Mother Divine ~ Cocoon Of Light ~ August 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Very,very nice analogy here…it is time to “let go” and relax into the New Earth’s birthing process. Perhaps it is time for all to…just breathe in and out as the chaos of your world swirls around. And also, don’t forget to BE…



via Karen Vivenzio

Mother here dearest child of light. It pains me to see the birthing that you are going through, this magnificent journey of light is so dark for many of you right now. You are in the middle of the birth canal. For those of you who are mothers yourselves, don’t you remember the pain and the trauma you went through when you refused to let go, you had to push push push for that baby to come out. The pain and glory of natural child birth is like nothing else. First you have to receive, and nourish the seed as the baby grows, and then you start to glow, and then the labor pains begin and it is a whole new world you are in, from darkness emerges light, a crying baby, no sleep at night. It is so difficult because you are living in a world that does not support you dear child. You are living in a world that sees only black and white, green, and gold. That is not the world we are birthing for you – so how could you possibly understand what it will be like when the golden ships land?

For come what may, the world in front of you is not your own, it does not belong to you – it belongs to the universal soul all around you. It lives and breathes on its own. It is okay to just let go. You do not need to hold the whole world up on your own.

Your spirit it breaking, shaking, with the winds of change that have just stormed in, beckoning you to just let go – breathe out, then in.

Nothing else my dear friend.

Nothing else my dear friend.

Birthing pains beginning again.

In between, all you can do is breathe.

One breath in

One breath out

The winds of change swirling about

Breathe in

Breathe out

Finally you are learning what life is about

To sit in the stillness, the silence, and to breathe

To feel the feelings that come up as you breathe and to experience all sorts of dreams

Some dream in the night, others dream in the waking hours of the day

Whatever you dream will come to life

One way or another

So keep your heart light, your mind free and clear, and listen to us my dear

For you are one of a kind

One unique facet of everything that is Divine

You are a magically shooting star

You are a police cruiser moving along

You are a million reasons we have given you thus far. To be light. To shine light on the darkness inside. To awaken the sleeping angelic tribe.

Awaken dear hearts into a new way of life.

Where the goodness inside each living being outweighs the darkness.

Where the soul is cleansed of impurities, and debris from other dimensions.

Where the heart and mind blend together as one, no more divisions, no more sacrifice, no more of anything that is not housed in the spirit of love.

To love is what your life is all about.

To embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly and see what turns out.

For it is in your nature to transmute and transform anything that you are keeping in your awareness for far too long.

So sit in the stillness, my angels, my friends, and allow the waves of the new vibration to welcome you in – to the cocoon of light embracing you now, surrounding you and filling you, inside and out. Allow your hearts to become aware of the peaceful silence deep within you my dears. For this is the vibration from which you were born. This is the vibration to which you return.

Breathe it in and feel it now, the peacefulness that surrounds you all.

Take it in. Allow it to come forth, rising up from the ashes as all is reborn, renewed, refreshed, let light poureth forth, moving out of the darkness and into the new dawn. Another dimension shining in wait, waiting for the connection, the vibration, the clearing of the gate, heaven’s gate is opening wide, ushering you inside. All you have to do is glide into the awareness of another place, another time, Mother’s arms are opening you, ushering you into the dimension of love, awakening your true hearts dear ones.

For I AM the Spirit of Love, and I have birthed all of Creation in the image of love, the image of oneness dear ones. For I AM Your Mother, Sweet Angel Divine, and you are all the most beautiful children I could ever describe. Open your hearts and welcome in your new life. For you are my Angels, and I AM the Spirit of your life. The Holy Spirit that lives and breathes deep inside you, giving you life and igniting your light. I AM Your Great Mother, come back to Light/Life.

With love, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU! 


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