Microsoft CEO says Stopping Facial Recognition Would be “Cruel” | Ben Swann [video] ~ February 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: It just never ends, does it? Does anyone else feel something approaching outright laughter at the stance taken by the dark here on Earth just now? I used to feel anger melding into disgust which has finally yielded into just humorous amazement at the lengths to which the dark have gone to “win back” this planet.

Sorry…I AM truly appalled at the antics/actions of the dark, it’s just that they are so easily seen through these days, and…they KNOW there time is just about up! Please read this article, know that the “end” approaches, and be…



These creatures are something else. Walls are “immoral” and stopping technology that could help identify people would be “cruel”. See the strategy?

If you think facial recognition software is about locating missing children, think again. That is not the plan, but they know how to gird the truth in costumes to make it appealing to gullible, brainwashed people.

This is one more example of the psycho globalists wanting to grow rich on taxpayer dollars while they supply the technology to take us out;  to destroy our privacy and make it easy to identify the dissidents among us.

Ben’s correct. If they’re so concerned about locating missing children, why not GIVE the software to authorities?

They know damn well where most of the missing children go and facial recognition software won’t make one bit of difference which means it’s only about the money, and furthering the New World Order’s agenda.  ~ CB

Ben Swann ON: Microsoft CEO says Stopping Facial Recognition Would be “Cruel”

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