Currency Reset Buzz – Ben Fulford ~ June 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: While no one know of “details” as Earth’s transition to 5D ocurrs, we’ve all heard stories of the “RV”, Nescera, Gesera and the like. My personal thought regarding the miraculous distribution of major wealth has evolved.

SMy heart knows that many (most) on Earth do not have the right “frame of mind” to handle sudden wealth, so….this may be a pipe dream. Or, sudden wealth may very well be the ticket to lift humanity into realms of mental happiness and joy.

So…please stay tuned and let’s watch how this all unfolds, stay centered in your heart and watch you vibrational rate rise, and be…



Currency Reset Buzz. By Ben Fulford.

Currency reset buzz as Indonesia shuts all banks, pawn shops for 9 days while Malaysia calls for international gold-backed currency.

People with real-world intelligence contacts are all buzzing with the feeling that something big is coming down. “My gut feeling is that we are very close to the end of the U.S. Corporation. I can say this, as what is happening here in the region is connected. There is change in the air.

The corrupt governments are being exposed and will either step down or be removed by ‘the people,’” was how a CIA source in Asia described the mood. Many apparently disconnected events all point to this.


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Let’s start with the situation in East Asia, where Indonesia has shut down all of its banks and pawn shops for 9 days starting this week.

This move to shut down all gold trading and international banking came immediately after Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir called for replacing the U.S. dollar with a gold-backed trading currency.

Papua, New Guinea, home to some of the world’s largest gold reserves, just selected James Marape as Prime Minister.

Marape wants to effectively nationalize his nation’s mineral and energy resources.

Currency Reset Buzz - James Marape

James Marape

Currency Reset Buzz

Cintamani Jewels

King David Peii II of the Twin Kingdoms of Papaala and Me’ekamui (Bougainville), the de facto controller of Panguna, the world’s largest gold mine, told the White Dragon Society he was close to Marape: “Interestingly, he happens to be my own schoolmate, friend, and U-Vistract client

[referring to the gold-backed currency which King David created]


I just sent him my congratulatory message. When the appointed time comes, God opens all doors.

Currency Reset Buzz - Panguna


Currency Reset Buzz

The shutdown of Indonesian banks and the gold-related moves follow an unprecedented ten-day shutdown of the entire Japanese banking system from April 27th to May 7th.

This unprecedented shutdown also led to speculation (including by this writer) that it would lead to some sort of financial announcement, but nothing happened in a manner that was visible to us common people. However, we are now hearing from British royals that the shutdown was needed for IT work related to the Quantum Financial System.

It is also related to the announcement on April 9th that Japan would be issuing new currency starting in 2024, the sources say.

These moves all began to be implemented in March 2019 after Cardinal George Pell, the head of the Vatican Bank, was found guilty of molesting young boys, P2 Freemason sources confirm.

These moves will also have a major effect on the Dutch royals’ Bilderberg group and its members, since it means the petrodollar system set up by Bilderberg point man Henry Kissinger is being systematically dismantled, the P2 and British sources say.

The Dutch royal family is also now facing an existential crisis, as their involvement in the Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 is facing public, official, criminal scrutiny.

Prime Minister Mahatir of Malaysia, speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan last week, publicly acknowledged that Malaysian Air Flight 370 which vanished in March of 2014, and Flight 17 which was shot down in July 2014, were the same airplane.

He said the Dutch refused to hand over the black box from the plane to Malaysia, even though the flight originated in Malaysia and had a Malaysian pilot.

Mahatir also made it clear there was a politically motivated attempt right from the beginning to blame Russia for downing the airplane.

His comments can be seen here starting at the 40:35 mark. – VIDEO

Currency Reset Buzz – To Be Continued…

In fact, Dutch whistleblowers and others have already thoroughly exposed this entire murderous incident.

This link here tells the real story.

The reason this incident is being brought up now is because public statements by a sitting head of state mean this entire sordid episode can no longer be swept under the carpet.

The investigative trail will surely lead to the Nazi Dutch royal family.

A letter to the editor posted on this site by a Dutch whistleblower has a lot of interesting information on the relationship between the Dutch royals, the Nazis, the Bilderbergers, and the EU.

Currency Reset Buzz - Expired Dutch Passports Malaysian Flight

Expired Dutch Passports Malaysian Flight

Currency Reset Buzz

Some highlights include: News that a Dutch submarine was deliberately sunk by the British to silence it because it had spotted the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor.

Holland has remained secretly under Nazi rule since 1945. Adolf Eichmann was killed because he was planning to blow the whistle on the Nazis.

The Hitler Cabinet has continued silently since 5 May 1945 under the leadership of the succeeding Dutch heads of state Wilhelmina, Juliana, and Beatrix… and now the Belgian Étienne Davignon, whereby the Nazi regime was taken over by the European Union.


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It takes two years to learn to speak and sixty to learn to keep quiet.

Ernest Hemingway

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