Late Edition for January 13, 2020: The Future is Loaded with Potential Traps and Terrorist Events [video] ~ January 13, 2020

Heads up in Victoria BC. Don’t miss this update from TRUreporting with more relevant information about a possible false flag event in Victoria on Vancouver Island (yes, where Prince Harry and his bride and baby are said to be) and news connected to the Pickering Nuclear Power plant in Durham Region, home to Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, etc. Nice job, Thomas.

I’m glad he mentioned the “faces in the sky” because I’ve seen faces in the clouds a couple of times this past week or so but hadn’t heard anyone else mention it.

Did You Hear About Canada’s Nuclear “incident”?! Let’s Begin The Decode :coded:

Sarah Tonen confirmed via the video below in less than 2 minutes the times the two EAS messages went out on cell phones Sunday morning about an event at the Pickering Nuclear facility. The first notification was at 7:23 am, and as we reported from the crew previously, the second one was at 9:11 am. You can’t make this up, folks. This is how the factions communicate, with coded messages, numbers, Gematria, etc.

Still no reply from my friend in Pickering about what, if anything, she experienced on Sunday.

For BP…..Pickering Nuclear Power Plant time stamps

The more desperate the deep state gets, the greater the chances for mass casualty events and false flags so be aware of your surroundings at all times, folks.

This is a great campaign vid for President Trump. Is there a secret message?  “Proved them all wrong” yields some interesting phrases in Gematria.

Who saw the message in this vid? #2020

— ]intheMatrixxx[ (@intheMatrixxx) January 13, 2020

Speaking of coded messages, SerialBrain2 has a new decode for us and we often learn a lot about who we’re dealing with here: the secret societies/satanic pedophile cult.

Post # 208 – HUSSEIN, a Cult 93 Priest.

I believe Julian Assange is indeed protected. Another peace sign… 5:5.

Under protection, he is the key

— X22 Report (@X22Report) January 13, 2020

Perfect timing. Dave’s analysis for today just came out. Awan is back in the news and I’ve been waiting for that.

Protected, Key To Hack, [AWAN] Back In The News, Flynn In Jail, Exactly [30] – Episode 2069b

Kip Simpson says Themtube censored this video. We can’t have the truth getting out. Fortunately, the disgusting, intolerant and violent behaviour of the loonatic left is sometimes prosecuted. We won’t tolerate disrespectful behaviour and behaving like animals without thought for consequence.

Florida Democrat SENTENCED TO JAIL for Spitting on Elderly Trump Supporter

On completion of the investigation, AG Barr declares the recent Pensacola Florida Naval Station attack an act of terrorism and reveals interesting details in the process.

AG Barr says attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola an ‘act of terrorism’

About that royal marriage of convenience… who wears the pants, exactly?

Now it all makes sense. Yikes!

— Katrina Pierson (@KatrinaPierson) January 13, 2020

The criminals are getting exposed left and right.

Houston Astros GM and manager fired after team fined $5M over sign-stealing probe

AIM4Truth has some awesome memes and cartoons.

Here’s Comey supporting a host of critters higher up the food chain than he is. Is that a dung beetle? He who laughs last, Jim…

Ciao for now, folks.  ~ BP

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