News Blast 22 August 2019 ~ August 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: What a great idea! Disclosure News Italia, based out of Italy, is now featuring a daily “News Blast”! This will be a way for ALL to know about news emanating from any area of the globe.

Humanity needs to learn what’s goin’ on globally since truthful news is being so suppressed by the Dark. Please read this (hopefully) on-going commentary on truth, and BE…



News Blast 22 August 2019

by Disclosure News | Updated on 24 August, 2019


Thursday August 22nd News BlastOverstock CEO Patrick Byrne resigns amid ‘deep state’ controversy In interviews he claims:- FBI heads acted outside the FBI to…

Disclosure News Forum Is Born!

by Disclosure News | Updated on 25 June, 2019 | Disclosure | The Disclosure News Forum Is Born! The Disclosure News Forum Is Born! It seemed to us that there was a need for a system of exchange of opinions and comments that would surpass in practicality, immediacy and ease of use the normal comment system of the site, so we…

The Islands and Their Expressions – Part 3

by Disclosure News | Updated on 11 June, 2019 | Disclosure | The Islands and Their ExpressionsMessage from The Pleiadians – Part 3 Islands and Their Expressions –  Message from The Pleiadians. By Gabriel RL. November 2017The Pleiadians report that there is a great movement of the type “Galactic Blitz”,…

Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies – Pleiadian Message

by Disclosure News | Updated on 10 June, 2019 | Disclosure | Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies.By Gabriel RL. The Pleiadians are here with your Bulletin and I, Gabriel RL/Neva, will ask you some more direct questions to them. Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive


The Pleiadians report that…

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