The Marker, D5 and the Shifting of the Tide (the awakening) ~ November 23, 2018

Editor’s Note: Many thanks J for sending this to me for publication. Great article based on the growing movement of positive spirituality around our globe! Please read, think and consider for your self, and…



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This post was inspired by Serial Brain 2’s most recent offering, as seen here, and comments on that post in other venues. Thank you patriots. Thank you SB2!


Generally speaking, I tend to rely on intuition a lot. For me, it’s kind of like the fog horn that draws attention in the midst of the fog of data and information. From there, I start to look, read, analyse, digest.

Reckon D5 is what we are focusing on. WhiteSquall’s comment about D5 being Dec 5 all along is right on the mark.

And yes, I can feel the acceleration. Intensifying.

I love the comment about blue red both being in the swamp Q2468 [SWAMP] contains RED & BLUE. Q , and Trump rising above the divide AT THIS JUNCTURE. And the purple tiesYouTube thing. Yes!

The rising above the divide is a very important marker. It means the first half of the process is DONE. What’s the first half of the process? Division of goats and sheep. In spiritual terms, separation of Good and Evil. In material world terms, clearing the house. Once that is accomplished, the alignment becomes clear.

Consider if there is confusion or no clear separation of good and evil, sheep and goats. It means it’s hard to identify allies, it means, the one who stands to direct things cannot really direct things openly. For example, you cannot effectively command a military that is not focused, not united, or which lacks cohesion. A house divided against itself…..

You can also see this is true by how evil works. Always to blur the lines. Always to confuse. Always to mix in evil with good. A seducer will mix in something desirable and good with something evil and destructive. Tempt, then destroy.

So, the first stage is, as it always must be, separation of wheat from chaff, sheep from goats, victim from criminal, good from evil,

Then, what’s the next stage? Taking good and moving towards the place of sovereignty, control. Allies, supporters, good folk are drawn in now by the power and effectiveness of the clear center, the clear command point, while the corrupt, the real goats, are left behind, and sink, sink, sink into oblivion, where they have no power to alter things or dictate how things go.

So the marker between the 1st stage and the 2nd stage, in this paradigm, is very, very significant. First, division. Separation of good and evil. And Trump is an absolute master at this. He was made for it.

Second Stage is unification. Bringing together. Uniting under the right and correct center, not the false, evil or corruptly won center. Reaching out to good in both camps, and getting rid of evil in both camps. Crossing the boundaries.

For me, this marker is also borne out in Trump’s demeanor. Trump shutting down CNN’s Acosta was a powerful signal that something has shifted. He no longer has to tolerate the corrupt. Because stage 1 – separation – is complete. Now, he will body slam in a whole different way. But he will also lift up in a wholly different way.

They thought Trump was bad before. He’s going to be much more direct, much clearer, and actually less tolerant of the slimy stuff, in my opinion. But, at the same time, he will begin appealing to the greater, broader base.

(* Personally, I have found my own focus shift, too, from combatting with folks on the other divide of the ignorance bar, to now telling the truth but also reaching out to them. The truth is, many good, good people have been against Trump for all the right reasons, but with the wrong facts. They desire a better America, more justice, better society. But they have been fed lies. In my opinion, from this point forward, they are going to become freer to recognize that in fact, it is not Trump but the ones they trusted who actually were working against the things they themselves wanted. And as that happens Q 1832 At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street, That time is quickly approaching, because the foundation (Stage 1) has been set.)

Another way to express the Stage 1 Stage 2 paradigm is Going Down and Going Up. Up until November, Trump and Q were tunneling down, pushing, swimming down to the bottom of the sea floor. Stage 1. Now, they are ascending, coming up, propelled by the push of the ocean. Stage 2.

They went down to grab the central point, the controlling point. Separation = the quest to secure the controlling point. That’s Stage 1. Unifying = bringing all the wheat into the barn, and leaving the chaff outside. That’s Stage 2.

What is Stage 3? That’s the new Sovereign order. The opposite of the New World Order. It’s when the capacity of the Enemy, the Cabal will shrink more and more, and freedom and peace will be ushered in. Before that, we have to go through Stage 2, unifying. Reuniting. Healing of the core.

Anyway, how relaxed does Trump look these days? How in control? How less tense than before? Least, this is why I pick up, what my intuition says. He looks more and more like a man settled into the task, and in control.

Either way, D5 baby. D5.


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    The Commander I know is in control. Watch a master tactician and his team take them down.


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