The Early Edition for March 28, 2020: The Yellow Brick Road is NOT Paved with Cryptos [videos]

True: The Yellow Brick Road is NOT paved with Cryptos…but it is paved with intentions to separate Humanity from their money.

Crypto currency is the cabal’s latest financial scheme, folks.  Do you know what happens to virtual money? It vanishes—into the bank accounts of the globalists. Poof! There it was; gone. They are the ones behind the curtain in Oz.

And if you are a dissident or a thorn in their side, a whistleblower, a critic—they can poof! you, too. Your identity, your access to any of your accounts, locked. All your medical records, political affiliations, friends and family, everything about you and your history is in that system. There is no privacy, and they can make a clone of you with voice files—all of which has been their goal all along.

And what happens once they’ve collected your crypto and your life history? They don’t need YOU any longer, do they? AI will run the whole system for them, too, so they can be the wealthy, elite, people of leisure they believe they were born to be, living off the fat generated by their unsuspecting slaves.

They’ve stolen your gold, they’ve stolen your freedom, and they’ve stolen your dreams, and you think it’s a good idea to give their virtual online financial system a go? To fund it for them? They designed it because they’ve lost control of the current financial system. They always have to control the finance.

Thomas Williams goes into great detail about the crypto system, particularly the Facebook Libra in the video below. They know how to make it sound like the bee’s knees with their neuro-linguistic language. Why do people still fall for it? Why do they believe the lies? Will Humanity never learn? Will we never break the spells cast by these greedy creatures?

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, folks. If you have time and a strong constitution, you can listen from the beginning of the audio. If you’re pressed for time, the crypto portion begins after the 23 minute mark where Thomas outs corporations and people. Audio only, no video.

We have an older article in the same vein here about Bitcoin with another audio from Thomas Williams.

Note: For those lacking the context for this information, Kim Goguen, the Trustee of the global collateral accounts which belong to Humanity, has worked for many years to secure those funds and keep the cabal from stealing them again and she has never been paid anything. There is no pay great enough for what Kim has done for us, in my opinion, but she and Thomas want payment for her before any more funds are released. So here we are; at a stalemate, apparently.

When Q says we’re watching a movie, it’s true. Nothing is what it seems. Various factions are duking it out for control of our planet and all the resources (including us), and none of them agree on how it should be done, or how to provide access to the funds stolen from us all these decades. They pose as our friends and champions while they throw stones at each other.


Despite the above which doubtless brought your vibration down, there are good things going on. As Thomas said, President Trump is trying to help as much as possible. He is not free to do whatever he likes because he is still working within a system manned by hundreds of deep state actors.

The dismantling takes time and it’s important we don’t feed their old system—or the new ones they are trying desperately to create—like crypto currencies. It’s obvious we are sharing information the dark don’t want out there because the trolls are back at Starship Earth.

I have stated many times that everything we see unfolding is a psyop. The globalist/deep state/cabal have their psyops and the good guys have theirs. Take nothing at face value. Neither side wants to upset Humanity who have no clue what reality is. They need everything and everyone to be calm, despite The Storm. That was the reason for the Q team. To inform us as much as possible what is happening, and to avoid civil unrest.

And isn’t it interesting that David Wilcock surfaced this week? And someone emailed me something from Corey Goode that I didn’t read because I’m not interested in anything he has to say. Out of the blue. Timing is everything.

The globalists have been conspiring for hundreds of years, my friends. They live to hatch conspiracies to control and trick us.

This Italian journalist in Japan has an interesting story about the coronavirus (or lack thereof) in Japan and the cure. The translation scrolls on the screen. See the production notes and video link below the video for more. Thank you, Agent M. It’s a real education from Fagan.

Italian in Japan Exposes Virus Fraud -as- It’s All About Arresting

If you are worried about the virus, ask yourself this question: “Who do you really know who has this virus?”

I stated last week that I would bet Vegas odds were good that everyone who attended Epstein’s Child Rape / Torture / and Sacrifice playground would become victims of the “Virus” because that is what they all are.

Victims of the mental illness that is the crown’s Illuminati agenda.

The kind of agenda which makes kidnappers and killers of children, as seen in this video.

The Corona Virus Epidemic was planned as part of the Illuminati Conspiracy, which is outlined well by Myron Fagan in his 1967 dissertation, as found here:

This is the most important 2 hours you can spend during this lockdown.

Fagen’s words are so valuable to us as this is a recorded voice of a man telling us what happened before, and what would happen 1/2 a century into the future, all from his knowledge of the 3Gn model.

Thanks to AgentBlueHeart for the translation.

If you prefer to read, rather than listen, this history lesson goes back even further. Thanks, L.

The KHAZARIAN MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know! The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

These are indeed interesting times, and Simon Parkes in his most recent update raises the topic of “reptilian abattoir ships”. Why on Earth would he do that? He was discussing the possible reasons for the dramatic drop in cell phone users in China, which we have discussed.

The definition of an abattoir is a place in which animals are killed and butchered for the intention of being processed as food.

Charming. That might be construed as “fear-based” rhetoric. He then goes on to suggest that we will see a lot more “UFO” activity from both sides coming up. Since Gina Hill has shown us hundreds of what she says are ships above us, that comes as no surprise.

2020 03 28 Update – Simon Parkes

I have never seen images like this before. Are they ships?

There are so MANY ships!

That’s a perfect segue for the next update. Now THESE are ships.

You may have heard that President Trump is sending two navy “hospital ships” to New York and California. They are said to be deployed for the swollen number of coronavirus patients, but they could be for something else. If a lot of arrests are scheduled as those sealed indictments are opened, there might be a shortage of cells for criminals, and they may want to isolate them from the public.

If one had a sense of humour, one might consider sending USNC ships called, “The Comfort” and “The Mercy”. I would rather have sent, “The Terror” but I guess we’ll find out at some point what that’s all about. I believe there will be no mercy for these traitors to Humanity. We don’t know, but these babies may have been retrofitted with less than comfortable beds and iron bars for walls.

“This ship is full of angels in a city of angels,” Garcetti said. “Every bed not taken in Los Angeles will mean one more bed for the surge.”

Hospital ship arrives in LA as California braces for crisis on par with New York

Trump Considering Imposing Quarantine on New York Area

LIVE: President Trump Sends Off USNS Comfort; Navy Ship Bound for NYC Coronavirus Aid 3/28/20

It appears the EAS capability of our cell phones is being utilized in some areas. The crew tells us where, and we appreciate the updates.

Southern cali, last night we got an emergency message to stay confined to our houses or neighborhood, all beaches and business closed that aren’t necessary meaning food or liquor stores open and to only go out when necessary for food, meds or doctor apps if they not changed, otherwise stay home confined to your house.. hang in there, we are all in this together…be well…WWG1WGA

Hello BP so Ontario [Canada] got an Emergency Alert this afternoon [March 27] stating that everyone coming back into Canada needs to self quarantine for 14 days it stated it’s the law. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wasn’t sure if you heard. Numbers always mean something it came in at 202pm. Keep up the great fight. WWG1WGA

This is something no one can argue about: The Goog Monster algorithms. Dave’s X22 Saturday spotlight… with former YouTube/Google senior software engineer cum whistleblower, Zach Vorhies.

Patriots Changed The [G] Algorithm, Censorship Stripped, It’s Going To Be A Hot Spring:Zach Vorhies

That’s the morning edition (from my sector of reality).

Stay positive and neutral as much as possible, folks.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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