Headlines and Updates for February 20, 2020: New Q and It’s a Date: Colorado KAG Rally Today [videos] ~ February 20, 2020

A date like 02.02.2020 has to be auspicious, does it not? Perhaps we’ll find out why.

I’m having issues with videos I’m embedding disappearing so if they are missing again… sorry. I don’t know where they go.

The breaking news… and obviously we haven’t heard the end of this.

Roger Stone sentenced to over three years in prison

See the new Q drops here.

There was good news from Daytona when we heard driver Ryan Newman is recovering from the spectacular crash that could have seen the race end on a tragic note. He walked out of the hospital with his girls and he’s going to be okay. Miracles happen every day, but it has a lot to do with the engineering of those cages the drivers sit in.

The Phoenix rally was BIG. It was close to 15K strong, by some accounts inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. No one slept out in the snow and ice. It’s chilly at night here, but they had sunshine, 75 degrees and palm trees yesterday for these patriots and not a chemtrail in the sky.

Trump KAG rally Phoenix, February 19, 2020 Getty images

I was impressed by the intelligent, thoughtful interviews RSBN conducted among the lines of fans. Those Arizonans… they know what’s going on. The crowd in the lineup also applauded a man from Palmdale, CA because he was so eloquent and made so much sense. A thirteen year-old Hispanic boy going on forty blew my mind. If all the youth of today are like him, the future is in good hands.

Inside, the mere mention of Adam Schifty Schiff by one of many Republican party speakers had the crowd chanting, “Lock him up!”

We heard there were some paid protestors outside but saw nothing on RSBN. I wouldn’t give them the air time.

Here’s a three minute excerpt from the President’s remarks in Phoenix, and perhaps a teaser for what is to come based on the latest Q drops.

The story goes much deeper [darker]

The KAG rally today is in Colorado Springs, CO and you can watch without censorship at the video link below on RSBN.  It’s at 6 pm Mtn. but they are already streaming hours prior, as usual.

President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally LIVE in Colorado Springs, CO 2/20/20

American Patriot brings us Part 7 of the Endgame series. Are you ready?

ENDGAME Episode 7 (HD)

US Warns of ‘Apparent Community Spread’ in Countries Outside China

I’ve been wondering why Q reiterated, “think depopulation” recently.3856

The Lines Are Drawn Between Patriots and Traitors

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 12 Feb 2020 – 9:45:18 AM

D16RNKcWwAAZGaI.jpg The lines are drawn.
Define Renegade [Hussein USSS code name].
Standard definition.
Define Evergreen [HRC USSS code name]
Non-standard defintion.
Think depopulation.
The Silent War continues…

Was “depopulation” about the Reps trying to get rid of Humanity… as in culling the Chinese as some have suggested… or is it about the White Hats eliminating the vermin? Perhaps it was them dropping like flies in China. Perhaps it’s them being exterminated. If the authorities want everyone sequestered in their homes then perhaps there are things they don’t want them to see. Perhaps it’s for their safety and we’re just getting propaganda and fear porn.

If it’s true the Q team knows well in advance what will happen, if they knew the deep state was going to hold a mass extinction event and murder thousands of innocent Chinese civilians, wouldn’t they do something to stop it?

I just can’t accept that scenario could be allowed to unfold. It’s the un-Human ones who need to go; the ones who worship Satan, prey on babies and assassinate any Human who gets in their way. Isn’t it time they were exterminated?

I just have to believe that it’s something positive going on. Perhaps that is the “silent war”, like the ones ongoing to purge the DUMBS and subterranean tunnels. Almost no one speaks of that.

And if this operation also created circumstances enabling the White Hats to move the new financial system forward, even better. When President Trump says, “The best is yet to come” I set the bar very high. How can we embrace WWG1WGA when a large segment of Humanity is removed by a “virus”?

Obviously the media can spin what’s happening any way they like, but it doesn’t make it true. They have been trying for years to convince the awakened community that the cabal’s army is going to round us up and execute those who are irredeemable and can’t be “re-educated”. It’s ain’t gonna happen. THEY are the targets.

I’m not the only one who says it doesn’t add up. In the video below they comment on the story that an Iranian city is now on lockdown. How can these cities spontaneously erupt in coronavirus that fast and require lockdown? It’s just not believable.

Iran reports two coronavirus deaths, becoming 28th country or territory to report infections

Iranian City Of 1.2 Million On Lockdown Due To Coronavirus?!?!?! What Is Really Going On?

There is definitely something going on, but it’s not what they say, is the reading I’m getting. The above video keeps disappearing despite putting it in three times.

San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) Tweeted:#Coronavirus live updates: 6,700 people in California told to quarantine at home. https://t.co/ymxY2aGVxR pic.twitter.com/SpH8DTRRxK https://t.co/Skr2QZBVZP

— Krissy Pissy. 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 (@KrissyPissy1) February 20, 2020

For those unaware, President Trump told us all to prep a couple of years ago in this White House proclamation. It’s the responsible thing to do, even if you are not buying the coronavirus story.

If the President wants us to know something, the EAS system will deliver an alert to cell phones and televisions should show it, as well, according to tests conducted in the past.

Many threats exist, and we have Mississippi under water. It appears they are flooding them out. Iowa and surrounding areas are still wet from last year’s flooding. The weather warfare continues across the planet, we’re told.” See more at the Watchers.

Our planet in the throes of war is a chaotic place as the terrorism also continues. RT brings us this update from Germany on the shootings in the hookah bars which I’m just learning of at this point.

Q shared this today.3877

Another False Flag Attempts To Implicate The Great Awakening

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 20 Feb 2020 – 9:27:28 AM https://twitter.com/owillis/status/1230526620483694595📁
Here we go again.
What happens when billion dollar media co’s attack & miss?
All for a ‘few thousand’ followers?
All for a ‘conspiracy’?
>A public awake is their greatest fear<

German police raid Hanau shooting suspect’s home, discover him ‘dead with another body nearby’

All that to attack QAnon? A LARP?

Timothy Holmseth has a couple of interesting new articles up on his website. The first relates to the misunderstood status of America under President Trump, the Commander-in-Chief and the relationship to the British Crown and the trickery. Trump actually plays another role, Holmseth reports.

CNN is WRONG – President Trump IS the Chief Law Enforcement officer – President Trump and the U.S. Military are getting ready to KICK ASS!!!

No-name McCain (executed by the US military) and his wife Cindy

And… David Jose raises a valid question: Why would Cindy McCain leave her own meeting early?

You may have seen the older video clip before from multiple sources showing Cindy McCain stating that they all knew children were being trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein. She pretends to address the problem to deflect the blame and throws Epstein under the bus after he was “dead”. Now, she refuses to talk about it. Kudos to David Jose and his team.

Watch her sneak out in the video below while confronted by people who want to discuss the child trafficking in Arizona. Cindy knows all about it, indeed. Lock her up!

Sen. McCain might have been executed technically for “treason” but as we have noted, these savages are so dirty the White Hats have to pick and choose what they’re going after them for. They are involved in multiple crimes, and pedophilia/pedovoria is the worst but the world isn’t ready to hear that, are they? Treason will more than suffice.

This video keeps disappearing, too.

President Trump KNOWS children are being trafficked (at industrial level) – DAVID JOSE BRINGS IT!

Corey’s Digs has an article about the depth of the child sex predation.

Taking Down the Kingpin of Child Porn

And the  brutality of the violence in Sweden is too difficult to watch. It’s un-Human.

This is Sweden.

A girl is brutally assaulted by a gang.

They stomp on her head while shouting word in Arabic.

What has happened to my country???

Where are feminists protesting this???

THIS ATTACK IS DISGUSTING 😠😠😠pic.twitter.com/4d9r1JhWSf

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) February 19, 2020

Keeping it light (in the loafers)… will history repeat? If the global El-ites get their way, it will. How “presidential”. Is this the example we want leadership to set for our youth? For future generations?

The first problem with this next article is, they’re not “elite”. They are “El-ites”, but they are simply fodder for the chipper-shredder and have no place on our planet.

Oligarchy dies in darkness? WaPo wants a bigger role for ‘elites’ in picking the president, & doesn’t even try to hide why

The controllers are desperately trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat and stay in power. They will not succeed.

Have a look at Simon Parkes’ update on the 5G situation in the UK as it pertains to Huawei and China and US-British relations.


And here is Rick on B2T with some interesting updates.

That’s it for now, folks. No telling what we’ll hear next.

It’s a “hot spring” with 81F here in the valley which is unheard of, or at least very rare in February in my recollection.  ~ BP

Trojan Donkey Debate Failure? Q at Trump Rally. B2T Show Feb 19 (IS)

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