Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies – Pleiadian Message ~ June 10, 2019

Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies.By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians are here with your Bulletin and I, Gabriel RL/Neva, will ask you some more direct questions to them.


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The Pleiadians report that the plasma entity Yaldabaoth is almost completely removed, with only a few plasmatic devices still coupled to Earth, especially in the Middle East.

The Ashtarians are also taking care of this final removal.

They also report that human beings are beginning to have access to certain highly advanced technologies that will bring great strides.

Technologies that are not necessarily physical, but special energies that will be active in their fields, and that will help in the removal, for example, of the AI ​​of the surface of that planet.

The movement of the Order of Neva, even if our channel is shy in speaking of it, is a conquest of the High Commands and will bring, as we have said, a great impact, eliminating AI from your personal environments, bodies and even the microchips deployed in you by the non-confederated by the force of tuning.

Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies


Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies

Cintamani Jewels

They will be automatically burned when this technology starts reverberating actively. We are happy!

Finally, they reinforce the need for cooperation between the Workers and Warriors of Light.

They say that in an attempt to maintain their streght, various groups working with the dark forces continue to try to put Lightworkers and Warriors of Light against each other, infiltrating in their mental fields and feeding on these energies of conflict.

Thus, the Pleiadians ask that they meditate and harmonize themselves so that they do not become the feeders of these entities, most of them, plasmatic.

They also report that many twin souls are undergoing targeted scalar attacks, which can affect the stomach, spine and mental regions.

The intent of these attacks is to keep these soul mates in a low vibratory pattern by leading them to some sort of personal conflict and/or stress, out of focus.

The Pleiadians inform that at the slightest sign of malaise in this sense, try to chant the mantra:


Play as many times as you think necessary. This will create a very powerful blue energy bubble and this bubble will absorb that energy being directed.

The energy bubble will self-destruct and close the targeted portal, giving a disciplinary shock to the being/device that is directing this scalar force to you.

The Pleiadians say that the energy of the Twin Souls has become very toxic to the old Archons, and they are trying to nullify that energy that is spreading upon the Earth.

They also say that many of them, the Pleiadians, have descended into twin pairs at this time, both through the incarnational process and Walk-In, to further amplify this powerful energy of the “Nodes.”

(Obviously, if the person is very ill due to scalar attacks, a doctor should be consulted immediately.)

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