Light Forces and 5G – Pleiadian Message ~ June 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: This report from our friends overseas at Disclosure News Disclosure brings us some very good news about recent happenings on the spiritual scene that surely reflect the advance of Light in/on our world!

So…please read this report, know we are readying for some satisfying times ahead, and be…



Light Forces and 5G. By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians are here with your Bulletin and I, Gabriel RL/Neva, will ask you some more direct questions to them.


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How is the work of the Light Forces in relation to 5G Technology?

Pleiadians: We are moving forward in regard to neutralizing the AI infiltrations in this technology.

Movements such as Neva will have a great positive impact, and we are encouraged by the immediate results of this movement.

The dark forces’ attempt to advance is normal, but we have everything under control.

Although it may seem that we are not realizing, or in some way retreating, know that there is no chance for them to advance with their plans, as we already have their orbits under our control.

And the Ashtarians are much more active now than ever. Do not worry. Do your part while we’re doing ours.

There is no retreat; there is a change of route to a FASTER ONE. Know this!

Cintamani Jewels
Light Forces and 5G

Light Forces and 5G

The “robotic spiders” are being analyzed by our fleets and they can not go beyond where they have already been.

The Pleiadians also report that a special scheme is being set up to remove these “robotic spiders” from the Ashoris3 (Chimera) group and that the Galactics (us, humans) on the surface have full active action at this time, creating meditations and movements in your social networks for visualizations of the dissolutions of these entities.

The Pleiadians also report that portals are being opened up and “sucking” these entities into their interiors by taking them out of this system.

Andara Crystals and Cintamanis

Pleiadian MessageRead

Yaldabaoth and Advanced Technologies

Pleiadian MessageRead

Light Forces and 5G Technology

Pleiadian MessageRead


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The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men.


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