Embed STEALTH JEFF ~ November 6, 2018

Best thing to come out of this election?

A completely unleashed Trump means:

all that stuff Sessions & Rosenstein & Horowitz & Huber had to keep under wraps for more than a year, the curtain can be tossed of it.

None of it was politicized before the midterms.

The only thing that leaked was the McCabe grand jury. And it quickly sank ‘neath the surface again, quickly forgotten.


Trump said repeatedly it’d take him and his team 2 years to ‘get up to speed’.

We’re almost there. A lot of preparation has been done behind the scenes WITHOUT politicizing any of it so the Democrats could scream & wail about their heroes being persecuted & energize their base.

Instead of rallying their troops around an indicted Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, etc. etc. what are Democrats doing the last weeks leading up to these midterms?

Mumbling about healthcare & playing right into Trump’s hands on immigration, his strongest issue.

Understand: the 1st phase is pull all the fangs, identify all the plotters, move all the pieces into position for the 2nd phase.

Mueller hasn’t been a danger to Trump for over a year. The Crossfire Hurricane plot has been completely exposed & all it’s members rendered impotent.

I’m in awe of Trump at this point. I was assuming for over a year he’d HAVE to declassify everything, roll it all out before the midterms to save his Presidency.

He didn’t have to. He got his red wave *anyway* WITHOUT having to do that. He literally gave the Dems nothing.

No rallying cry or tyrant Trump media tour as Comey, McCabe & Co. made the rounds on DNC Media as heroes being martyred by Trump & his goons at the DOJ.

They kept waiting for him & Sessions to roll it out before the midterms so it could all be POLITICIZED to energize the base.

Well good luck to them making THAT argument now.




There was no rush. I kept telling people this, it doesn’t sink in. Trump & Sessions can roll these goons up at their leisure. They aren’t going anywhere.

All the fangs were pulled the first few months in office. Then they bided their time & cast their nets.

Now after the Red Wave crashes down in these midterms, 2 years of careful prep gives way to 2 years of action as things will come out into the open.
Hillary Clinton very likely got CIA & other intel networks in China and Iran rolled up due to her pay for play schemes on her unsecure, illegal private server. Dozens of people died.
Before you ring THAT bell, how this was all covered up so she could run for President, & that trying to cover up & hide what they did led directly to the attempts to sabotage the Trump campaign & then the Trump Presidency, you better be SURE.
Trump & his team initiated a hostile takeover of a gov’t that *colluded* with Hillary Clinton to hide her crimes so she could run for President. They had to spend the first 2 years cleaning house & rooting out all the embedded spies and saboteurs in key top positions.
You think this has been just about these gov’t goons spying on the Trump campaign & trying to find dirt to impeach him with?

You have no idea.

Watergate didn’t kill anybody.

Dozens of CIA agents in Iran and China were executed. People had bullets fired into their heads.

Decades of carefully built intelligence networks in several countries all were destroyed because of a massive security breaches from 2009 to 2013. The people who’s carelessness & corruption caused this were desperate to escape accountability for it.
Are you starting to get the picture why for so very many highly placed people at the intel agencies & places like the FBI were desperate to make absolutely sure that Hillary Clinton won that 2016 election?
Trump winning that election, despite all their spying and desperate attempts to find dirt on him that would sink him, threatned to expose them all.

That’s why the Crossfire Hurricane plot segued from preventing Trump from winning to trying to get him impeached quickly.

Because these people at the top of the CIA and the top of the DOJ/FBI and at the State Dept., they weren’t just protecting HILLARY CLINTON from what she caused in Iran & China & elsewhere.

They were protecting THEMSELVES. They enabled her, then covered for her.

This stretches *all through* the LEO/Intel agencies, the State Dept. and reaches right into the halls of Congress itself.

They ALL knew what she did, they ALL colluded to protect her & the ALL colluded to go after Trump to keep him from winning/finding out.

And he found out anyway.

It’s all going to come out. People far smarter than me with more pieces of this puzzle decided on the timing of this. The next 2 years will make Watergate break in & coverup look like nothing.

The trials will take YEARS.

By the time Trump is up for reelection in 2020, the whole world is going to know what Hillary’s enablers were so desperate to keep hidden from sight. How they covered for her crimes so she could have her long expected coronation.

And then Trump ruined EVERYTHING for them.

The meltdowns start tonight, and they will last for years.

Stock up on popcorn.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Oh, yes… and revenge will be done on behalf of all those who died and suffered in numerous godless wars.


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