The Back Story on Martial Law & Government Shutdown—Intel Update | Patriot Hour [videos] ~ January 10, 2019

Michael tells us there was an agenda behind the scenes attempting to force President Trump to declare martial law, possibly with respect to the southern border.

He mentions that Trump may call the situation something other than “martial law” to defuse it and reduce the chances of rebellion, violence and chaos. Is that where terminology of a “national emergency” began?

In your travels on the Internet you may have heard the violent reactions to the terminology “martial law” that some in the alternative news community shared. Some sounded terrified. I am confident the President will do whatever is necessary to protect America and her people.

There are so many brainwashed people in America that “marketing” is very important. Trump and QAnon have been very careful in choosing their words.

We have been told by multiple parties to keep a cool head, to always be prepared for anything, and to banish fear and boldly go. This is the second American Revolution.

We understand the purpose of QAnon and the team recruiting Donald Trump was to avoid a violent rebellion with many civilian casualties; to bring about a peaceful transition with little more than an “information war”, primarily with the mockingbird media.

I’m well aware that for folks just recently on the Trump Train this may sound overly dramatic, but the truth of the situation on our planet goes far beyond warring factions of two main political parties in Washington, DC.

It’s a global situation and it was and is at the point that it is very dangerous for those who attempt to dismantle the control structure.

The second video below Michael recommends as background and it sounds as though we may be getting some valuable information to assist in understanding the current status of this war. He tacked the second video onto the end of the first one but it can be shared alone on various platforms as a standalone.

Thomas Williams will be hosting his weekly show in just under 90 minutes and we usually get more intel there and a status update on many things, but particularly the financial situation as he is part of a team facilitating the global financial reset.

Tune in and listen live at and refresh the page at the given time, or Think Different at 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific.

This first video includes the intro from Michael.  ~ BP

Q National Emergency And Martial Law Was The Big Plan [4D Chess Moves]

This is the standalone video for sharing.

Q Global Cabal Financial Reboot And The Government Shutdown Reason All Exposed

Robert David Steele posted this article on his website.

Robert Steele: How Our Military Can Help Defend the Border

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