Blue Rainbow-Sun Krystal Matrix Emissary ~ January 26, 2020

Editor’s Note: Well…this is a very technical message and the good news for me is this breaks down into a KNOWING that will come into all of us. For as we reside in Christ Consciousness NOW, incoming energies will allows us to expand into QUANTUM consciousness.

Think of this as Christ Consciousness on steroids enabling each of us to exist in a Higher Reality Field with the resulting FREEDOM of heart/mind/soul! Please read this message, KNOW your truth, and BE…



January 22 at 2:39 AM · 

Source Energy is Harmonic Sound and Light Fields unified into Oneness. In our natural state we hold the Subharmonic Sound Vibrational Tones as Source Conscious Energy.

As we heal and clear our energetic Body and align with Source of the Absolute Divine, we ignite the fire of our Spiritual Higher God-Self. And as we expand further and deeper into the Crystal inner Core of our Higher God-Self, we become the Eternal Flame of Source.

This Ascension Cycle offers the process of restoring the Living-Light Code Harmonic Vibration within our multidimensional DNA Template. The DNA Coding each person holds is the program creating the Planetary Reality Field. As we heal and restore our Galactic DNA coding collectively, we then restore the balanced Hologram of our Highest Self-Sovereign divine expression as Christ-Source Eternal Consciousness Beings that we are.

Through the monthly infusions of the Trinity-Source re-encryption Frequencies for the Soul-Monad Galactivation into the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template of Eternal Source Embodied Unified Consciousness, the original Chakra System configuration and the Vertical Channel within the 12 Tree Eternal Life Unity Grid is now being restored within this Galaxy Time Matrix. The Vertical Spiritual Channel-9,6,3 is no longer stuck on the right side (as shown in 12 Tree Grid and Kathara Grid inorganic chakra system model from the Atlantian Event Relapse) of the Light Body. The Vertical Channel is now back into the Center Pillar as “Christos Realignment” 12, 9, 6, 3, 12-Zero Point and streaming 12D & 13D Rays of Eternal Source Light Energy to connect with and communicate through our Galactic Intelligence, this process is also dissolving the collective inorganic Subconscious Mind.

The true “5D Ascension” Higher Reality Field of TaRA correlates to the Planetary Vertical Channel-Pillar re-alignment process and connection back into the Open Source Star G.A.T.E. System and the Cosmic Divine Trinity of Dimensions 10, 11 & 12(Mother/Father/Christ-Sophia). The focus is on anchoring the Trinity-Source Code re-encryption frequencies for the rehabilitation and re-connection of the Planetary Crystalline Grids upon our Mother Planet of EaRA, the restoration of the Holographic organic Living-Light Template Soul-Monad-Avatar Identities and building the Eternal Bio-Plasma Crystal Body of Galactic Intelligence for the complete Planetary 12D Shift, the complete Unveiling of the of the Higher Reality Field and Disclosure Event to set HUmanity free.

~Sacred Romeo

Blue Rainbow-Sun Krystal Matrix Emissary

of the Emerald Sun Order Agenda

Light encoded Art by
Susanne Amara | @rawascension_amara

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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