Energy Update ~ January 5, 2019

This is based off Sideral, Tropical & Mayan astrology & channeled/download messages.

Today is a massive galactic portal activation date resonant tone 7, Kin #72, Third Eye Chakra date, which is also about the 7 main energy centers aligning to receive the higher consciousness and activations coming in. We are still in the 6th moon until 1/10 which is about finding the right balance between the lower self and higger self. Anytime we have a portal date, energy can be intense along with the unconscious merge of your mutlidimensional self more actively. The plasma wave coming through the Sun stargate is felt and will be felt over the next 2-3 days for some depending on location and how you experience energy shifts. The frequency of the planet spikes.

There’s a lot of immediate Soul group clearing, mainly in family at this time due to the North Node in Cancer ruling our ancestors, dna memory structure, soul genetic, lineage, home/childhood, emotional body karmic imprints, our destiny, dharma, etc.. For many what is ending is connected to lineage, dna, family, childhood. And ketu/South node in Capricorn: the initiation of the Soul to move beyond the 3D realm with the gatekeeper Saturn also in cap conjuncting this eclipse while slowly conjuncting Pluto & South Node. Yesterday and today for me was definitely tense with family and for many others that I have spoken with. It’s all part of the process. We are all going through our own process individually, what one person experiences or believes is for them to experience and believe. There is a lot of projection happening, projecting ones desires, belief, inner conflict, etc.. In my perception, I feel it’s not up to us to decide what people should think or do or believe… it’s a unique indivual process of spiritual evolution that we go through at our own pace exactly as we have decided to at a soul level. To me, it feels like there is no wrong or right, above or below in a state of unity consciousness. Everything just is. the 3rd dimension is based off duality to exist. Duality within creates duality without and projection/manifestation. Unity within creates unity without through projection/manifestation through the last mental hemispheres connected to realms beyond the 3D physical plane and visible light frequency/linear time. After the eclipse: Pluto & Sun conjunct as Pluto moves to the next degree and mercury conjuncts Saturn all in Cap, the moon conjuncts Mars in Aries with Uranus moving direct. It is ALOT at a soul level. But for many, this is a turning point. A beginning to a new paradigm due to the Soul work that you have done. Integrating the shadow & going through the purging

I do feel that over this year.. the Soul’s ready to go, will be going or getting ready to in larger numbers. This is just what I have learned from hearing the subconscious of others telepathically overlapping their verbal words, sometimes they dont verbally speak at all and many of them I dont know, complete strangers. I make eye contact and they tell, it is something that I experienced with my mom about 6 months before her cancer diagnosis. Each Soul will choose a way out at some point when they choose to leave this incarnation. But it’s almost like the one’s that have agreed within their soul group are planning their exit plan. it is hard to explain. Nothing to fear, the physical is the illusion/dream. The ones leaving their body will be aiding from beyond this realm very closely with their soul group from an ascended state. This shift is really about to take off. soon as we hit the Galactic new year of The Divine Feminine Magnetic charge with the Magnetic Sun transition, everything just takes off. First year of the Divine Feminine since the fall of Atlantis I have been told through my guidance.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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