News Burst ~ January 14, 2020

News Burst 14 January 2020

  • Baltimore City Police responded to multiple shooting on Saturday that left five people dead. In total, 12 people were shot, and five died on Saturday. The shootings were widespread and weren’t concentrated in a single neighborhood.
  • Schools and businesses shut across the Philippine capital as a Taal volcano belched clouds of ash across the city and seismologists warned an eruption could happen at any time, potentially triggering a tsunami. Taal, one of the world’s smallest active volcanoes, spewed ash for a second day from its crater in the middle of a lake about 70km south of central Manila.
  • While banning pro-peace accounts, Twitter openly allows pedophiles to discuss raping children. Read more…
  • A former soldier has admitted to killing a Slovak journalist and his fiancée in a crime that had sparked mass protests across the country leading to the resignation of Prime Minister Robert Fico. In 2018 the murder of local journalist Jan Kuciak, who had been investigating the Italian mafia’s activities in Slovakia and its links to senior Slovak officials, sparked a crisis in the country, with almost 20 cities hosting rallies against graft and insufficient measures to deal with corruption.
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has appeared in person in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, where the hearing on his extradition to the United States has begun. The hearing was delayed for more than an hour, which, according to Assange’s lawyer, Gareth Peirce, was due to the fact that there were some complications at Belmarsh prison, where the WikiLeaks founder is being held. She also said that the defence still had limited opportunities to communicate with and transfer case materials to her client because of prison rules.
  • Earth’s magnetic field could feel a bump in pressure on January 14th and 15th when a complex stream of solar wind reaches our planet. While no geomagnetic storms are expected, Arctic sky watchers will likely be treated to an extra dose of green overhead this week, and perhaps a further burst of activity beneath their feet, too.
  • China’s subways track commuters as security takes on a silent hi-tech face. In November, Beijing’s metro joined about a dozen cities across China in testing facial recognition systems, which are already used in many commercial applications and by public security departments. A trial is under way at a checkpoint in a Beijing downtown station.
  • With Hong Kong’s anti-government movement rolling on for more than seven months, an estimated 200 protesters had fled to Taiwan island on extended tourist visas.
  • Despite an aggressive crackdown by the Iranian regime that reportedly included soldiers and riot police firing into crowds of civilians – in open defiance of President Trump’s warning to Tehran not to “kill your protesters” – anti-government protests over Iran’s mistaken shoot-down of UIA Flight 752 continued on Monday for a third straight day, following the regime’s admission of responsibility on Saturday. During the protests, which erupted out of anger over the regime’s initial lies about Flight 752 (it initially insisted that a “mechanical error” was responsible despite video evidence suggesting a missile strike), Iranian security forces fired both live ammunition and tear gas into crowds of angry demonstrators.

Active Weather

  • Severe Tropical Cyclone Claudia – 65-90 ↑ kts 979 hPa – NNW off coast of Australia – Moving WSW 11 kts ↓

Strongest EQ in Europe M4.2 Poland
Strongest EQ in US M4.2 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.1 Japan
Deepest EQ M4.8 552 km Fiji Islands News Burst 14 January 2020

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