Horoscopes for August 11th, 2019 to August 18th, 2019 ~ August 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Mighty important times are here ya’ll! What do the stars hold in store for you? Find your astrological sign, be prepared, and BE…



By Nadia Gilchrist


The August 14th Sun/Venus conjunction illuminates a bright, favourable development. What you want/love in the areas of money, relationships or self-esteem will be dramatic, bold and on display for all to see. This is a golden, creative opportunity that will be part of the August 15th Full Moon in Aquarius – watch for a sudden burst of love, pride or inspiration that reveals something excellent. In some cases, this Full Moon’s ending can disrupt what you love or want, but ultimate liberation will be the result. 

Having said this, the Full Moon will square Vesta (focus) in Venus-ruled Taurus, indicating that developments will illuminate tension around security issues or your devotion to set habits. 

Mercury in Leo trines Chiron Rx in Aries on August 15th and squares Uranus Rx in Taurus on August 16th. Words/ideas will be loud and jarring, but this may be necessary in order to verbalize what hurts or address vulnerabilities. 

Mars enters Virgo on August 18th. Actions, anger and motivation are focused through the lens of doing it right, making it better or cleaning up the mess. 


The Full Moon in your social sector illuminates issues around expressing your talents/individuality/attraction in public. This can be the moment for a public launch but the square to Vesta in your sector of personal resources suggests conflict with set habits around money or values. Putting yourself out there may disrupt your security – is it worth it? The answer may be yes or the cost may be too great. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of self-expression (including the trine to Chiron in your sign) suggest public communication as a way of dealing with insecurities/wounds. But know that what you say will also be driven by disruptive impulses around money or self-esteem – rapidly changing security patterns can push you to say something radical. 

Mars into your sector of routine motivates you to tackle work and health issues. This is a “can do” influence that pushes you to exercise, confront health difficulties, get organized or take on more work. 


The Full Moon in your career sector shows how the culmination of professional or future ambitions will influence a desired domestic goal. What you want for the future will be linked to issues of domestic abundance and pride. The square to Vesta in your sign suggests conflict with a primary area of focus -perhaps something you want for yourself doesn’t quite mesh with  home and professional matters. 

Aspects to Mercury in your domestic sector (including the square to Uranus in your sign) indicates disruptive but clarifying conversations/realizations involving family. You may push for a discordant truth, or speak out after impatiently waiting for changes. This can facilitate the release of hidden insecurities – it may be time to  verbalize an inconvenient truth. 

Mars into your sector of self-expression can see you taking calculated actions regarding a new attraction, creative work or children/pregnancy. You’re pursuing something you want but there’s a careful, detailed approach.


The Full Moon in your opportunities sector illuminates a new/risky experience in the areas of romance, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. What you thought you wanted can manifest in an unexpected way, while stirring up tension with a hidden focus that you weren’t fully aware of. This can be a case of getting more than you bargained for while exposing issues you didn’t know you had. 

Aspects to Mercury in your communication sector suggest private surges of impatience or boredom can push you to speak out in jarring ways. Shocking insight or sudden revelations can open your eyes while helping you address difficult public issues. 

Mars into your domestic sector can activate an enhanced drive to renovate or improve the physical foundations of your home/ emerging family issues. This is a fix-it influence loaded with ambition and the desire to do it properly. Be aware that digging up flaws from the past may not always be constructive. 


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources illuminates issues around debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy. Your primary desires/values will act as a contrast to what you share or owe. This can mark a turning point in the payment of a debt, an intimate relationship or how open/closed you choose to be. Public opinion/goals will clash with what’s happening on a personal level, so you’ll have to decide how important your external focus is. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of personal resources indicates reassuring work conversations (about salary or what you’re worth) while you’re dealing with shocking/upsetting external information. Public opinion can provide jarring insights or push you to ask for more, which can lead to surprising moments of validation. 

Mars’ move into your communication sector strengthens the above as motivation and courage juice up your words. Watch for strengthened ambition to say the correct thing and zero in on the crucial details, or deliver your message in a precise way. Excellent for detailed investigations,  solutions or acting on what you know. 


The Full Moon in your partnership sector, opposing Venus in your sign, hi-lights a sizzling relationship turning point. What you want/love will be illuminated by an electric new attraction or a partner’s unpredictable energy. This can be a magnetic moment for you, as all eyes turn your way based on your insistence on what you deserve. But the square to Vesta in your career sector will illuminate tensions between personal versus professional. Your focus on the future may be distracted by other matters, or your personal image may be at odds with professional security. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sign suggest disruptive professional realizations. You may speak out or receive information that flips your expectations and forces you to open your eyes to some truths about your career and future. However, this can be an invitation to confront difficult areas involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or venturing into the unknown. As things change radically in your career, a door could open into a new area. Too, you may be verbalizing controversial but necessary knowledge. 

Mars’ move into your sector of personal resources can motivate you to work harder for your money, fight for what you know is right or make corrections in financial or emotional matters. This can be a productive influence that encourages you to pursue the best.


The Full Moon in your sector of routine emphasizes a result in health or work. A hidden but desirable goal can be realized in an unexpected way. There could be a loophole or surprising solution, but the square to Vesta in your opportunities sector suggests this will conflict with your focus on a higher ideal or distant focus (involving travel, education or legal matters). 

Aspects to Mercury in your hidden sector can trigger a surprising realization or reveal of hidden information. A shot of unexpected wisdom, perspective or news can cast a light on what’s been in your blindspot, but this will allow you to go deeper and address sensitive issues involving shared finances, intimacy or psychological wounds. 

Mars’ move into your sign gifts you with courage, motivation and dynamic potential. This is the time to get things done – you can dig into the details (as you love to do) while making short work of flaws and inefficient situations. Mars allows you to mercilessly mow down what has no value, while upgrading your image/physical appearance.


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression delivers a proud, public result involving performance, creative work or a very public romance. This is about being yourself, loud and proud. It could also refer to a launch or celebratory time with friends, but the square to Vesta in your sector of shared resources suggests conflict around shared finances, debts, intimacy or your focus on a psychological matter. What’s public may clash with deeply private matters, so this could be about deciding which has more value to you. 

Aspects to Mercury in your social sector can trigger unexpected social conversations or announcements, rooted in deeper disruptions. Public words (or discussions with friends) can be revealing while helping you address difficult issues in a one-on-one relationship. It’s possible that speaking out about a personal matter will help you confront the wound. 

Mars’ move into your hidden sector can see you pulling back after the above. You may be pausing to evaluate your next move, or putting your energy into private matters that require more caution and precision. 


The Full Moon in your domestic sector can signal a breakthrough in home and career matters. A professional opportunity or accomplishment will illuminate issues of freedom, independence and change at home. This could be about liberating yourself from old family dynamics, but the square to Vesta in your partnership sector suggests this will also hi-light tensions  in a relationship focus. What your partner holds sacred may conflict with your ideas of happiness. 

Aspects to Mercury in your career sector suggest surprising news/announcements or a sudden decision on your part (regarding future goals) triggered by relationship changes. A partner (business or romantic) could open your eyes to some radical truths involving your professional image or ambitions. These truths can help you address flaws or weaknesses in your daily work routine or health – ultimately, what you learn (or how you speak out) can be good for you. 

Mars’ move into your social sector activates friendships, group activities and your public image. You could be motivated to do the “right” thing on a public level or address public flaws/inaccuracies with focused action. This transit can also be about actively helping others. 


The Full Moon in your communication sector delivers a radical answer/decision or reveals positive news. A distant opportunity (or chance to explore a new and intriguing development) can encourage you to say “yes” but the square to Vesta in your sector of routine suggests this will conflict with health or work issues. What you want to explore or speak out about may be limited by your focus on self-care, illness or fear of change. 

Aspects to Mercury in your opportunities sector can deliver unpredictable lessons, or trigger surprising news in the areas of education, travel, legal matters or publishing. You may find something new and unusual to put your faith in, or be compelled to speak out about something with new confidence. You could discover that there’s nothing to lose or the fears of putting yourself out there are not insurmountable. 

Mars’ move into your career sector activates ambition and the motivation to do it right or make corrections. Excellent for a job search, tackling a new job or focusing your energy on new and improved future goals. 


The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources can deliver pleasing results involving earned money or self-esteem. A financial gift or unexpected benefit involving a partner can illuminate (and emphasize) your security and independence (as well as a major purchase). But the square to Vesta in your sector of self-expression suggests tension around your personal versus financial goals. Want you want to focus on for yourself can become more urgent as financial and partnership matters are emphasized. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of shared resources suggests an uncomfortable discovery or jarring but necessary conversation with a partner. Discussions about finances and intimacy, or psychological matters, can leave you feeling a bit exposed, but this is an excellent way to deal with ongoing domestic difficulties or insecurities. 

Mars’ move into your sector of opportunities can see you ready and able to make a big move or tackle new territory with precision and hard work. Excellent for moving forward and making it happen in the areas of education, relocation, legal matters or publishing. 


The Full Moon in your sign illuminates a bold new attraction or favourable moments in an existing relationship. A turning point with another, or regarding your own courage and confidence in your relationships, can be sudden and sweet as you break through a barrier. But the square to Vesta in your domestic sector suggests these favourable events can also emphasize limits at home/with family or your focus on a family member. 

Aspects to Mercury in your relationship sector suggest that another can deliver jarring news or an eye-opening conversation. Domestic changes will be at the root of this (and you may surprise yourself with a decision to break away) but the overall vibe is one of healing and empathy, despite the shock. Good for talking about a difficult subject and confronting a sore spot. 

Mars’ move into your sector of shared resources can activate deeper issues around shared finances or intimacy. The actions of another can push you to take a hard look at what’s wrong, what’s missing or where you can do it better.


The Full Moon in your hidden sector can reveal a surprising benefit involving work or health. A workaround or assistance can reveal something better, but the square to Vesta in your communication sector suggests you’ll have to deal with your own narrow perceptions or difficulty accepting new ideas. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of routine can deliver a surprising solution, diagnosis or disruption to daily habits. This will free you from unproductive attitudes while helping you address insecurities about money or self-esteem. 

Mars’ move into your partnership sector suggest another may push you to do more/do it better. Projected motivation, anger or the desire to make something happen can indirectly encourage you to bring your A game, even if this means you’re confronted with some hard truths. 


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