This Is Not Fantasy – Storm Is Upon Us ~ November 16, 2018

This Is Not Fantasy – Storm Is Upon Us. By @StormIsUponUs

Q Joe M

Storm Is Upon Us – This Is Not Fantasy

They just made us think it is. ALERT! We were about to go down the toilet and then were miraculously saved – all while we were focused on everything but what is the most transformative event in living history. #BeThePlan

Q Joe M

Storm Is Upon Us – #PanicInDC

Reflect on the #PanicInDC. [They] have lost all power, and are now operating with a 1700W spotlight on their whole maze of corruption. They have no option but to move forward with their plans knowing all is being monitored: the terror of having nowhere to hide and nowhere to go.

Q Joe M

Storm Is Upon Us – ThankQ

Q is a privilege, not a right. It owes us nothing. We take what it delivers with grace, and we make of it no demands. A patriot’s job is only to fight for freedom, and defend what truths we are now blessed to know. ThankQ

Q Joe M

Storm Is Upon Us – Understand

They gave us Q to help us understand the bare minimum of what is going on during this sophisticated swamp draining operation. Don’t assume we know better than MI as to when things should and should not be done.

Q Joe M

Storm Is Upon Us – #CaravanInvasion

Just because we let [them] defraud the election, doesn’t mean Patriots aren’t in control. Just because these migrants are jumping the fence, doesn’t mean we couldn’t stop it. Now we’ve documented the full #CaravanInvasion scam, from first payments through to completion. TREASON!

This Is Not a R vs D Battle QAnon

QAnon Achive

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I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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