Mother Mary’s Updates on Divine Government and More ~ January 12, 2019

By: Linda Li


Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. The reason that it has taken me quite a few days to give an update is because, as you know, our Divine government team members have officially arrived. They are hand picked by the Divine Mother, and they are the Divine elites. And the Divine is depending on them.

In the process of selecting the Divine government members, our Divine process has been through quite a bit of turmoil. In the beginning, duo to the original design, Divine Mother had a vision that all the archangels who had incarnated on the planet right now, would automatically be the Divine government members, and serve the Divine. But, unfortunately, that plan has not worked out. The archangels who we hoped would joined the Divine government, have not been able to come up and face the challenges. Also, due to the intense pressure, there were other Divine team members who were also hand picked by the Divine, were not able to pass the Divine evaluation process, So that by the end of the evaluation process, the Divine decided not to use the original plan. In other words, the Divine Mother decided to bring a new set of Divine angels who have been vetted to be the Divine government members. Now these newly selected Divine government members have arrived on the planet. Once their intense training is over, they will be called into action. And that is the latest development in terms of the Divine government.

Besides the Divine government members, we, the Divine, also have brought a team of angels to help Jesus Christ in terms of logistics. Christ has been so busy getting her tenure going that we, the Divine, feel that she can use some help. With Divine Mother’ Approval, the Divine have selected a team of elite angels who have a great record of serving the Divine, and who have been coming and going to the planet with Christ for many lifetimes. And now, they are here again, to help Christ. For that, they are grateful and Christ is very pleased to see her old friends. They are a great team. That is the second thing we, the Divine have decided and carried out in the last few days.

In terms of what is happening to Gaia/Mother earth, as you can see, Mother Earth has been releasing non stop. The weather pattern has been erratic, and that is because Mother Earth is going through a lot of releasing right now. Due to the density of the planet, we have decided to let Mother Earth to release, but in a gentle way so that Gaia and Mother Earth can have a chance to be healed, and meanwhile humanity can live on the planet without too much destruction. So far so good. We, the Divine have been able to manage the release while Gaia has a relief.

That being said, we, the Divine do see that Gaia/Mother Earth’s release can get more and more intense. Mother Nature changes will eventually become harder to handle. And for that, we, the Divine have been trying to relieve some of the pressure for Gaia so that the intensity can be managed. But this is only the beginning of Gaia’s release. When Gaia starts to release the more dense energies, the planet may have to endure more severe weather and natural changes, and that is something we, the Divine want to warn you about it. At the end of the day, humanity is at the stage where Gaia’s releasing has only just begun. More Gaia releases the past energies, the more intense the nature changes will be, and humanity will have more to handle. And that is the Divine message.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In order for the planet to be fully healed, we, the Divine have decided to allow Gaia/Month earth to have the release continued. In other words, from this point on, the natural changes will be the norm for the planet. Humanity just has to learn to live with the process. It is painful but it is also needed. Gaia/Mother Earth need this releasing process to heal her self. The process of releasing and healing is going to run for decades. for that, the Divine and the company of heaven, have come up with a plan so that together, we can arrange humanity in a way that the planet overall is still livable, and humanity still can and will live on this changing planet. It is just that a lot of moving around is needed so that Mother Earth can heal her whole body. Mountains and ocean waters may have to swap places, but that will happen only when the Divine government starts functioning, and under the Divine government’s direction, we will have planet wide reorganization and moving of the populations. That is the design and that is something we, the Divine will carry out only when every country on the planet is ready.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In terms of what will happen to the United States government, according to the Divine plan, the government of the United States will work under the Christ and the Divine government. The design is for the Divine government to be the ruling party and all countries on the planet will be under the rule of the Divine government. However, since the Divine government will be in Washington DC, the capital of the United States. The Divine and the company of heaven, are going to reside in Washington DC. And Divine Mother/Father God have decided to live in the capital of the Divine government, Washington DC, rule from there. So, the United States government by design, will be the Divine government, and rule by Jesus Christ as well. In other words, once the Divine government officially begins, the ruler of the Divine government and the head of the United States will be the Jesus Christ, and currently Jesus Christ has incarnated in the physical body, on the planet, and being prepared so that once the time comes, she is going to stand up and start to rule the planet. She is the Divine appointed head of the Divine government and the government of the United States. She is the Jesus Christ incarnated, and she is the leader for the entire planet. Her tenure has already begun. Now is the time for her to come and join the Divine and the company of heaven, together, so we start the Divine government.

I love you dear heart. There are a lot happenings behind the scenes, and what the Divine and the company of heaven, are busy doing is all for the Christ, to make sure her time in Washington DC is comfortable, and she is ok with the climate. So far, she has been doing great. She has picked her cabinet members. And she has also brought her disciples so that they can be in Washington DC with her once the Divine government begins. Her entire team has been fully assembled, and her disciples have been summoned, and now they have to figure out a way to Washington DC. Of course, with the help of mighty Jesus, I am sure all the disciples of Christ will find their way to Jesus Christ, again, in this lifetime. What an amazing story. I am so pleased and excited. I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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