Kp Message 7-4-19 (#2)… “The liberating and re-sovereign-ing of the united states of America is VERY important for the planet” (kind of a global and Cosmic perspective) ~ July 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: I agree with Kp…the old USA (America) is the land where the strength of the Dark had been solidified in finance, dark government leaders, bad “actors” and a whole swath of Dark overlords.

But…now the “tide is turning” as those of the light, exemplified by “Q” and Trump who ARE showing the rest of the world how to overthrow Dark and begin positive actions and ideas leading to the liberation of this world from Satanic practices of woe. Remember the “Trumpinator” float in that Italian parade?

The whole world is watching and will use Trumps/Q’s ideas and actions to turn the ship of Planet Earth around and sail towards the light…as humans, “WE ARE FREE”, and for that, be…



So I was watching something (which I’ll post shortly) and it was about the United States (which I spelled “united states” because as I understand it the original constitution had “united states of America” and later the USA CORP changed it to all capitalized words) and Donald Trump coming in and why he has now become president.

So, it strongly “hit” that I feel it is very helpful to understand what is going on with the US, in the context of the global, and the Cosmic. It’s simple:
US represents freedom, liberty. US (along with other countries) was taken over by the dark ones (deep state)… they remove borders, let everyone in, poison the population (you know, Monsanto, GMOs, etc.),

deplete the military, create a socialist state, etc. Return sovereignty to US by taking care of the USA’s act first (instead of other countries’ acts); secure the USA’s house by closing the doors (temporary), kicking out criminals, etc., thus…

Liberate the US = signal to the world freedom is returning.

US may now assist the rest of the planet’s liberation and re-sovereigning.

Planet Earth becomes a sovereign planetary whole.

Planet Earth now qualifies to join the Galactic community.

So that’s why the US is important. And it is why Trump and the Alliance are important (and this is my view, and (perhaps) no one else’). Aloha, Kp

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