This virus hasn’t claimed the many lives of people that other illnesses have claimed and are still claiming.  The virus is being given too much power and this makes matters far worse. Stop giving your power over to the fear of this virus. Let me ask you a question: what is the main cause of anyone getting struck by a virus or a bacterial infection or many other dis-eases? It’s your immune system weakness.  However, it’s not just about your immune system it’s more than ever about your autoimmune system dis-eases. This is where the problem truly lies with this covid 19 corona virus and other illnesses like cancers, Lou Gehrig disease etc. 

Your health industry in your world is still about 15-30 years away from finally discovering that the basis, the underlying issue, the main core of almost every disease in your world is autoimmune related.  The problem is many of the diagnoses of disease are never attributed to being caused by autoimmune deficiency. So the key here is to get your autoimmunity under control. Almost every living soul on your earth experiences some form of autoimmune disease. You should be able to easily understand why. Your food, air, water, alone is enough, never the mind the endless list of possibilities. The question is what to do about it. In the past we have made recommendations and we would like to make one now. This particular product sold by The Mushaba Store at our insistence and recommendation, because it is so powerful and far, far superior to most anything you can find in your world that really works. It’s about the quality and the potency of this product that impresses us in the universal Galactic Doctor’s Council. Those who want to get right to it, here is the link:

Those that would like to read further:


The vital Immune Modulating Components (Immunomodulators) which the food industry has depleted from the food supply.Potent Anti-Viral Properties.

Looking for Serious Immune Armor?

M.D. Formulated DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®
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Acemannan is a polydispersed ßeta-(1, 4)-linked acetylated mannan with antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is an immunomodulator shown to cause the activation of immune macrophages and antibodies. It acts to stimulate the cytotoxic activity of natural killer T-cells and the generation of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes-mediated responses (CTLs).

The first line of immune defense against invading pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are macrophages, immune cells that engulf every foreign object that crosses their way. 

“After enclosing the pathogen in intracellular membrane vesicles, a process called phagocytosis, macrophages kill their prey with acid.”

DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is all natural and exhibits No side-effects, and No contraindications or reactions with any medication, supplement, or food and may be taken with all.

DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is 100% safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, infants, children and adults of all ages, and pets too!

Researched, Developed, and Tested for Over 30 Years, our Organically Grown, Pure Immune Modulating Components contain No GMOs, No Gluten, No Fillers, and No Other Ingredients!

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There are two different potencies of this product and they both work very well.

M.D. Formulated
DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®

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Any product, manufactured
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The Standard Large CAPSULE HYPERLINK “–Large-Bottle_p_10.html”Bottle
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This bottle will last 32 days during the Healing Period. Once you have reached the Maintenance Period, this size bottle will last 4.5 months.

Advanced Formula Digestacure AutoImmuneX

M.D. Formulated
DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®

Contains up to 68 Times the Immune
Modulating Potency
, as compared to
Any product, manufactured
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(135 Grams of ADVANCED POWDER) $189

Because of the step-up dosage procedure, this POWDER bottle will last the first 42 days of the Healing Period. Each subsequent bottle will last 30 days. Once you have reached the Maintenance Period, this size bottle will last 4.5 months.

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